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I believe this was either a story posted to the blue or a comment on the blue, featuring a story of a young man on the subway who happened to be black. When a few other black kids were being slightly disruptive, he was also instructed to get out even though he wasn't with them. It wasn't until the narrator (who is white) intervened that the police let him stay on the train.

I'm looking for the story because it's useful as an example of how black people are often lumped together just because of their race.
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Here you go.
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As a related example of such treatment, you might be interested in this story from today's Washington Post: A black woman was accused of stealing — so this Victoria’s Secret kicked out all black customers
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As a related example

Jesus Christ. I think I may head out to the mall for a shoplifting spree so I can get all the white men banned.
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Zachlipton, that's exactly what prompted my search - - another story of guilty while black.

Didn't realize this was off of Facebook. I'm so embarrassed.
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