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Gender & metafilter names

I just started a new profile, blueberry monster, mostly because this name gets misgendered too often. I'm wondering who else would like the chance to point out what your gender is (because it gets mistaken from your username). I'd also like to hear from anyone else who changed to a new account for gender reasons.
posted by Margalo Epps on May 1, 2021 - 59 comments

Perception v reality of women's contributions to debate

A while back there was a data point raised in a thread that said, women only need to speak for something like 17% of the time for it to be perceived that they have spoken for 50% of the time. Can you help me find this post/comment and/or point to relevant research around it? [more inside]
posted by biffa on Jun 5, 2019 - 16 comments

Support and check in for trans, non-binary, pan and GQ people.

This week in the news sucked and it's been all too easy to lose sleep over it. How are you? (Hugs, headpats and venting inside.)
posted by loquacious on Oct 23, 2018 - 71 comments

Assuming genders in responses - why?

The asker of this post used "child" and "spouse" in their question, but some answerers changed those to "daughter" and "dad" or used she/he pronouns. Why? [more inside]
posted by sockpuppetryarts on Sep 27, 2017 - 269 comments

Making room for pronouns on the profile page

We've decided to move forward on an idea that's come up in MetaTalk previously: adding an explicit spot for pronouns on MeFi user profile pages. It's a small change: we've tweaked the free-form "Gender" field to "Gender and/or pronouns". [more inside]
posted by cortex on May 15, 2017 - 111 comments

Article on predictions and gender

I'm trying to find an article I'm pretty sure I saw on here in the last year or so about the gender differences in predictions of the future but my search fu is failing me. [more inside]
posted by roolya_boolya on Feb 23, 2017 - 3 comments

Seeking Metafilter comment speculating about a gender-changing lab prank

A while back on Metafilter somebody posted a comment imagining a scenario where a lab employee (or student?) in the near future could do a prank using some sort of bio-tech hack to change a co-worker's gender for a few days. IIRC the commenter said they had worked in a lab and they seemed to believe this sort of thing might actually happen someday. [more inside]
posted by Ursula Hitler on Jan 20, 2017 - 7 comments

A pony of many genders

Would it be possible to put a place for preferred pronouns in the profile? [more inside]
posted by Too-Ticky on Aug 1, 2015 - 69 comments

Bad deletions

I have seen at least three really great posts on the NAACP situation deleted in the past few days. I guess there's a new Metafilter policy on this, but can the mods explain their reasoning? It doesn't seem, to me, to be newsfilter or "weird lady" filter, since the deleted posts have very good context and interesting depth.
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Jun 14, 2015 - 1589 comments

A Four Year Anniversary Thank You

A much deserved thank you to everyone who took the time to help me during one of the darkest times in my life four years ago. [more inside]
posted by motioncityshakespeare on Jun 13, 2015 - 29 comments

"Tramp stamps" and boyzones

I think the community would benefit from talking about how the recent thread about "tramp stamps" went. A number of Mefites have expressed that they felt that this thread felt like a big step backwards, like they were somehow visiting Metafilter in 2005 and not 2015. What can we do as a community to maintain whatever advances we've made in pushing back on the boyzone mentality here?
posted by dialetheia on May 14, 2015 - 1751 comments

everyone you disagree with isn't a rapist

I have noticed an increasing trend on MeFi, especially relating to issues of feminism, gender relations, etc, that threads quickly divide into us vs. them camps, where the "us" camp is defined by strong outrage and criticism, and the them camp is everyone else. This is problematic enough, but what then naturally occurs is any sort of deviation or criticism of anyone in the "us" tent immediately casts one into the "them" tent, and attacks that the person is pro-rape, in favor of abusing women, just the same as everyone else, etc. etc. [more inside]
posted by crayz on Sep 1, 2014 - 1445 comments

Gendered areas on MeFi?

I was reading the John Carmack FPP and suddenly became aware that pretty much everyone who had left comments in that thread was male. So I made a very rough tally, which shows that of the 39 unique users who left comments, only one user explicitly specified "female" in their MeFi profile. On a hunch, I went back to the recent Spelunky thread and made the same tally. I came up with 33 unique users, of whom two specify "female" in their profile. Obviously, everyone is free to specify anything (or nothing), but it still strikes as a little lopsided. [more inside]
posted by Nomyte on Nov 24, 2013 - 402 comments

Thanks for the education

The current post on trans* kids/gender identity has a really positive conversation going on. I've seen enough fighty trans*-issue threads here for that to be a real sign of progress. But mostly, I want to thank the mefites who've made it that way for assisting with my own education. [more inside]
posted by rikschell on Oct 28, 2013 - 60 comments

4 of the 5 most recent posts on the front page are about sexism

How do we feel about this?
posted by Diablevert on Sep 30, 2013 - 346 comments


Recent on the blue, there have been a perceived recent spate of posts which highlight gender inequalities. I decided I would try to approach these with an open mind, but am immediately drawn into the more contrary (and in my opinion, incorrect) comments. [more inside]
posted by Debaser626 on Sep 6, 2013 - 325 comments

Why aren't we doing this topic well?

Jessamyn: [Folks we're sort of done with the "what crayz thinks about this post" angle. Please email crayz directly if you want more of crayz's opinions, otherwise this is getting to the "Take it to MeTa" point. Put another way, everyone who continues to hyperrespond is also part of the problem here, please consider that.] So, okay. Let's take it to Meta. As a community, we keep having the same conversation about sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advances and other related issues. Sometimes, with positive results. Sometimes, not. Personal attacks fly back and forth, fueling anger and frustration. Why are so many of us talking past each other? Is there no possibility of finding common ground, or gaining further understanding and empathy from such incidents?
posted by zarq on Jun 19, 2012 - 648 comments

MetaFilter user page gender responses

What are your favorite responses to the gender question on MetaFilter user pages? Is there a page that lists all of them? I'm surprised how often they make me giggle. This was kind of asked in 2001.
posted by Corduroy on Jan 22, 2012 - 76 comments

question about deletion

Is my deleted question really unanswerable? [more inside]
posted by bearette on Nov 11, 2011 - 57 comments

"Bitch" is an ugly word to throw around so casually.

It's disheartening to read a bunch of users, particularly women, repeatedly refer to another woman as a "bitch". [more inside]
posted by mkultra on Aug 28, 2011 - 509 comments

Bad advice is bad.

We've all had our share of miserable exes. And nobody likes family law. Still, the advice given here is terrible, bad, no-good advice. [more inside]
posted by Pogo_Fuzzybutt on Jul 15, 2011 - 254 comments

Gender (Go nuts). Somebody did.

It's fascinating that the decision by the developers of Diaspora, the ("open" but currently in closed alpha) Facebook alternative to make "Gender" a text field got a lot of attention (mostly on Twitter), a lot of it rather negative. Considering that MetaFilter has always done that. (I pointed it out to them) [more inside]
posted by oneswellfoop on Nov 29, 2010 - 147 comments

Gender Experiment

Where is that thread I read about a blogger / webdesigner / freelancer of some kind with very masculine topics who pretended to be a man, now outing herself as a woman? [more inside]
posted by Omnomnom on Nov 18, 2010 - 31 comments

Don't men enjoy different things than women

Why is a gift list for men too chatty? [more inside]
posted by AuntieRuth on Nov 17, 2010 - 194 comments

Striving to make answers to vague AskMe questions more helpful and clear

In two recent AskMe threads (Non obvious things you shouldn't say to women and a similar about men), vague and general questions were asked. The community response wandered all over the map from very good, to not so good, where individual dislikes were conflated to be something all of certain subgroup dislke (1, 2). I think this is a problem that not only degrades the tone of the site in general and AskMe in particular, but also can confuse the asker. So I'm putting this issue before the community to see if the community views this as a problem and if so, discuss ways to mitigate it. [more inside]
posted by nomadicink on Sep 17, 2010 - 148 comments

Possibly problematic posts?

A couple recent AskMes have left me a little confused about how to address problematic, but not intentionally offensive assumptions. [more inside]
posted by serazin on Oct 25, 2009 - 129 comments

Why the gender discrepancy?

What are the disadvantages of being a woman? ---> Fine. What are the disadvantages of being a man? ---> Deleted. [more inside]
posted by Jaltcoh on May 29, 2008 - 363 comments


On the profile page, the box next to "gender" says "(this is free-form, go nuts)". [more inside]
posted by null terminated on Apr 26, 2008 - 119 comments

To Assume is to make an ass out of u and me

What is wrong with people who make their own determination of the gender of a person mentioned in an AskMe question even though that person's gender is clearly stated?

This seems to happen a lot with short and mostly useless hit and run answers. I guess people don't read the more inside, or just skim the question. Is this "male answer syndrome" at work? Why do some people answer the question they wish had been written, regardless of the actual question?

As seen today here, by majick and here, by DakotaPaul
posted by crabintheocean on Mar 15, 2006 - 47 comments

What's the gender breakdown on MeFi?

The large penis thread got me thinking -- along with going bowling with nine guys during MeFiSea -- what's the gender breakdown on MeFi, for those that have a stated gender?
posted by jessamyn on Feb 15, 2002 - 22 comments

display gender?

Most people's usernames aren't indicative of their gender. This leads to people automatically assuming all posters are male until proven otherwise, and this seems to be ticking off a number of female posters. Possibly a preference of 'display user's gender next to their username' would be useful? Turned on, it would display the male or female symbol next to the username (or (m)/(f) in text-only mode), if the user's gender is set in the profile. (Say, depending on what letter it starts with.) People not logged in wouldn't see any of this.
posted by darukaru on Oct 5, 2001 - 12 comments

Gender responses on user pages

|| XY || Alien || Fella || fembot || I speak using the male gender, when required by language. || Man || Boy || yes || all girl. :) || Gender bo bender banana fanna fo lender fee fi mo mender, gender! || [i just thought it was fun]
posted by palegirl on May 15, 2001 - 3 comments

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