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I could have sworn that a few months ago someone posted an FPP to a webpage made by a couple of guys who designed some interesting "real world" infosec/cryptography/hacking exercises meant to expand awareness of internet security, and now I can't find it anywhere.

My brain might be addled, and maybe it was on reddit or something, but what I remember about it:

- It was a website made by (I think) two guys who had previously sent these challenges out through... email? Maybe? Or they were part of a coursework for a class? But they had decided to collect them all on a webpage for people to work through at their leisure.
- It's possible one or both of the guys was an academic, and the website might have been his academic webpage, but I'm not totally sure.
- I think they were specifically meant to be "real world" style challenges that mimicked actual security exploits (maybe specific exploits that were well known in infosec news) in software and on the web.
- The idea was that these challenges had gotten a lot of positive feedback so they wanted to share them more widely.

I know there are plenty of CTF/"hacking for good"/infosec challenges on the web, but none of my keyword searches on MeFi have brought this up, and I also can't find it through googling. Did I make this up? Was it posted here? Does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about?
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was it ? that started as a mail thing run by ptacek and was popular in hn circles.

anyway, even if not, i completed an early version and strongly recommend it.
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was linked here.
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Gahh, yes! Thank you!! I was definitely getting it crossed with a systems programming syllabus I found around the same time, but that's definitely it. Thanks, andrewcooke!
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I remember Hack This Site! from back in the day, and looks like it's still running - maybe others can vouch for it.
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