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Facebook has set up a safety check for people to let their loved ones know they are ok. Thought, we'd create one here for any German MetaFilter members. Stay safe everyone.
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Hope everyone's everyone is okay. Boring mod note per usual that this thread should just be used for what it says on the tin, not as a proxy thread for discussion/argument/etc about the larger situation.
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We're vacationing in Munich and were trying to get on a tram at Hauptbahnhof at about 6:30 when the panic started setting in. With transit shut down, we hoofed it back to the hotel with the rest of the city. Lots of crying, lots of worried faces, lots of police with machine guns.

Hotel is on "lock down" and they asked us not to leave our room. At least they let us take beers from the grab-and-go for no charge.

We're supposed to be renting a car for a road trip tomorrow, but we were gonna pick it up from the Hbf, so I have no idea how that's gonna work.
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Police information line - 089 29101910
Number for missing persons - 0800 77 66 350
Find safe haven from Munich shooter using Twitter hashtag #offenetuer (open door).
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Yikes. Glad you're OK, hwyengr.
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Positive mind atoms to you all. Holy shit, be well and and be careful.
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