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The A.V. Club gave a hat tip to oneswellfoop's recent post on the blue.
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Oh that's cool!
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*Hurls a "bah" from the balcony.
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Does this make me a member of the A.V. Club? An honorary member?

I could be in the Senior Auxiliary, because (1) I'm pretty old and (2) I do have an onion in my belt (get it? Onion?)
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and I commented at the AV Club... just because.
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and I commented at the AV Club... just because.

A.V. Club's Own!
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So, that looks like it ended well.
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They also recently featured Greg Nog's Hamibal.

It's cool that in both cases the reaction was generally positive, because the general commenter consensus (which I agree with) at the AV Club is that most of the stuff they post under Great Job, Internet is pretty underwhelming.
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Here's what I wrote last December, which still applies:
The "Great Job, Internet!" section of the A.V. Club is basically just "Hey, let's copy MetaFilter!," so it's kind of weird to see them actually copping to that every now and then, as they did when they linked to Room 641-A's Halloween specials post and jrossi4r's Halloween costumes post.

FWIW, "Great Job, Internet!" is unanimously loathed by the A.V. Club's userbase, who prefer thought-out reviews of pop culture over links to random internet stuff. So, JHarris oneswellfoop, take the fact that most of the comments aren't some variation on "Oh, fuck off, internet" as very high praise.
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