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Our month of democratic prizery continues! Remember to vote early and often, using the fantastic flag. Step right up to see a procession of the week's best posts, borne past your hungering eyes on sumptuous golden cushions.

We've wrapped up the second week of the month-long Mefites' Choice best post contest!

As a reminder, the contest works like this:
1) You vote for the Mefites' Choice award
Vote with the Fantastic Flag. You can vote for as many posts on the blue as you want, all month long. Top vote-getter each week wins a prize from the site.

2) You offer community prizes
Members can also offer prizes for any kind of post they like, under any conditions they like. Offer your prize/conditions in here and/or put it on the wiki page for the contest. Also check there for available prizes already being offered by fabulous community members -- maybe you can make an awesome post and win a prize.

Now on to this week's finest posts, as voted by you.

The 2015 Week 2 Mefites' Choice Award goes to.....
"We patch anything": the story of WPA sewing rooms . This 1930s public works project trained and paid women to sew, producing clothing and quilts that were then given to people who needed them ("Each item included a WPA label with the inscription 'Not to be sold.'"), and left behind a legacy of knowledge, community, and sewing patterns.
by MonkeyToes

For this wonderful post, MonkeyToes wins $25 to spend at the shop of her choice from the MefiMall! Congratulations and kudos!

Runners up and honorables mention (also top vote-getters, if anyone's looking for community prize material):
A collection of essays about men right now
by triggerfinger

Coloring books for grownups
by Bella Donna

The majesty and mystery of opossums
by Gymnopedist

Profile of Annie Johnson, black woman and champion brewmaster
also by MonkeyToes!

A moving essay about family, fatness, community, how we treat each other, and Robert Earl Hughes, mid-20th-century world's largest man
by BigHeartedGuy

Photos and an essay about the odd little jogs needed to correct the geometry of straight-line grid roads on a curved planet
by desjardins

Devil's Hole pupfish are among the world's rarest fish (fewer than 100 individuals), living only in one (not fully explored) cave in Death Valley
by filthy light thief

Listen "live" to Apollo 17 - realtime footage from the moon - nicely presented with timestamps for the astronauts and mission control bickering, singing, other highlights
by Brandon Blatcher

What happens when you get the call to help take apart a dead whale
by sciatrix

The legendary Terry Funk's 50 year career in pro wrestling (he retired -- for the eighth time -- after his match in October, at age 71)
by Etrigan

The church organ sounds day and night, and once every seven years, there's a new note - John Darnielle writes about John Cage
by naju

Live out those French aristocratic dreams and design your own crazy 18th century wig
by shirobara
Three cheers and thank you to the posters, and thanks to everyone who voted this week!
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Congrats to the winners!
posted by Fizz at 1:07 PM on December 15, 2015

where is my very important post about eggs

this is an outrage
posted by poffin boffin at 1:35 PM on December 15, 2015

this is an outrage

Are you sure it's not an œufrage?
posted by ocherdraco at 4:21 PM on December 15, 2015 [15 favorites]

Terry Funk would be proud to job to any of these stories and is just happy to be on the card.
posted by Etrigan at 5:45 PM on December 15, 2015 [2 favorites]

So much good stuff to read! Thanks, all!
posted by MonkeyToes at 6:37 PM on December 15, 2015 [1 favorite]

Can someone please tell me where the fantastic flag is?
posted by terooot at 8:26 PM on December 15, 2015 [1 favorite]

terooot - there should be a little exclamation point visible at the end of a timestamp for a comment, like so:

"posted by [NAME] at [TIME] on [DATE] [+] [!]"

If you click on the exclamation point a drop-down menu appears;
'pick a reason to flag'
followed by a list - 'fantastic comment' is the first choice.
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 8:56 PM on December 15, 2015 [4 favorites]

Are you sure it's not an œufrage?

I've had about an œuf of your lip, young lady.
posted by cortex (staff) at 11:10 PM on December 15, 2015 [6 favorites]

You'll get ova it poffin boffin.
posted by valetta at 12:15 AM on December 16, 2015 [5 favorites]

enœuf with the egg puns already.
posted by marienbad at 4:33 AM on December 16, 2015 [3 favorites]

Poffin boffin, I'm really happy for your egg post, and omelet you finish...
posted by Metroid Baby at 5:45 AM on December 16, 2015 [11 favorites]

So clearly the egg did not come first.
posted by Kabanos at 6:15 AM on December 16, 2015

Oh what a lovely bunch of winners!

Congratulations MonkeyToes!
posted by infini at 7:46 AM on December 16, 2015

Democracy reminder - If you've got some downtime today, it's a good day to do some catch-up voting for Week 3! Voting closes Tuesday at noon eastern US time.
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 11:32 AM on December 20, 2015

enœuf with the egg puns already.

You're just exacerbating the situation!
posted by Jon Mitchell at 10:38 AM on December 22, 2015

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