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I remember a quotation from someone, I think Dan Luu, about how maybe something is hard, maybe it's easy, but the thing is, the this is possible and whether you're doing it speaks more about your values than the intent of the work. I'm pretty sure I commented on this quotation directly, but can't find it. Am I losing my mind? Please help me find this. Thanks.
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Hey there, you big dummy.

The quotation was from Dan Hon in the post The Beginning of the End of Big Government IT, from holgate. The quotation goes "So: companies and governments. You're on notice. It isn't hard to do this kind of thing. It isn't easy, either. It's just simply doable. The fact that you're not doing it is now a valid signal that you're not doing it for a reason."

You were probably thinking of Dan Luu because you just finished his gloss of the Google SRE book a week ago.
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Hey there, you big dummy.

Flagged. Abusing MeFites is not OK.
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Yes, but I think a user should be allowed to abuse themself.
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Not where children and horses can see it.
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Horses are reading MeTa?
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Well, everyone keeps hoping that ponies will show up…
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