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At the close of the shittiest week out of a shitty year, I just got sent a picture of my adorable nephew on Santa’s lap, which means inconceivably, American Thanksgiving and the remaining end of year holidays are nigh upon us. And while my mood in the face of recent events isn’t particularly thankful, I am so incredibly grateful to the Metafilter mods for all the work they’ve done this year.

In 2016 we've grieved the loss of members together, the loss of great artists together, and now, at the close of an interminable and unimaginable U.S. political campaign, I think every one of us thought or hoped that this week would put a bookend on an incredibly stressful time for this community. But here we are.

Now imagine having to moderate it.

Personally, I can’t. So instead, this December I’m upping my donation to Metafilter. If you can, and you feel the urge, I invite you to join me. I expect there will imminently be a lot of demands on my time and resources to support causes I believe in and want to defend, but I can think of no people in my life more deserving of a holiday bonus than the MeFi mods this year. Thank you folks so much for keeping this place running, and for all the work you do.
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Thank you so much for the appreciation. I've been here five years now, and this has been far and away the hardest year - not just the election (although mostly the election) but violence, loss, uncertainty, and fear. I pride myself on my level temperament and ability to let shit roll off me, and I know I hit capacity sometime this summer.

It's a difficult and uncertain time for everyone, but we're struggling and off-balance together.. Thank you all for being here, part of one of the best, healthiest, and most supportive communities on the internet. Y'all are great.
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As the IRL response to unrelenting shitiness is to draw our nearest and dearest closer and hold tight to the values, kindness and understanding we share, so too with Metafilter. Here we can be heard and understood and yet still argue with and speak in good faith to those that are not exactly aligned with our mindset. This hearing and acceptance of one another is precious, in online terms, in that we know that we have a community, with standards to maintain and things to learn from each other, always, regardless.
There may be other places online that inform, inspire, confront and sustain me out there, but I don't think any of them is as vibrant as we are here, thanks to all the work of the Mods, and also the community members themselves who hold those standards foremost. That's why we keep coming back.
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Absolutely. Thanks mods, you've done outstanding and difficult work.
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Hear, hear!
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I support this idea wholeheartedly.
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Just donated via PayPal (Transaction ID 67045017NL417704T) to the Mod Recreational Drug Fund. Don't use it to buy a fucking ukulele for cortex.
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Moar ukes for cortex!
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Thank you mods for everything you do to make this community what it is. It means more to me than I can convey. I'm not the greatest member. I'm an inveterate lurker and an infrequent (at best) commenter. But over the last decade Metafilter has been a second home, and over the last year it's literally become one of the only places I go online. This community is unlike any other. On Wednesday, it was the sole reason I felt brave enough to get out of bed. So thanks mods for making that possible. Warm fuzzies all around.
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Just donated via PayPal (Transaction ID 67045017NL417704T) to the Mod Recreational Drug Fund. Don't use it to buy a fucking ukulele for cortex.

Ukuleles are cortex's drug of choice.
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I'm Too-Ticky and I approve this message.
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Ya rly.

I've added a bit this month for one of whatever the mods are drinking (or eating, if drinking ain't yer thing).

Most of the folks here are better at saying it than I am, so I'll just reduce it to this: Thank Christ this place is here.
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I literally do not know how the mods have coped with the election, and I can't imagine many people cried harder than cortex when Butt-Trumpet won (Christ I still can't believe that's not a sentence in a parallel universe). Thank you all for your tireless efforts to keep the best corner of the Internet healthy and kind. I'm sorry I can't kick in more but since the Brexiteers* fucked the pound my monthly subs have accidentally increased as it is, but you have my permission to stop using them for paperclips and lightbulbs and put them towards the intoxicants of your choice.

*seriously with this fucking year
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Fervently seconding everything r_n said. It's been a pretty tough slog, and we sort of had this feeling of just holding on by our fingernails until the election was over ... and now, well. Surprise! We sort have to recalibrate our individual and collective resources for dealing with the stress, because it doesn't seem like it's returning to normal levels anytime soon. Your kind words are a balm, everyone, and much appreciated. <3
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When the call first went out for donations I gave what I could spare, but I wasn't working so it wasn't much and I couldn't do a subscription. Now I'm working1 and I hadn't thought to revisit this until now. So I've set up a monthly payment just now along with a bonus toward the Cortex Ukulele Fund (but which y'all are welcome to throw toward egg nog or edibles or flame-retardant hosting options, whatever you need).

Thank you deludingmyself for bringing this up, and thanks so much to all of the mods for everything you do. I don't think I could have made it through 20162 without Metafilter and all of the thoughtful compassionate amazing people here.

1 for the moment anyway, knock on wood
2 still knocking on wood, also tttcs, lord only knows what might happen yet this year

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This place has been a desperately needed anchor of hope and insanity keeping me from being sucked under by this horrible quicksand year. Thanks to all of you but many, many extra thanks to the amazing mods. Feel free to use some of my recurring contributions to fund whatever decadent holiday mod bacchanalias you need, want and deserve. Even if it includes a few pounds of pure crushed ukulele for Cortex to snort.
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Thank you for saying this, deludingmyself, and giving the rest of us a chance to chime in.

To all the mods: thank you so much for your unbelievable hard work - for your thoughtfulness and for all the compassion you bring to bear on every decision you make.

I wish I could give each of you a year-long vacation on the stress-free island of your choice. And also hugs.

Thank you.

Thank you.
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I wasn't in a position to help previously and it'd kind of slipped my mind until recently, but now I've fixed that.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again - this is an amazing corner of the internet, and the Mods deserve every bit of appreciation. Thank you!
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The amount I chipped in doesn't begin to cover the services rendered. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
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Our mods: Truly the best of the web.

Grateful that you all show up for work each day and really do something to make our world a better world.

Hugs. And thanks.

(And, here, take my last fuck, for when the previously offered inebrients and consumables and cacaphonious instruments are not enough.)
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This has been the hardest year for me and metafilter has been my refuge. I am so grateful to the community and to the mods (and frimble of course!) for keeping this place going and moving forward.
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Thanks mods, for your patience, nerves of steel and endurance. Thanks everyone for being a part of this space! I ♥ you all.
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It has been a supremely crappy year, hasn't it. I'm so lucky to be living in a country where everyone (I haven't met any exceptions) recognizes the dumpster as the abusive fascist he is, but still. Friday was a holiday here for the 1918 Armistice between the Allies and Germany in WWI, which meant the guy I co-manage with was on holiday last week and I had to hold down the fort following Tuesday. But. It also means I have a long weekend plus a few days of vacation this week. My main goal being: get back to work on Thursday without dissolving into a puddle as soon as someone inevitably asks me how I'm doing.

Recalibrating when we were already running on empty is exactly it.

I can't imagine moderating either. It adds a whole other level of interrelational stress. I should finally be moving on from the cruddy work situation I'm in roundabouts February and be able to donate again afterwards. (2016 has been REALLY SHITTY hrmph.) Until then you have many fluffy tummy purrs from my Coon cat, who is in fact under my keyboard as we speak (he's weird), and plenty of prrows and headbumps from ninja kitty.
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Temporarily suspending my personal internet blackout to come say yes, we love you and appreciate you. Thank you so much for all the work you do for this wonderful place. I don't know what I'd do without it, or all of you.
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For obvious reasons, Mod snail mail adresses is not something that should be public, but I was thinking, if mefities want to send Mods presents, is there like a shared PO Box or business address we can send items to?

(Edited to change 'too' to correct 'to')
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Sending love to everyone on the MeFi staff. I feel incredibly grateful for you and for all the hard work you do, across the many hours you put in: the stuff that's visible to us, as well as the planning and coordination and resolve going on behind the scenes. Especially in these really challenging times. Thank you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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That's such a kind thought. (I don't need presents -- but will accept cat pics and friendly comments in threads.) Thank you all so much for the kind words -- I know everybody's fried, and I'm fried too, and it is much appreciated. It's meant so much to me to have this place and all of you. Thank you for supporting the site. I'm so fortunate to work here, and even when people are driving me nuts, I think every day about how lucky we are to have the members we do in this community. It's a rare and amazing thing.
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Thanks for the kind words, everybody, and echoing what my cohorts have said: this has been a hard year in a lot of ways, and a hard sudden late turn when we thought we had a decent idea of when and how we'd be able to finally dismount this motherfucking election and get back to normal.

I'm still processing a lot of pretty raw feelings and have been to an extent doing the same "I guess I need to show up to work at work..." thing the last few days that I think a ton of folks have been, but I am forever glad that this is place I'm coming to and that you all are here.

And additional thanks very much to everyone who is able to help support the site; I will work to get a proper state of the site update up soon, another thing that fell by the wayside some in the "let's just get this election over with, and then..." triage. It's overdue and this is a good reminder that it needs doing.
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You can send me all cool astronomy and train-related links to show my kids. :) I get probably 80% of them here anyway.

When I've been feeling depressed these last few weeks about the state of the world, I've been going back and looking at the thread here from when my baby was born in July and that refills my hope meter. This is a good place full of good people.
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Faintdreams, there's a snail mail address on the Help Fund page,, but mathowie might eat any brownies sent to the mods.
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One astronomycatelection.gif, coming right up.

Also in a seriously a meta-metatalk moment, I just went and checked my MeFi sub and realized that I'd let my Paypal payment lapse in a fit of fuck-Peter-Thiel in August, which means I hadn't been making monthly donations for three months, now. Way to go, me.

fixed now; using Stripe
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So last night I dreamed there was a big group of us in some church (?) space in North Carolina, where Brandon Blatcher had called us together to demonstrate something about the voting that proved there was a nationwide glitch or hack or something, and Hillary had really won! Then I awoke in a panic at around 5 am, as is now my usual wake panic schedule, and quickly checked the site in case there really was some actual good news. But no. Brandon did not save the world, sadly.

So then I was like, "I won't check the news because I can't stand to see that face one more time. I won't check the news. I won't check the news. I won't check the news." And then I checked the news. And saw that face. And no positive developments (damn you, Brandon Blatcher, for the false hope!)

So then I was like, "okay go back to bed and try to sleep before you have to get up for work," but of course, as usual, I couldn't sleep. So I played a game on my small tablet. Normally, I would read, but I can't concentrate enough for that these days. So I played this game called Tiny Words, where you just throw out a guess at a word of five letters, and the app tells you if you got zero letters right, one letter right (right letter in the right position), two letters right, etc., until by process of elimination and guesswork, you figure out what the target word is.

So I'm playing this game at around 6 am to distract me from you-know-what, and hoping to fall back asleep, and I get to the point where I have P U _ _ _, and I know the last letter is "Y." SO YEAH, I have:

P U _ _ Y

and I have to guess the word. So I was like OMFG FUCK THIS LIFE. But of course the word wasn't the Presidential word. It was "puppy."

This is a 100% true story. Also, eventually I did fall asleep, and dreamed about writing this, AND I also dreamed about DT's weirdo doctor, that he was being held in some kind of prison-like psychiatric ward to keep him from spilling beans about the dictator-elect.

I have these crazy dreams every night and every morning. Please send help.
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I dreamed I was at a fancy political reception locally and Trump was coming and I met him in the receiving line and I was supposed to say "congratulations on your election" but I could not say it and I could not shake his hand and it was a horrible, nightmarish Midwestern dilemma that made me cold from head to toe with anxiety about my manners vs. my principles. I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart pounding from the anxiety of being ever so slightly rude to a horrid fascist. So if this all goes downhill, nobody hire me as a spy, is what I'm saying.
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Hugs to all of the mods, including frimble. Unlike me, you couldn't simply nope out of the election threads when it got to be too much.

I think we need to adopt a new term: PETS (Post Election Trauma Solution) and fill the site with links to our actual fuzzy overlords instead of the demented ball of pubic hair that will be showing up on our screens all too frequently.

Big warm fuzzy hugs.
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So last night I dreamed there was a big group of us in some church (?) space in North Carolina, where Brandon Blatcher had called us together to demonstrate something about the voting that proved there was a nationwide glitch or hack or something, and Hillary had really won!

Noooo, I was busy in the dream where we simply evacuate to another planet and start a new society based around the twin god beliefs of Taco Tuesday and Fajita Friday.

But seriously, the election results did give an actual nightmare. Trumps massively orange hand was a on coal black body that was all long, thin and full of sharp angles. It was skittering around the house, just smiling, hiding in corners.

Can't remember the last time I had a nightmare, but this is good reason to have one.
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fill the site with links to our actual fuzzy overlords instead of the demented ball of pubic hair that will be showing up on our screens all too frequently.

¿Por qué no los dos?
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You're doing dog's work, JW.
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(btw, I see there are now a few "Tiny Words" games. This is the one I've had forever and have been playing. Otherwise, if you're looking at the one for first-graders or whatever, my description might be confusing)
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Thank you taz, for gathering all the links for the sidebar note today, to illuminate the warm message from the quidnunc kid. Thank you mods and admins for keeping the site up and running smoothly.
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My thanks to the mods here. You folks make a house a home.
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Thanks you, mods, for keeping this place an oasis of relative sanity.
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<3 Thank you! This place is the best place. Sending a bit of dough, wish it was moar.
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Thank you. I've been very impressed by the way the mod team handled the election threads.
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