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In the post about orichalcum, a video was linked in the body. Lo and behold, the author, auntie-matter of the video posts in the comments (as a long time lurker, now a member)

(I dug the post for the jokes on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. The CD version with the digitized voices is worth finding a copy )
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Yay, that's awesome! Welcome aboard!
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auntie-matter shared more information on ancient and unusual alloys in that thread.

And I'm not sure what's up on Steam and GOG, but here's the first part of a long walk-through video on YouTube, which seems to be the version with digitized voices. (I jumped in to listen, and around the 20 minute mark, orichalcum is being tested in a lab.)
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(I wasn't sure if linking to GoG would be a bad thing .. I had the soundless version in the 90s because I didn't have a CD player at the time, but then around 2004-6 bought the lost classics collection from LucasArts with Indy, DOTT, Sam/Max and I think a few others, on CD with the digitized voices.. )
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Hooooly shit, auntie-matter made our wedding rings!

These were they.

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Hello! Long-time lurker is like 15+ years, even. No idea why it took me that long to actually sign up to be able to post but there you go.

And a past customer of mine is here too. Brilliant. :D
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I got Fate of Atlantis on Steam, and I can confirm it's the talkie version.
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That blog is full of very useful illustrations of how complex (-to-me, anyway) things are done.

Thanks, Auntie!!!
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The Etsy link is borked for me, quaking fajita.
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Johnny Wallflower, probably because it's a sold and private listing. Visible to me and quaking fajita only.

I hope quaking fajita doesn't mind, I've copied the ring photo to here. The smaller ring is a hammer finished shibuichi (50/50 silver/copper alloy) and the larger is pure silver with half-patina effect.

I really hope this isn't coming off like I'm only here just to pimp my stuff because I'm honestly not. Pimping my Etsy shop is what my reddit account is for...
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Oops, sorry. I thought the previous sales were public.
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Welcome auntie-matter. A good time to remind people about the Hey That's Me page on the wiki.
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