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A while back on Metafilter somebody posted a comment imagining a scenario where a lab employee (or student?) in the near future could do a prank using some sort of bio-tech hack to change a co-worker's gender for a few days. IIRC the commenter said they had worked in a lab and they seemed to believe this sort of thing might actually happen someday.

I've had no luck searching Metafilter. I'm pretty sure it was a comment on the main site, but it's possible it was a comment on Ask Metafilter. It definitely wasn't part of a post, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't on Fanfare or any of the other sub-sites.
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This rang bells as being similar to the final episode of 'Look Around You' with the 'Inventor of the Year' invention, but searching with those terms on metafilter hasn't brought up what you're looking for.
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The comment gave me an idea for a story. It could be useful to see it again, but unfortunately I just can't seem to find it on the site.
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This might have appeared in "Rapture of the Nerds," by (Mefi's own) Charlie Stross and Cory Doctorow.
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This sounds a lot like the premise of Neil Gaiman short story "Changes." Maybe something came up on the blue based around that?
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Is this it?
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Is this it?

Hmm. Maybe. I could swear that the comment I'm thinking of was more detailed, but maybe my mind just embellished this one a lot. Thanks very much for finding that!
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Didn't this happen in Narbonic?
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