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Hi all, Google-Fu is failing me. Looking for a post in the Blue about an article (maybe from The Atlantic) that talked about the South or Confederacy and its impact on rise of the Tea Party but the article talked about how when that group is out of power, they are all about resisting those in power as a patriotic duty and once they are not in power, they talk about law and order and obedience. Might also have talked about civil rights or gun rights within that context as well. It was a longer article with good explanation of American history as it relates to these topics. Wasn't sure if to post here or on Askme.
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Perhaps this? When in the majority, Confederates protect the established order through democracy. If they are not in the majority, but have power, they protect it through the authority of law. If the law is against them, but they have social standing, they create shams of law, which are kept in place through the power of social disapproval. If disapproval is not enough, they keep the wrong people from claiming their legal rights by the threat of ostracism and economic retribution. If that is not intimidating enough, there are physical threats, then beatings and fires, and, if that fails, murder.
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Yep! That's the one indeed!! Thank you so much! Great article! I love this site so much!
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