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I swear there used to be a shoe (I think on Amazon) that people always recommended and linked to for inexpensive flats of many colors needs. I can't find it.

It's some brand/style of ballet flat, the amazon sale page has it in about a billion colors/patterns, and I could have sworn I've seen it linked a handful of times over the last two years. (Could have sworn I saved it as a favorite, too, but it seems I didn't. One of those things where I thought, oh, I'll want this when the weather's warm again and then oh, I'll want this when I have money again. Time has come. Warm weather's around the corner, have some money, have no shoes.)

I've searched through links on likely questions and don't seem to see anything like what I'm remembering. (Also searched on Amazon but nothing popped out as Obviously The Thing.) Does anyone else happen to know what I'm talking about?
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This is a complete shot in the dark, but are you thinking of Franco Sarto ballet flats? That link only has a couple of colors, but if you scroll down to look at the similar items on that page, it looks like it does come in a variety of colors and some minor style variations. Also relatively reasonably priced (at least as far as decent quality women's shoes go).

There's at least one ask mefi recommendation that links to those flats that I found here.
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Geox? That's mentioned in a lot of askmes.... Tieks? That's not on Amazon or cheap, but they have a million colors.
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This one has 34 colors and has been an Ask answer a couple of times.

Lucky Women's Emmie Ballet Flat
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YES. That's it!
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Oh right I can't best answer in metatalk. that's how you get ants found it. Thank you!
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Aaand of course there are basically none left in my size.
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I also saw these ones when I was searching that are more expensive but have more colors.

Hush Puppies Women's Chaste Ballet Flat
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Nordstrom Rack carries Lucky brand stuff. They've got a few listed online.
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It looks like those same flats are available on Zappos, also in a variety of colors. Maybe you'll have more like with size availability there?
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This thread is delightful.
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$20-200 is quite a range.
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That's how Amazon says "about fifty bucks." Price the ugliest pattern in the least popular size at the cheapest price so it shows up early in searches, price a glittery one in the largest size at $200 so you think "wow I'm getting a deal!" and everything else is in the $45-60 range because that's the actual msrp of the shoe.
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Checks out.
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$20-200 is quite a range.

I've been seeing that a lot lately. I've been assuming that some sellers are deliberately putting in expensive outliers hoping that no one notices that one or two particular color/size combinations are ten times more expensive than all the others. It seems like one of those things that are both legal and unscrupulous; perhaps it will get egregious enough for Amazon to crack down at some point.
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Anyone have any reviews? I am in the market for some closed-toe flats!
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My favorite ballet flats are these ones by Born. They're somewhat pricy, but you can usually find deals on them. I love them because they are more supportive than other flats I've tried, and also they're pretty cute and can be dressed up or down pretty easily. Also, they're made of a nice, soft leather so they conform to the foot very nicely once you break them in.

(I've been wearing them for years, and I have one or two unworn pairs in the back of my closet in case they stop making them. That's how much I like these shoes.)
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Do any of these shoes besides the Borns offer any support? I love ballet flats but the older I get, the more my feet hate them. :(

(I love this thread)
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I was recently reading past askmes about shoes for plantar fascitis, and the orthoheel/vionics brand got recommended a lot for being supportive and comfortable. I've browsed through what they have available on Zappos, and they have some ballet flats in their line up, although I haven't personally tried any of them yet.

But seriously, Born is great. I also have several pairs of Born boots, because they are one of the only brands of shoes (other than my Birkenstock sandals and running shoes) that don't leave me in lots of pain.

I have tried on the Lucky ballet flats linked in this thread (or a similar style by Lucky) and didn't find them supportive enough for my needs, but I have very picky feet, so YMMV.
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Oh and here are a few specific ask mefi questions about comfortable/supportive ballet flats or similar shoes: one two three

Personally, what I would love to find is more shoes that are cute and stylish but that have a removable insole so I can use my superfeet orthotic in them.
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I can vouch for Lucky Brand shoes in general. I have medium-ish wide feet and they always fit like a dream, also nice materials/construction for the price point.
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I, you, er, I'm sure you mean William's Wish Wellingtons, right?
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I knew this was a phunniemee post before I got to the byline.
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inexpensive flats of many colors

Phunniemee and the Affordable Technicolor Comfyshoes
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I have a pair of the Lucky Brand flats and they're ok- they cover more of my foot than other flats I've owned which I don't love, but they are comfortable. The leather is really soft (at least in the color I have) and they've started to like, conform to my toes which is kind of weird.
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I'm currently leaning towards the Born Julianne ballet flats. My main problem is that I need them in something boring and neutral like black, but I want them in something fun like red. I think this may actually be a metaphor for my life.
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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tieks. They are worth every penny. Super comfortable, the perfect travel shoe, and really sharp looking.
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I have three of the shoe styles mentioned in this post, including the Luckies, and now I feel like the patron saint of comfortable flats.
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OMG. This is like the infamous purse thread. I've now bought three pairs of super cute shoes....

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I have a pair of these Taos ballet flats and they are wonderful. Great arch support, very comfortable.

(I actually bought these while on vacation, at a store-closing clearance sale and re-discovered them when I went to go put the suitcase away 6 weeks later because I am the laziest and realized I never finished unpacking. A pleasant surprise from past me to current me!)
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Those Born Julianne's look nice! Let me know how they work out if you do try them out.

Those Taos ballet flats look good too. It's so hard to find flats with decent arch support. Oh, and it looks like they have a removable insole! I wonder if they're roomy enough for me to fit in my orthotic if I take out the standard insole.

Also, this thread is awesome.
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bearwife, I have found myself coveting a pair of Tieks lately (specifically the Silver Lake), so I'd really love to hear more, if you don't mind sharing. I don't really have any foot issues, but the lack of arch support gives me pause. It really shouldn't, considering I would live year-round in flip flops if I could.

I feel like I need to give back to this thread after all of the wonderful suggestions for flats, so I shall share my favorite sandals: Sanuk Yoga Slings.
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Thank you all for the supportive-ballet-flat recommendations! I have a bunch of travel coming up and none of my current shoes are up to the task.
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bearwife, I have found myself coveting a pair of Tieks lately (specifically the Silver Lake), so I'd really love to hear more, if you don't mind sharing.

Mind talking shoes? I hate that about as much as I hate brownies, red wine, and snuggling with my Bear and dog.

So, I bought my first Tieks (in purple) for a Holocaust trip last summer. We walked all over Warsaw, Cracow, and extermination sites, as well as many places in Israel. I have completely flat feet but they never got sore. I think that is because the sole of the shoe is so well constructed, and because Tieks are so comfortable. The Tieks are compact enough to fold in half, so they fit beautifully in my luggage. However, they never looked like shoes that had been folded in half -- they looked gorgeous on my feet, whether I was wearing dresses, a skirt, or ankle pants. The purple went with everything.

On my return, I bought the Starstruck Tieks, which are my go to shoes whenever I am going out to dinner or the symphony or something similarly sparkly and wearing black pants. And most recently I bought the classic Matte Black Tieks, which work with everything I own and are great work shoes. Both came with me on a January trip to Mexico, and that was all I needed in footwear.

Did I mention I constantly get compliments on them?

Now I have my eye on the Metallic Pewter and Arabian Nights Tieks. They've been in my cart for months now and I know one of these days I'll be buying them.

I just love these shoes, and they are the bomb for traveling.

Just ordered the Sanuks. Nice sandals! And yes I love shoes.
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Also, Tiek tip: if you are a half size -- I'm 7 ½ in US sizing -- order one half size up.
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I bought some Tieks yesterday (that was pair number three). The more I research them the more excited I get! I bought ballet pink.....if those work out, I'm going to get some sparkly ones!!! I have big, wide feet and always have a hard time with shoes.....but these look like they may work for me!!! Yay metafilter!!
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Guys, I am totally coveting Tieks. I also love their website with the rainbow color line thing that you can drag to see the different colors of Tieks. I am not sure that I'm going to forgive you for introducing me to the expensive cute multicolored shoes!
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pearlybob, please report back. Preferably with a pic of pink Tieks on your feet.
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Will do!!! YAY!!
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Now I'm going to have to buy a pair of $175 shoes, aren't I?
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So these all look super cute (but spendy!). But I don't own any ballet flats. Do you need to wear socks/tights with them?
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Do you need to wear socks/tights with them?

I like them for non-boot weather, so I usually don't bother with tights. Though tights work fine. I think socks would be too heavy.

Are tieks the answer?

I think so. My feet are 7.5 US, but I have long toes, with a particularly long second toe (the one next to the big toe.) That's why I like my Tieks one half size up, at size 8. Unlike other flats I've tried, I have no issues with the tops of my feet or toe box when I wear them.
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