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The font in MeTa is 8pt, but it's 10pt in MeFi. I'm logged in and the customization is set at 10pt. The values appear in the inline style instructions (font-size for "p" is 8/10pt depending on source). I was messing around with the customization settings yesterday, but this appears when viewing new threads so it's not a cache thing. And I'm using Moz 1.0, but I don't think it's a browser thing because you can see the numbers in the page sources...
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Oh, and there's some odd alignment problem with the images etc top right on MeTa but not MeFi. That may be a browser thing, but is ugly in both Moz 1.0 & Konq 2.2.

Sorry bug reports always sounds like complaints!
posted by andrew cooke at 4:51 PM on July 22, 2002

have you tried deleting your cookies and relogging into the site, andrew? i'm using moz 1.0 at work, and i don't notice any alignment problems. (i have 0.9.9 at home.)
posted by moz at 5:09 PM on July 22, 2002

Yeah, I run moz 1.1a on two machines and I'm not seeing the probs you are.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:23 PM on July 22, 2002

Yup. You're all right - deleting cookies fixed problems (I didn't realise that all that info was stored in separate cookies - is that a quirk of CF or some neat trick or just some random design decision from way back? - I'm just curious, as I'm relatively new to the problem of storing state on web sites and had assumed that a single ID and database was the standard approach). Thanks.
posted by andrew cooke at 5:37 PM on July 22, 2002

Hey Matt, ever think of writing something in the MeFi guidelines about posting bugs to MeTa? Just a quick, one line disclaimer that said, "Before reporting any difficulties when accessing MetaFilter, be sure to delete your cookies and re-login."

Nothing against this thread; just seems that every time someone has a bug to report, the first thing anyone trying to help says is, "Delete your cookies."
posted by BlueTrain at 5:42 PM on July 22, 2002

andrew, yeah, it's a design decision from way back, and if I could redo it today, that'd change.

Good point bluetrain, I should add that to the posting page.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 6:03 PM on July 22, 2002

it's a design decision from way back, and if I could redo it today, that'd change.

That's the problem with writing your own code - at work you can just change jobs every few years ;-)

Apologies - i've seen advice before about cookies, but if i thought about it all i just assumed it didn't make sense in this case (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing).

posted by andrew cooke at 6:24 PM on July 22, 2002

I actually had the reverse problem with fonts, etc...
After clearing my cache recently (before the new server), I've noticed that when going to and fro links within and outside of Metafilter, my Mefi page would occassionally resort to using a smaller font, no images (ex: instead of a logo, it said "image" or something). Some technical (but not HTML) stuff, if you will. No text ads, if I recall correctly. I just link away like mad until it disappears (and reappears "correctly"). It hasn't gone away with the new server.
posted by G_Ask at 7:54 PM on July 22, 2002

matt, why the mixing between points and pixels?
posted by hobbes at 12:24 AM on July 24, 2002

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