Thank you all for the amazing David Bowie memorial post January 22, 2016 5:47 PM   Subscribe

I've had this open in a browser window since sometime a week ago Monday. There's been so many good links to videos, interviews, songs, plus all sorts of great stories. This kind of community is part of what's kept me on MeFi for so many years. <3
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For me, MetaFilter has been "Ground Control" to my Major Tom (or Minor Wendell) for most of its existence.
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Woah, wait, you're Wend- ohhhhhhhhhhh.
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I typically start my Mefi pass-through with "recent activity" and have been amazed at how that thread keeps going with quality comments. I was thinking of posting this same MeTa. Bravo, people.
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It's been marvelous, and has helped me be less sad.
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I can't imagine not having Metafilter in my life in a lot of ways, but I really don't want to imagine what this event would have been like without this thread and this community. Even though there were (and continue to be) tons of good things after Bowie's death online, it was so nice to have MY place be one of those places.
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Is that Tears For Fears cover even in the still open Bowie thread? If it is not, why not?

Let's not make this another parallel Bowie memorial thread. Let's put Bowie stuff there and use this thread to celebrate how MeFi does obituary threads, because splitting what is going on in that one thread would be a major shame.
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That thread has been and continues to be quite amazing.
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Yeah, thanks. I've been commiserating with friends on Facebook & via email with some fellow players who I've worked with over the years, but this has been the clearinghouse for all things Bowie. I appreciate all of you for tolerating my public displays of grief -- they were sincere, if not overwrought. This has been a tough couple weeks here at the ranch.

I've heard SOOOO many horrible Bowie covers over the past few weeks.

It's funny -- I've made a significant portion of my living as a rock/pop cover musician, & we just never even tried Bowie, hardly at all. Back in the mid 80's & every great once in a while since, I've played Rebel Rebel with one friend, & for a while we did Heroes after the Wallfowers covered it on the Godzilla soundtrack, and it was with great trepidation & only some small success. He's pretty much uncoverable because his voice was so strong & unique.
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Just want to add how grateful I've been for the Bowie wake. It's been happy, sad, celebratory and nostalgic - all the things a good wake should be. Hurray Metafilter!
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huh, you know, i told a Bowie anecdote on FB and didn't share it here. i shall remedy that.
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Someone should put together a FPP like the Nice Cave one.
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But for Bowie.
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For anyone who doesn't have the thread on the blue on their recent activity, it just keeps getting better.
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If the Bowie thread has to close, could the mods maybe put a nice picture of Mr. Bowie at the bottom of it? Huh? Please?
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Ok. Windigo's picture is perfect and even works great just as a link.
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Thread is closed, boo hoo! Thought some of you might like this: Last public American performance, according to his pianist Mike Garson.
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