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I want to talk about "local action" for all the MeFites who have ideas, need ideas, or just want to share cool ideas you've seen out there.

So I'm not exactly sure how to frame this MeTa, so forgive me for the wall o' text. Recently I posted "the most depressing askme ever" and I know that there are MeFites literally all over the world who are ready to join the resistance. MeFi has been everything lately, I've seen several inspirational comments that I will just drop here if that's ok:

"I still feel like the only real thing I can do is just go sit somewhere in public and invite other people to sit with me until this is fixed. That's all I got."

"I know how you feel. It helps me to think of my parents and grandparents who lived through world wars and missile crises where the outcome was uncertain. They survived. I think it's time for us all to find the inner warrior and to stand up and face whatever crap life is about to throw at us. It's our time to be heroes!"

"I think the most cathartic thing to do is find the method in which you can fight the good fight ... Whether its giving money, volunteering, running for office or getting involved with journalism there is a way that you can fight back. It is also the way that you can access the hope and determination of people who feel the exact same way you do."

There are tons more like these. Then there's Mrs. P, who wins three gold-plated internets for walking the walk:

"It feels kind of silly and pointless because if it's just me there for half an hour a day it doesn't feel like it's accomplishing a whole lot and to be honest I feel so awkward and weird just walking there by myself with a sign but then this horrifying administration does literally anything and I feel like I have to do whatever I can to push back."

What I'm doing:
On Groundhog Day I organized a Read-in in my city's largest park, and I made contact with about 10 people. Even though none of my friends and family showed, we had a great time and received some pretty positive feedback. I'm hoping to advertise more and have a larger crowd for the second event. (I'll be giving away t-shirts that say "Reading is Resistance" and I'm hoping to get some printed materials from a local enviro non-profit.)

I was surprised to have to explain to a few what a "read-in" was supposed to be, but basically it's a sit-in, right? My favorite comment was that it was like "a public event for introverts" and I think that's key. I read in the NYT this week 'not everyone wants to go to a demonstration' (exact quote), and I am happy to have come up with something that is drawing interest without being divisive. I am in the Deep South, after all.

Then I started writing a zine. Now, I wrote my first play in 6th grade, but I'm not a writer. This is just fun, venting, experimentation? The zine includes flash fiction, poems, and 5 removable protest posters (8.5 x 14) that can be colored in and mounted on posterboard for all your protesting needs! And I'm giving it away, with hope that Volume II will be a community effort -- with proceeds going to charity. This is totally in my wheelhouse and I feel like I'm DOING SOMETHING, even if it's only encouraging people to read and make art. It's been very therapeutic. I'll be distributing the zine around my city and I have at least one friend on the coast who is willing to distribute if I send copies her way.

So why am I posting this? Because I believe in this resistance. Because I marched against Prop 187 in 1994 and I can't believe I still have to protest this shit. Because I have ideas, and you have ideas, and there are a million ways for nerds and artists and introverts to make a difference right now. Our ideas are not dumb!

Personally -- I have several dogs in this fight: I'm a small business owner, covered by the Medicaid expansion. My SO is getting quality healthcare for the first time in his life, and it's because of that that our family is in tact today. The state we live in is sinking - meaning five generations of his family's history could be under the ocean. The National Guard is patrolling in a disaster zone not 12 miles from my house. Homeland Security helicopters fly overhead at all the major Mardi Gras parades now.

But I am hopeful! For my daughter, I have to be. So whatcha workin' on, MeFi?
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For more chatter along these lines, see also this Metatalk thread from last month.
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Thanks Cortex!
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I've been calling my senators and reps every weekday at lunch. One of my coworkers is similarly political, and she and I have been checking in with one another ("hey, did you call Elizabeth Warren today?"). I've also been contacting my friends in other states about calling their reps, which has met with mixed success; a few of my friends have phone anxiety, and while they know that calling is the most effective way to reach out to their elected officials, they also hate doing it.

I contacted my ward and precinct to ask them what kind of help they need, and they may have me serve as a delegate to the state democratic convention in June. I also offered my services as a social media rep to help them get the word out.

On the funny side...I reached out to Matt O'Malley, a Boston City Councillor, about doing a busking fundraiser. One of his campaign surrogates is former Presidential candidate/"America's Hot Dad" Martin O'Malley, who has a background in music (and apparently enjoys X, The Clash, and The Pogues). Why not make busking with visiting Democratic politicians a Thing?
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I'm participating in #IdesofTrump by writing 30 "I do not support you; you do not represent me; these are better policy goals" postcards to mail to the White House on March 15. I'm going to as many #ResistTuesdays in Chicago that I can reasonably get out of my office for. I call my Senators (Durbin and Duckworth) and my rep (Quigley) every week (usually to say "Thank you" but often to say "I wish you would speak out against X"). I am sending Keep & Expand the ACA and Don't Defund Planned Parenthood Postcards to Ryan and McConnell.

I've been donating to 2018 campaigns and to Alejandra Campoverdi (although she's not my District) and signing up to make calls when the campaigns start in earnest. I'm giving monthly or quarterly to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Medical Students for Choice, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, ICIRR, and intermittently to NARAL, the Chicago Abortion Fund, the ACLU, and the National Women's Law Center.

I'm going to as many of my friends' political support kaffee klatches as possible. I'm making #Resist sashes, in between my personal sewing projects. I'm training to start volunteering with AILA's Immigration Bond Court project,

Where I am really falling down: pacing myself, self-care and sleep. I love hearing what everyone else is doing, partly because it helps me relax a little. What I'm most afraid of right now is that DJT will implode, burnout, be impeached or otherwise resign. Then we're left with Pence--who is just as hateful but a competent politician whom the GOP like. There's nothing I can do to stop that, so I want my voice heard and I want Pence to come in with as low an approval rating, if or when that happens.
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I just want to put it out there if creative minded mefites have ideas for postcards or other printables they want help turning into actual things they can print/have printed, I am more then happy to help. It was a lot of fun to turn soren_lorensen's postcards into things people could use, and I'd love to help other mefites.

email in my profile, or memail works.

(my current job doesn't scratch my creative-photoshop-itch)
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I'm helping to start up a version of Urban Habitat's Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute in my city. I've been writing letters to the editor supporting bail reform and criticizing the ongoing criminalization of homelessness (and beginning to draft an op-ed on strategies for the preservation of affordable housing stock and the importance of renters rights).
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In all likelihood, I'll be moving from Massachusetts to a Red State this summer, for career reasons.
I fully intend to contact the local resistance when I get there. And I'll be voting.
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Tomorrow night's a leadership meeting for my local chapter of the resistance. We've got a bunch of irons in the fire: We're calling up to Maine to get people to put pressure on Susan Collins to save the ACA. We just succeeded in getting all our state reps and senators to sign on as co-sponsors for an ambitious slate of economic reforms and a major criminal justice bill. This is an organization that was semi-moribund until a few of us basically invited the Somerville for Hillary team to come on board and take things over.

In even more local news, the municipal elections are this year and they're starting to look pretty interesting. There's been a working majority of reform-minded progressives on the Board of Alderman since 2013, but it looks like we're going to get a real chance to knock off some of the worst of the do-nothing dregs of an earlier era and solidify the Board as a source of ideas and real oversight.
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I have been making 3 phone calls a weekday and sending 3 postcards a weekday. I had a collection of a couple of hundred random postcards, picked up mostly free, during my travels. For a while I was sending them to friends and family but honestly no one seemed to care. Now they are going to good use.

I didn't march in January. I just couldn't make myself do it. But finally last Friday I went to my yarn store and bought some pink yarn. Last night I dreamt about knitting and marching. Today I cast on my pussy hat and I'll be able to wear it to the next march that I've bookmarked on my calendar.
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Yesterday my wife finished a quilt she's been working on for a while. She hung it at the front of our house so everyone passing through our neighbourhood hood could enjoy it also.
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I went to the march in Boston, made a few calls, and went to Somerville, MA's Indivisible meeting, but it's been mere dabbling so far and I want to do more. Specifically, I'm frustrated by how much of this awesome groundswell of energy is being spent contacting reps that are unswayably red or blue (per my most recent two ask.metafilter questions). If we knew which battles might be winnable, via which legislators, I feel like we could accomplish more. I want to help create a site that consolidates up-to-the-minute, crowdsourced info on legislators' stances on the issues being publicized in various groups' calls to action (e.g., thesixtyfive's, Indivisible's, etc.), sourced from the legislators' twitter feeds, websites, etc.

I can coordinate brainstorms on the features it should have, pare those down into a functional definition, flows, and wireframes, and user-test and iterate those, but I don't know how to do the visual design, identify partners, choose a platform, or develop the site or app. If anyone wants to help, I'd love to be in touch.
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Making phone calls (I love the 5 Calls website - short scripts, easy-to-find contact info, button turns green to tell me I've accomplished something, yay me!)

Knitting pink pussyhats for any and all who want them. MeMail me if you want a bunch!

Volunteered to help organize the March for Science in SF, although they don't seem to need my help so far. Set up a MeFi meetup for the march, and I hope MeFites elsewhere do the same.

Joined a Sisters of the Resistance group via the Women's March, and one member is planning to start up an Indivisible group too - a fair bit of overlap, but that's OK. More connections make a stronger network, and we need all the strength we can get for the next few years.
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That quilt!!!!!! These are awesome, everyone. I'm seeing a lot of my same feelings reflected here.
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I'm doing various things, both professional and personal, but the line in this WaPo article (about people doing awesome things!) that "Activism, it turns out, can be simultaneously satisfying and vaguely anticlimactic" really hit home. It's hard yelling into the void, even when you strongly suspect that your yelling will help.
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daisyace -

I have both relevant experience (I build web apps for a living) and connections (at least for MA state politics). I'd be very interested in helping out. I'll send a memail shortly.
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I've joined the county young Democrats, attended a meeting for my state house district, and ran for (and won) a seat on the exec board as house district treasurer. The whole party structure thing is impenetrable to outsiders, but what I can share is that if you can find and figure out a way to go to in-person meetings, and you insist, repeatedly, that you'd like to do something and find a good way to use your skills and you're there to learn, people are receptive and happy to see younger/new folks getting involved. Which is good, because as far as I can tell the whole thing is held together locally by bailing wire and string and people with more free time than basic technology sense or focus on how to run a meeting. It makes my head hurt, but I also know it's an opportunity ripe for making things better, in a swing state and swing county and swing state house seat that went blue but not by much. I can help consolidate those wins, get to know my state rep on a first name basis, and learn some things in the process that will help me run the organization better, down the line. And I got my best friend to do it with me, so I have someone to vent to and plan with.

I'm also working hard on Indivisible stuff; project managing for our small tech team and doing intra and cross-group communication to try to move more conversation and planning off of Facebook groups and into a) face to face meetings, b) Slack conversations and c) private Discourse forums. My time on MeFi has definitely shaped my thinking tremendously on how to set up and plan moderation and user policies for these kind of things. My spouse: "it's like you got a full time job on top of your actual, more than 40 hours a week job." Me: yep.
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This is so great. Crowdsourcing! I do want to see those follow-ups and memails -- I would love to know that I actually helped someone's idea come to fruition.

Anyway my eye is currently infected (ew) so I spent all day yesterday on the couch watching educational TV: I watched the whole series of The Ascent of Woman (Netflix), and Pussy Riot was in it! Then on The Antiques Roadshow I learned about Noah Purifoy, who made sculptures from the debris of the Watts Riots (I make found-object art, so this was particularly fascinating). THEN I watched "The Talk" which was ... heartbreaking. Devastating. Please watch it!

It's Mardi Gras here so that's what the city is focused on, but we definitely had coverage of the Day Without Immigrants protests, and the NotMyPresidentsDay protests yesterday. Senator Cassidy will be holding a series of town hall meetings starting tomorrow...

My Read-In #2 will be March 2nd, and the Day Without a Woman is March 8. There's so much more to come!
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polly_dactyl, thanks for asking -- firechicago and I are now in touch, and I'm hopeful something will come of the idea. Indivisible Somerville is also providing a place to get it started. Here's hoping!
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I'm being interviewed tonight to become a member of my community board.
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Here's a photo of me holding a green sign at the Light the Way for Immigrants and Refugees event that several local cities participated in (Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney). It was brought together by Lutheran Family Services, which is the main group doing refugee resettlement here in Lincoln. (I especially admire the Chin Up, Claws Out sign.) We lined the block by the refugee office and held candles, etc, and waved - lots of supportive honks, a few jerkfaces who flipped us off, whatever. They were also selling signs to raise money (they've been stretched to help with legal bills, etc) - signs like this one, except they added the message in Karen, since there is a large group of them here. So now I have a sign for my front window, although I have to tape it up.

The Swing Left folks here just sent out a request asking for people to host house parties, which I'm a little nervous about - I'm a bit socially anxious - but I'm at least thinking about it. What I need to do is get back into my routine of phoning my reps. I'm going to go to a rally in about an hour to scold one of them for dodging their constituents, but I really need to get my postcard and phone call game on.

And in non-political good works...we've just taken on a foster dog, a Treeing Walker Coonhound who so far is respecting our cats and enjoying sniffing out everything on our block. Hopefully she'll get me up and out more, which is good for lots of reasons.
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I'm trying to do something every day. Usually it's making one or more calls to my elected representatives. Sometimes I do other things. I think these direct appeals to our elected reps are really important, but we should all be thinking about other ways of building a better world. I love these threads because I always see some new (to me!) and interesting ideas. There's a lot of passion and creativity in this community.

Some things I've been working on:
  • I've just wrapped up month 3 of what I've dubbed my "philanthro-pints" effort, where I make ice cream for my friends in exchange for donations to a different cause every month. We've raised money for the Standing Rock Sioux legal fund, Freestate Justice (LGBTQ+ advocacy and casework in Maryland) and CASA (Maryland immigrant rights org). With limited funds of my own, I'm trying to do what I can to direct some money toward organizations doing good work. (DC-area mefites, take note!)
  • My little suburban city is considering joining the sanctuary movement, and I'll be there at the mayor and council meeting urging them on in just under 2 weeks. I designed a very, very basic 8.5x11 sign for supporters to hold up and wave at the meeting.
  • I'm working to get a monthly (ish) social justice series started at my church in downtown DC. The idea is to watch all or part of a documentary on a given subject each month--probably starting with several sessions focusing on criminal justice issues, e.g. sentencing reform, school-to-prison pipeline, police militarization, etc. Then we'd follow up with Q&A and discussion. More importantly: I'm hoping to invite representatives from local advocacy orgs who can talk about what needs to be done on a local level (DC/MD/VA) and how to get involved. I'm still in the planning stages, but this would be open to the public, so...again, if you're interested and in the DC area, let me know :-)
  • I've decided to "adopt a member of Congress." One of the things that's really horrifying to me (if not exactly surprising) is the embrace of anti-immigrant bigotry from American Christendom. I'm sending one little postcard a day to a (formerly self-identified moderate) right-wing Christian member of Congress with nothing but a handwritten passage from Matthew 25 (I was a stranger and you did not welcome me; whatever you did not do to one of the least of these, you did not do to me... etc.). No, I do not expect this will make an iota of difference in that person's worldview or actions, but frankly, I need this small daily act of defiance--keeps me going.
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I am: writing postcards, making calls, knitting hats, phonebanking for Democrats around the country with the demvolunteers Slack channel, attending rallys, joined a local group for progressive women and added my name to Emily's List Run for Office campaign.
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I am out of Utah now, but I started contacting photographers, to Photoshop oil wells, and power plants, into their landscape photos. This is so everyone gets a chance to see the Utah wilderness as it will be if the energy interests get their way. A preview, sort of.
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TPS, is that Slack channel an open thing? Regional, or...?
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Frowner and I have been chatting and decided a Facebook group for Minnesota MeFites might be a helpful way to coordinate various social circles and information sources. So I set one up. MeMail to be added and let me know how to find you on FB (but it might take a little while since I'm currently traveling for work so please be patient). General group norms are below but in general, behave like you would here.

This group is intended to facilitate local political action among MeFites in Minnesota. Membership is restricted to MetaFilter members. Please do not invite folks via Facebook; instead interested folks should use MeMail to contact nickmark or Frowner. Any MeFite who MeMails one of us expressing interest and asserting that they're local will be admitted (we're not going to vet it against the location in your profile, or against your comment history on MeFi or Facebook).

The main goal of this group is to help coordinate among various local social groups and information sources to help people be aware of local actions (protests, marches) and issues they may be interested in, and provide support or ideas to each other. While some discussion of issues is unavoidable and encouraged, it's not intended to be another place to argue on the internet. The standard norms of MetaFilter behavior apply here; if you really want to have a back-and-forth it might be better to take it to the Blue or arrange to chat in person. If you can't respectfully express your position to someone else in person, maybe let it go.

Folks are welcome to post events here (including arranging meetups!); please consider cross-posting to IRL as well.

This group was originally envisioned as a politically-focused kind of thing. If it has utility to folks as a broader way of staying connected with like-minded local MeFites that's fine.

This is intended as a helpful tool so please be decent to each other; if moderation becomes a burden for me or Frowner we'll shut it down because we both have plenty of other things going on.
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I have my daily Good Morning from the Resistance post for the care and feeding of activists. I am leading the ALERT L.A. resistance group with plenty of MeFites in attendance - and we are working on a genius idea by one MeFite who I don't want to out if she doesn't want to be and we are also working on a train the trainer curriculum for activists and advocates.

I'm also reading Hope in the Dark, Origins of Totalitarianism and How to Survive a Plague.

And I made some cinnamon bread.
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TPS, is that Slack channel an open thing? Regional, or...?

It is made up of volunteers across the nation interested in helping phonebank for races across the nationa, and it is open! I don't totally understand Slack, I think this is the link? The races we work on often pop up on Grassroots Phonebankathon, too (there aren't currently any open banks, though).
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I am doing what I have always done for many years: blogging to try to put out useful info for some of the neediest, most vulnerable people, answering questions in various forums to try to get free help to people who can't afford to pay for much needed help, showing up and being me in places where people like me are not exactly warmly welcomed because wrong gender or whatever.
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I found Indivisible! And Mobilize New Orleans! Woot!

What else:
I'm turning myself into an event organizer over here. I have so many protest ideas and I can't do them ALL, but I can write guides and put them on the internet! This thread is helping me realize that I am a facilitator. But I also *make* stuff and now I'm thinking about ways to bring artists together for a show/sale -- so that we can make a large charitable donation. Plus I have graphic design skills and equipment at home (printers, papercutters, copiers, etc) that makes my materials look pretty professional.

One thing I forgot to mention in the OP is that it'll be NASTYHOT in New Orleans soon - so I'm super-motivated now, while people are out and about enjoying the weather. Keep on marching!
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I just posted this on Facebook a couple hours ago. I haven't done it yet myself.

"Here's a political action I plan to take, and that I urge others to take, that affects my home state of North Carolina as well as American voting rights in general. I'm posting about this so that I actually get off my ass and do it.

The gist: a strict NC voter ID and early voting law was overturned by an appeals court last summer. The court said that the law "targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision" - lawmakers requested info on voting patterns by race and limited every form of early voting except the one that was mostly used by white people. (It's not quite accurate to describe it as just a voter ID law, which most of the headlines seem to do.)

The Republican governor of NC at the time requested US Supreme Court review of this ruling. Now the new Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, wants to withdraw that request, and predictably the Republican-controlled legislature who passed the law in the first place wants the review to go forward, surprise surprise. It's super unclear whether Cooper has the legal standing to withdraw the request.

I'm gonna write to the justices and ask them not to accept the request to review the case, and to let the lower court ruling stand. It's a total waste of time and resources, the law was very clearly not valid, the current governor doesn't want to appeal the ruling, and of course I'm worried Trump will appoint someone hostile to the lower court ruling. If the composition of the court was different I might feel differently about it, but if this ruling was struck down it would open the door to blatantly racist voting restriction laws across the country.

Here is how the internet says to contact the justices:

Mail physical letters (they don't have public email addresses).

Use the salutation Dear Chief Justice [Last Name] or Dear Justice [Last Name].

Mail the letters to:
Chief Justice [Full Name] or Justice [Full Name]
The Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Chief Justice:
John Roberts

The rest of ‘em:
Anthony Kennedy
Clarence Thomas
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stephen Breyer
Samuel Alito
Sonia Sotomayor
Elena Kagan

Guys, I am politically exhausted and have probably not been doing all I can do, but this is an issue that few people will probably be posting about and taking action on, so I figure I might actually be able to make some small impact by doing this and posting about it. So please consider copy/pasting even if you don't have the energy to do this, which is totally valid."
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I've been doing free advocacy trainings for grassroots/nonprofit organizations.
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I seem to be going to a lot of meetings. Last night I went to my ward's Democratic Committee Meet the Candidates Night. Not really because I wanted to meet the candidates but more I just wanted to see who these people (the committee) are and what they do. Next week I'm going to a meeting of progressives from my State Assembly district to see if we can either push our assemblyman leftwards or just boot him out completely (he's an anti-choice, anti-immigrant, pro-cop DINO in a liberal urban district that HRC won by 25+ points).

I provide the technical support for a local Bother Your Senator Weekly group, which is proving to be fairly time consuming because the organizers are pretty technically illiterate.

And because a lot of the local organizing surrounding poking at our legislators is being done by older/retired women who aren't so much with the computers I think I'm going to be offering a Digital Organizing 101 course. There's interest, I just need to find a venue.

I had a bunch of pro-immigrant yard signs printed up way back in December and I have a bunch of extras (because people will message you 800 times a day about how much they want one, but when it comes time to actually pick it up, they ghost). A couple people on my street have come by wanting one, so I've been giving those away, to make our little 2-block dead end street a little friendlier.
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I've kept this tab open, and I'm loving all this. I have other news:

1. My MIL went to Bill Cassidy's town hall yesterday - it was a real shitshow, just like all the others around the south. He was late, tried to show a Powerpoint, and the crowd wasn't having it. At the end they used a decoy car and a look-alike (I shit you not) and told the crowd Cassidy had left. He was still there and snuck out after talking to reporters. The crowd shouted "Coward!" and "Do your job!"

2. The Trump Story Project FPP on the Blue!!!! I can't remember the last time I was so excited to read a collection of short stories. Now I'm wondering about contacting Slate if there's going to be a Volume II????

3. CASAS - Community Art Show and Sale. The theme is "home/s" and priority will be given to artists working with found/salvaged materials. I'm trying to decide what charity to donate the proceeds to. All I need now is a venue!
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I brought up the idea of wilderness and landscape photographers in Utah, taking some of their best shots and inserting energy infrastructure, so people can see the future of the National Monuments they want to part out, or shut down.
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I wrote a letter to the editor of my smalltown paper dropping the science on "bathroom predator" myths after we'd had a disheartening community meeting at the school where a lot of parents expressed "concerns" about the school having inclusive bathrooms. It was just that, concerns, and I felt like it could be addressed with kindness but also specifics "Hey it's ok if you're confused and nervous, you feel what you feel, but here's the reality about those concerns.... and here's how to keep ALL the kids in our community safe which is what our school is doing." (i.e. kids are allowed to use the bathroom matching the gender they identify with).

I'm not a parent and not queer-identified in my community but a lot of people know me as "the librarian" and/or "the computer lady" and so I decided it was time to break out of my "I am a lurker who supports this issue in email" mold. A lot of people told me they liked my letter. Happy to MeMail it to anyone who would like to write a similar letter.
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