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I really enjoy reading Ask questions about what it's like to live in a particular place, like this recent one comparing Portland, OR to Wellington, New Zealand. What are the best/most useful/interesting ones out there? (Qualifications inside)

I realize that this is a really broad scope, so to narrow it down somewhat, I don't mean posts about what it's like to travel or be a tourist somewhere, or "cool things to try/good restaurants/interesting bars" posts (even as a new resident), or posts strictly focused on "what neighborhood should I live in?" type of questions.

What I really like are posts that capture snapshots of daily life -- for example, in the Portland/Wellington post I read about how NZ's small size impacts the economy, how hilly Wellington is, and how NZ's supermarkets differ from the ones I know, none of which I knew much about before.

I guess maybe the best way to describe what I like are "what's it like to be an expat in [...]?" though for other reasons "expat" isn't exactly what I'm looking for. And as a US resident I'm a bit more interested, since I've got less experience, in posts about living in non-US places.
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Look for questions that are like, "I'm moving to XYZ, what should I know" or "Where should I move if I want ABC lifestyle."
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I loved this one about living in small towns.
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