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Easter is a holiday where many people put on thier most colorful outfits and/or hats to celebrate. Lets see your Easter Sunday best Mefites.
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I Put on My Robe and Wizard Hat.
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It's easy to suggest limbo, it's harder to get under the bar.
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I have an Easter Outfit
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Champion sweatshirt style capris from Costco, underwear from Costco, the everyday tshirt from Kohl's. No shoes no socks.

This is a sweet Easter.
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(uh, I'm wearing a bra.)
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I took it off to get comfortable, but I had on robin's egg blue VV shorts with a bright orange wool v-neck sweater and a charcoalish-navy blue t underneath. I wore sandstone colored slip-ons. It was very SPRING.
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I'm still recovering from my 50th birthday bash on Thursday night.
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thier most colorful outfits and/or hats

Misread that as "cats", sorry.
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Hoppy Birthday, infini.
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I am wearing a ratty t-shirt, with Snoopy on it, but at least my socks match.
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Traditional Easter Sunday evening attire.

He wears: trackie bottoms, Kermit socks (Christmas set, not for individual resale)
She wears: sheep jammies, fleece-lined bed socks with hole in both heels (not seen)
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Oh, cortex,....I'm enrobed with an assortment of three cats, so it kinda fits your interpretation.
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super colorful.
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I'm wearing lounging PJs and trying not to get hamentaschen crumbs on them.
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In work clothes at the ER.

Othordox Easter isn't for another month. SunnySky celebrates then, and I just do whatever I want.
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I decided on cloth coat with blue Sabos, fresh MACK truck ball cap and a holy water Bandolero with optional holy soil money belt.
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I am wearing glorified PJs, but it's not slovenly, because I took a shower and changed out of last night's PJs into special daytime PJs.

I think you were inspired to post this by the glorious pictures on Nicole Cliffe's twitter account, but I fear that we're neither as stylish nor as church-going as her followers, so we're going to be disappointing.
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I'm hanging out outside this evening with the neighborhood Friendly Grey Cat. Getting a little writing done. I tried to get half-price Easter candy earlier, but CVS hasn't discounted most of their candy yet, and they only sell Robin's Eggs in 42 oz bags. That is just too much malted pastel spheroids, so I decided to get shwarma and baklava instead!
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Today, I wore clothes.
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I'm wearing a pink hoodie, a George Dickel tshirt, a plaid skirt, very comfortable grey leggings which make my daughter exclaim in horror, snow leopard slippers and a cat. All you can see in this elegant photo is the hoodie & part of the cat. It has been a very nice Easter in which I cleaned the kitchen & dealt with some family drama which, for a change, resolved well: the extra cat (not pictured, this is the essential necessary cat) is not staying & the daughter is not moving back in. Thank you jesus well done.
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I did not dress up today, but if I'd had special Easter plans I probably would have pulled out this ensemble despite it being rather too early in the season for straw hats. I think I could pull it off without causing any riots out here in the sticks though.
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Jeans, fall season 2015 opera crew tshirt, Dansko clogs. The "I'm a button pusher, not a wrench turner" version of my everyday work clothes. The wrench turner wears Wesco work boots.
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Sunday was so yesterday. I'm back in my Monday pyjamas.
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Plain black t-shirt, brown Carhartt pants, gray wool slippers.
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I wore three different types of pajamas today since I decided it's Laundry Day this quarter. The supermarket was so blessedly empty.
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Jeans, threadless tshirt, cardigan, fleece, fuzzy slippers, apron 'cause I'm cooking a lamb leg for dinner (with Moroccan-esque spices and rice pilaf with dried apricots and almonds, and roasted asparagus with lemon because we're all about the seasonal vegetables here chez fajita)
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My Easter plans were overtaken by a death in the family that sent my parents out of town and dampened my enthusiasm for anything very fancy, but I did put on a saffron yellow blouse which caused my favorite little old church lady to call me "a lovely daffodil", so I feel successful.
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Easter outfit goals
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I wore Comfy Clothes as part of my solemn duties as judge for the Annual Family Easter Peeps Diorama contest with all of the nieces. Since the rest of the family is halfway across the country, said judging occurred over FaceTime and I was able to lounge about in leggings to my heart's content.

(The dioramas were fantastic. You've never seen Trump in his full glory until you've seen him represented by a puffy yellow peep with enormous hair.)
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It's not Easter here anymore, but I too am wearing a nice cat.
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Today I wore my grandpa's bowtie to Mass, and all day while the guests were over. I wear the tie about once a month, maybe less; it's navy blue with small golden shapes (the ones like teardrops -- what are they called?). He died when I was about 8, and my memories of him are positive and somewhat vague; I like that I have a tangible link to him.

There was a dismaying quantity of Young Men In Salmon-Colored Madras at Mass today. *insert Munsch emoji here* But there was also one very young boy -- maybe 6? -- at Mass wearing a white shirt, madras Bermuda shorts, navy blue suspenders, and (I think) a bowtie. He looked sharp, that kid.
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This kid is definitely the sharpest!!!
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I spent Easter morning in Memphis's beloved historic Overton Park, where we are trying to keep it from being turned in to a parking lot. No, seriously, a parking lot. While I was only wearing my regular park-sitting attire, my companion was appropriately decked out.
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I am wearing my green Laboradorite beads, a camel colored sweater, a skirt my friend gave me, and some other things. I made basket grass from purple tissue paper, that came wrapped around some cups I bought. My old lady friend up the street loves purple so I made a DIY Easter basket full of chocolate cookies, for her Easter. I took a dinner up. So there. That Easter look the Whelk is sporting is, "Oh that's where I left the cheese grater, but damn I am taking this selfie anyway."
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raisingsand, that fuzzy hat is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

(As is the small person wearing it. Eeee!)
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I went an got my free birthday soak at Common Grounds Wellness so my fancy outfit today was my birthday suit!
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Yeah, if this is a contest, I'm pretty sure I just won. Booyah!
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I am so sorry and disappointed to hear about the zoo's actions, raisingsand. I'm not in close touch with anyone who lives in Memphis these days, so I wasn't aware. Overton Park was one of my favorite places as a kid.

(Now those were the days of some impressive Easter outfits. Take the late 80s/early 90s Laura Ashley explosion, multiply it by the power of the Southern love of pageantry and accessories beyond imagining, and it was really something special for a while there. I wish I could find a representative picture, I know just the one.)
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Also that is an adorable baby bunny.
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I bought a Biloxi Schuckers cap a few months back. Been wearing it constantly ever since.
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I went with polka dots and hamantaschen (not pictured but delicious).
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I haven't showered in two days and my hair is gross but I'm wearing one of my Lil Bub hoodies so it's all good. I made chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, and yeast rolls. GO TEAM STARCHY CARBS!

I am envious/jealous of Hermione Granger's polka dots and happy face + raisingsand's adorable bunny baby.
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here in Toronto it was sunny and over 10 degrees C, so it was time for our first BBQ of the year. I wore a dress covered in red, burgundy and grey flowers, a sweater that fades from burgundy to black, and we ate locally sourced organic bone-in-ribsteaks. they were glorious.
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I was wearing grey scrubs up until half an hour ago. Now I am in my underwear.
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Practical needs dictate, so am wearing a hat that will not fly off (as my usual headwear, a Detroit Tigers baseball cap does) in the Easter gales currently sweeping England.

Apart from that, fleece (underneath of which is an Activision t-shirt), light cotton trousers (I haven't worn jeans in a long time because I don't do heavy manual labour and otherwise never saw the point of wearing needlessly heavy clothes), and irritatingly itchy underwear from Primark that is going to be replaced by better quality stuff soon because, although English, I do not have balls of steel.

Wishing everyone the most splendid of annual occasions.
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(On reflection, possibly TMI in previous comment. Sorry.)
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Yesterday evening I was invited to dinner in a nice restaurant. I dressed up thusly:
- fancy black/silvery ankle boots with chrome rivets
- knee high ski stockings in shades of grey
- black worker's kilt by Blåklåder
- Vlisco shirt with blue elephants on yellow
- black short blazer/jacket in military style
- handmade resistor earring
I felt quite stylish.
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I spent yesterday lounging at home, luxuriating in my last free weekend before clinicals eat my April. If I were the type to do a fancy Easter getup, though, I would've gone out in this dress.
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We'd just entered Day 3 of the never-ending rain on Easter in my neck of the woods, so I wore ankle-length light blue jeans, a lovely purple-y striped shirt that was super soft and very comfy, and my plastic, quick-drying ballet-shoe style Crocs. My feet dried quickly, and my shoes managed to not become sodden masses of sadness, so I regret nothing.
posted by PearlRose at 8:54 AM on March 28, 2016

Spent yesterday at work, so pretty much the same sort of stuff I'm wearing today: a tank top under a hoodie plus jeans and ugly-but-comfortable shoes. It ain't fancy, but I don't scare anyone either, so I count that as a win.
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Thank you for asking The Whelk. I enrobe myself in white chocolate to celebrate the Paschal festival.
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I spent the weekend with my parents and niece and nephew; my niece is a seven-year-old stylist and fashionista, and I was somehow employed as her dresser (which, if you knew me, is absolutely hands-down hysterical).

Yesterday, m'Lady went with a midi-length floral frock bedecked with a stylized tulip pattern in salmons, pinks, and purples, with pink tights, her pink suede boots and a purple cardigan, accessorized with a teddy bear pin her Nana gave her once and a pink charm bracelet. Her hair sported a hot pink headband, which she insisted on wearing close to her hairline. When they all brought me to the train station for my return trip to New York, a passerby asking for directions noted that she "looked like a princess," so the ensemble was considered to be a wild success.

In the interest of packing light and being comfortable while child-wrangling, I only brought a couple cardigans and longsleeve tees to go with jeans, and had four scarves to accessorize with; I wore a brown cardigan over a pink tee, and let m'Lady select the scarf for the day. (She went with the pink paisley.)
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I ended up spending most of the weekend in some combination of black cigarette pants and boatneck situation because I mostly cooked for people and drank with people and listened to an obscene amount of French pop records. Next weekend, though, I'll be headed to my third year of Steeplechase tailgaiting, so you know, I got this chic new frock and a mostly ridiculous portrait hat to shade my julep sipping and betting face.
posted by thivaia at 10:47 AM on March 28, 2016

Our handbell choir participates in two longish, crowded services every Easter. Our tradition is to count hats and see which service has more. Sadly, the number of hats has decreased dramatically over the years, and yesterday there were only two each. So we decided to also count the number of Alleluias that were spoken or sung during the service. (Among other things, we sing Handel's Hallelujah chorus. *) I think it was around 60 or so.

* Since our handbell choir is made up of geeks of course, two of them pointed out that one cannot properly count the number of alleluias because the sopranos, altos, tenors and basses all have different melody lines. Therefore, someone should write an algorithm and figure out an average ("I can see this being a paper at a conference," the geekier of the two said).
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Sadly, the Misses wasn't able to snag a picture of me trying to say goodbye to the congregants after the second worship service in clergy collar, white alb, white stole, and holding a 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old in each arm.
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I'm wearing this because, damn they are good.
posted by Lynsey at 11:37 AM on March 28, 2016 [2 favorites]

I wore an ascot. It was great.
posted by eamondaly at 1:20 PM on March 28, 2016 [1 favorite]

That is supposed to be on your neck.
posted by Mr. Yuck at 1:47 PM on March 28, 2016

Says you.
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i wore my sunday best to church (dubs vs. sixers) yesterday
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Here is the wee baby palindromic, rocking the dress her Auntie DeeDee picked up for her last year in Nigeria while visiting family. You can also espy in the background the men of the palindromic family looking far more casual in their Easter attire.
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I wore my vivid pink-red rain slicker (much cheaper, no logo on chest) and multi colored dog print festooned rain boots on our rainy jaunt through the local rugged hiking park with friends and our dogs. My dog wore his bright red rain jacket. We stumbled across an Easter egg hunt in progress, featuring plastic eggs in interesting places, each filled with a single delicious jelly bean. I can attest to the deliciousness because I ate one of the jelly beans before we realized the egg's appearance was not a singular phenomenon but part of a Hunt.

But that was all an accident of weather and timing. The real celebration was earlier in the week when my husband made hamentaschen and I got to eat 8 before I got to work and gave the rest away to other Purim observers.
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Here's me! I spent Easter with friends.
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I wore the hoodie and jeans I wore to my friend's defense party the evening before. I got too intoxicated to make the three hour drive home and spent the night on their couch.

When I got home I put on essentially the same outfit save the undergarments and t-shirt underneath, because I have convinced myself that jeans and hoodies don't get dirty.

can you tell I am a grad student
posted by Anonymous at 8:21 PM on March 28, 2016

Metafilter: Although English, I do not have balls of steel.
posted by AugustWest at 9:24 PM on March 28, 2016

Hmm. I put on an old sweatshirt and painted the balcony woodwork...

Well, not on Easter Sunday, in fact. We went for a drive and a walk in some protected-nature resort with wooden walkways and a lot of pre-growth brown grass, so I wore a wind tight coat thingy imported from a rugged store in Va. and good shoes.

On our drive we witnessed several get-together rituals that people from around here have on days like this. The script involves viewing the garden (with nothing in it this time of year but a few snowdrops and some blown-around flurries of surviving fall leaves). You have to picture a group of people standing outside in reasonably neat attire, looking at the state of the drains, the moss in the lawn and the tiny bush that's been decorated with a few coloured feathers (an easter thing too). The ladies stand together like normal people, possibly commenting on the rests of snow around the shadowy areas and the upcoming slug season, while the gentlemen stand a few meters apart from each other with stiff backs--Swedish body language for a meetup of really good friends, brothers, or cousins who emotionally discuss wood splitting machinery, chainsaws, the latest sport event and the guy who went through the ice in February with his Volvo

Monday was still Easter. 'Second day' Easter. This is how people here spend free spring days in the countryside otherwise: outside, doing stuff. Mostly running machines, too. You'd think, wouldn't you, that a small village of a few hundred people in the woods is a quiet place--but no. There were several people chainsawing across the valley; someone has a huge shredder thingy going; trucks and machinery go back and forth the road; and I, far from contemplating Easter with a nice touch of Bach perhaps by myself touching the ivories, stand outside in the cold wind and touch up my balcony with sturdy Swedish outdoor paint, honoring choices made by the previous owner of my house: in black. Yay spring.
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so we're just pretending we're different next door in Fi?
posted by infini at 4:05 AM on March 29, 2016

Ah, the collective "we"! Or semi-collective. I have no idea. I do have an old classmate from my childhood days in Bremen who is Finnish (and now back in Finland), and we had a lot of experience to share, while the other class-reunionists only made stupid faces, because Germans plus the rough Scandinavian outdoor life equals: no clue...
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Our handbell choir participates in two longish, crowded services every Easter.

Man, back in the day when I was a bellringer, it was our tradition to high-tail it out of there before they even got to the first alleluia. We could be on our third pint by the time the service was finished.

Maybe handbells are different.
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Easter. 2106. MeFi favorite Sebastian is another casualty of the confetti-egg wars.
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I wasn't too colorful, but June and Grammy were.
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I wore my laundry day t-shirt and jeans while waiting for the rain to stop so I could go out and plant my goth garden of black sweet peas, snap dragons, poppies, hollyhocks, electric blue lobelias and night scented stocks. Plus Chilean glory vines for the hummingbird. Waited in vain, as it tuned out.
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Here's mine. I spent Easter in the company greenhouse pollinating making corn fuck.
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On Sundays I wear A dress....
posted by Martinvermeer at 1:52 PM on April 1, 2016

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