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The thread with people opening their homes for Thanksgiving warmed my heart. Let's not forget there are those among us with nowhere to go for Christmas/other winter holidays.

Taken from the previous thread:

The proposed process:

Potential hosts who would like to open their tables and/ or beds can state their home cities in a comment below and what day(s)/ which holiday(s) they're opening their homes, and let people contact them directly

Potential guests contact a host directly via MeMail or email to coordinate and to check that everything will work out (food allergies and preferences, dishes offered, style of [Christmas] [timely and organized or occurring eventually and in a semi-haphazard format] and topics that could be discussed that might cause discomfort or arguements), before exchanging contact information.

Also, you may want to review your location settings, where you could remove the lat-long and only enter a general text description or adjust the lat-long to provide some location vagueness, for the benefit of you and/or your guests.
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PDX - anytime between Christmas and New Year's Eve - What I said before still goes.
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Oh we were just talking about this at our Cookie Swap handoff/mini-meetup! Thanks for making a new thread.

I'm around for Christmas and am amenable to hosting if someone needs a chill spot. If someone is here, there will definitely be some fancy cooking (just because), but the details can be TBD until the day.
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Thanks for posting this!

My house in Colorado Springs is also open for the holidays -- there's an overly affectionate dog to play with, a guest room with a door, a safe and walkable neighborhood. It's nice and quiet and really just the thing if you like nice and quiet.
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Reiterating my Asian vacation offer: if you are in search of a fully-kitted-out microflat (around 30 sq m/300 sq feet) in Hong Kong that can sleep four on two double beds (one real, one foldout) between December 19 and January 2 or some portion thereof, without me in it, get in touch.

HK is gorgeous if a bit cool that time of year (it's never actually cold cold), and we're five hours or less from dozens of amazing destinations, from Delhi to Sapporo to Bali.
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We do Open House Christmas Movie Day at my and my sister's place in Westport MA. Probably no cooking. Absolutely no Christmas celebrating of any kind. No tree. Maybe some cookies. Takeout Chinese or something and a fire in the wood stove and non-stop movies and a few comfy couches. Or you can go off and hang out by yourself, if that is what you would like. Place is big and a few miles from a nice beach otherwise pretty rural/suburban.

A few other MeFites will probably be there coming from the Providence direction if you'd like to carpool. We're not big drinkers, don't care if you drink some, probably not the right place to drink a ton. It will be a low key event. Unless Kate gets out the panda costume.
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Anyone would be welcome at our Christmas Eve dinner in Oakland! We're two MeFites (in lurve) hosting a couple friends. We don't have the biggest space, but we have big hearts, so everyone will fit and everyone is welcome. Right now the tentative meal plan doesn't include any dietary restrictions, but we'd be flexible so everyone can enjoy a good meal. We will have plenty of good food, good wine (and non-alcoholic beverages!), good cookies, and most importantly good cheer. Please MeMail me if you'd like to join. Nothing required but bringing yourself. It's been a hard year; let's be together.
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My immediate family's Christmas is happening on Boxing Day, so if you are in the Westman region of Manitoba with nothing to do on Christmas Day, you are more than welcome to drop me a note and we can figure something out. We will probably spend much of the day at the in-laws, but you will probably be more popular than me anyway. Dress nicely, as only I'm allowed to look like a slob and ruin group photos.
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Christmas is likely to be pretty quiet at my house in Syracuse NY. I can't offer a spare bed, but there's room at the table.
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I can't offer a place to sleep (the house will be full to bursting), but here's what I can offer, in the Cincinnati area:

*Christmas Eve Day ice skating. We do this every single year, a HUGE group of us, and it's ridiculous fun! At some point, one of the young ones will steal a hat from one of the group and then it's balls-out skating and keep away to get the hat back (or, in my case, gingerly skating and keeping to the edges of the rink so as not to fall down). Hot chocolate is consumed at some point.

*Christmas Eve Chinese food and a viewing of A Christmas Story at my house. The dog likes to cuddle, the cats might come out of hiding if you're not too loud. I'm guessing my daughter's boyfriend will join us so you wouldn't be the only non-family person (though if you're in my house, you're family whether you like it or not).

*Christmas Day - MAYBE - going to the Cincinnati Zoo to enjoy the spectacle that is the Festival of Lights. We have a membership so there wouldn't be a fee. Hot chocolate will, again, be consumed at some point.

*New Year's Eve. This is the big one. My friends host a fantastic themed party every year, costumes encouraged but definitely NOT required. This year is 1930s Steamship Travel. Lots of food, lots of people, a traditional Auld Lang Syne on the front porch with party poppers, champagne, and vegetarian hanky pankies (with sauerkraut) at midnight.

MeMail me if you want to join us for any of our traditions!
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Oh yeah and we can put people up Christmas night but probably not Christmas Eve. Also there may be a janky menorah.
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I'm in Tallahassee, Florida. I know it's not the biggest hotbed of mefi activity, but the offer is open for anyone that needs a spot. We have a futon at our place, and a surprisingly comfy sofa.

We'll be house sitting for my in-laws and their adorable semi-chill golden retriever throughout the holiday season.

I love to cook, and will make a traditional Christmas spread (turkey, stuffing, etc.) on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, there will be brunch, and a loose adaptation of the Italian full meal structure, with antipasto platters, a pasta course, and a roast. (At least, that's the tentative plan.)

New Year's Eve, no plans yet, except cooking for the party tomorrow, so feel free to hang out with us! (And maybe I'll make a plan.)

On New Year's Day, the beau and I host a big open house. There's wine punch, cider, board games, and so much food. We hang out for hours, it's great fun, and you are most definitely welcome to drop in and have fun with us.
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I'm not going to be home early enough this year to organize the now-traditional Nashua meetup around Christmas, but if anyone is in the southern NH/northern MA/western ME/eastern VT vicinity and needs a friendly space to hang out with a very cheerful dog and cats of varying degrees of friendliness between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, please let me know.
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We're in St Petersburg, FL. We've got a private guest room that has a twin bed with a kinda crappy but serviceable mattress and a guest bath with a shower right down the hall. For guests with companions, our living room sofa also pulls out into a bed and the room can be completely screened off for privacy, along with private access to the guest bath.

It's just my husband, me, and our cats and bunnies. If our Christmas and New Years is anything like our Thanksgiving (and I expect it will be), it'll be just us and possibly a quick visit from our adult son who lives nearby.

Two things I know for sure: There will be plenty of food and drink, and our pride flag will fly daily.

If you visit, you're welcome to hang with us and just relax. But if you need a place to just burrow on your own without a lot of interaction, we'll give you our wifi password and see you when you surface.
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I'm on the Gold Coast, Queensland and will be free all Christmas season. I have airconditioning and a couch and live 100m from the Broadwater and very close to a nice seafood supplier and a pub. We could play scrabble or backgammon or sit on the balcony and tell tall tales. Hit me up by memail.
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I don't really have any Christmas plans yet, so... if anyone needs a place in the NW Chicago suburbs to hang out, I can certainly make that my plans, just send me a memail. I have lots of dogs for petting, potables for drinking, can arrange food for eating, me and probably Mr Fig for chatting/hanging, and an inflatable mattress for sleeping. Anyone from Metafilter is encouraged to stay/hang/eat/drink/pet dogs as much as they need.
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b33j, you have no idea how much I just want to drop everything and go visit you. One of these years, when I have more money and fewer commitments... <3
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San Diego / SoCAL here -- we can host basically anytime for the holidays. I can promise a super comfy couch, high-quality baking and spontaneous musical numbers*. Drop a memail, I will put you up and feed you foo much pasta.

(no seriously, my husband just randomly breaks into song, it's pretty great)
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Another Hong Kong apartment on offer from between 17 December and 2 January. You may encounter another friend here at the same time, but there are beds for three plus a couch. I offer no festive trimmings at all, but HK puts on a nice show of lights.
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I won't be home for Christmas exactly, but I will be here (Austin) leading up to it. We have Sunday dinner for friends every week, if anyone ever, no matter the time of year, needs a homecooked meal.
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My place in Nice (France) is still unoccupied – bedroom, living room, kitchen, fully furnished, sheets & blankets & towels, fridge and washing machine, French press, quiet patio. Sleeps two easily, pet-friendly. It's a nice place to stay on the holidays, about a fifteen minute walk from the best open-air market in the city (which is also one of the best anywhere), and my apartment is cozy and quiet. Central heating, kitchen has everything you need to cook.

Feel free to hit me up by MeMail. I would be really happy to know that someone's enjoying the holidays in it. I'll be up here in Paris baking a duck. (If you too would like to bake a duck, check out La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, app is named FoodAssembly in English. Or, if you're unable to, let me know before this Sunday and we can work something out.)
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I'm on the verge of ditching my family; we'll see. If I do, I can't host but I'm down for Chinese food or whatever in Milwaukee, possibly Chicago.
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If anyone wants to secularly hang out on Christmas in NYC, drop me a line! You could come over to my house and help me bake cookies, or I know lotsa restaurants and bars, including some that will be open on Christmas Day.
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Anyone in the Charleston SC area is more than welcome to hang out with my crazy family and I. Between Boeing, the Navy, and the Air Force I know there's plenty of people far from home in the area. If any of them are you, swing on by and say hello! I'll bake cookies.
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I can host in Honolulu, extra bedroom, soft couch, 2nd bathroom. No real plans.
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I never decide these things until the last minute, but: if you're in Asheville and at loose ends on Christmas Eve, come on over for vegetarian lasagnes and drinking. Starts around 6. Ends whenever. There will be an assortment of people of various ages about, it should be pretty relaxed. Warning: there are 2 large friendly dogs and 1 small friendly cat and I am but an indifferent housekeeper at best, so one does tend to acquire a light artisanal coating of fur in my house. Memail for directions!
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Denver. Whenever during the season. Lots of food. Me and husband, my mom on Christmas Day. 2 Excellent cats.
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Just reupping: there will be food and movies and a warm place to hang out at my place on the south coast of MA on December 25th. Any time after noon. Extra bedrooms galore.
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Come to Scotland and say hello. Spare room in Edinburgh...
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