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This episode is short, late, and out of control! Things have been busy, so Jessamyn and I finally snuck in a quick hour to record and said to hell with the usual structure, let's just mention a few things we like. Runs a bit under an hour total.

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Runs a bit under an hour total.

23 topics.

“Too Much Stuff Makes The Podcast Go Short”
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oh my god, after fifteen years of mostly lurking, something i wrote got 250+ comments and a DECENT DISCUSSION and the #1 SPOT ON THE MEFI PODCAST and JESSAMYN COMMENTED MORE THAN THREE TIMES and THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF MY ACADEMIC CAREER, CAN'T TOP THAT

<3 !!!
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O as in OH SHIT I had literally completely forgotten about Mastodon already.
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"This post was deleted for the following reason: poster's reqest -- jessamyn"

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Having a re-listen of the podcast, this time over luncheon in the company of two Zelda players/fanatics.

I am laughing non-stoppingly at the Hyrule conversation between Jessamyn and Josh (and please, can we have more conversations between them about video games). My two dining companions are raging and shouting at the laptop. Oh one of them has just gone outside for a smoke to try and calm himself down.

I'm going to wait for him to finish his smoke, come in and finish calming down. And I'll ask him then if he's "got all the swords".
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I not only recorded the podcast yesterday I also listened to the podcast yesterday and I am not sure what that is doing there.
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Hell, I made the post and I'm not sure how that got there. To the point where at first I thought Joseph Gurl was making an oblique Cronenbergian joke I just wasn't getting, based on some 2-second exchange I'd forgotten.

The way it got nicely formatted and everything despite literally no one involved in the process knowing it was there is that I've got a script pb built a while back that takes our skype transcripts and parses and formats the url content thereof. So the mystery that remains is how the url for that deleted project got into the transcript to begin with.

We were talking about weirdness with Projects links at one point, I wonder if I accidentally pasted some hop-skip-and-jump thing in there? I should review the transcript.

So I'm gonna go launch Skype willingly and for non phone-call purposes, which I want you all to understand is basically a huge violation of my personal code but I'm willing to do it for science.
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I already launched Skype this morning (for science) and that link is not in there. Also that weird little bug is fixed already. Magic.
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Ah ha! So:

We were talking about Projects and vote history and Jess tripped across some bug with how that was displaying, when she visited this url:


And she was seeing weird pagination results and a blank screen instead of, y'know, her Projects vote history. Clearly something had gone wonky at some point. That got passed along to frimble who seems to have fixed it because it looks fine now, but!

But also, that skype transcript parser I talked about? It does a great job for 99% of the links we toss at each other during a podcast, because they almost all fall into the few common use cases. Links to posts, links to comments. A couple other less common variants get handled correctly too.

But there's lots of other kinds of urls that can show up on MeFi and they are idiosyncratic as fuck because that's how we roll, and most of those never came up during the testing I did with pb when we were getting the skype parser working over the course of a couple of podcasts, even when I tested the transcripts of several previous podcast chats.

When the parser finds a url it doesn't know what to do with, it does...something. Sometimes it crashes; sometimes it makes just the best darn effort it can and moves on quietly. It's not a sophisticated tool because it doesn't really need to be; it just saves me a pile of tedious bulk work during the podcast post-production and I can look for any problems and neaten those up.

So: we've never posted a votehistory link before. So I've never looked at what the parser does with one. And it turns out that what it does, for whatever reason, is throw away the "votehistory/" bit of the url and then try to parse whatever's left as the kind of Projects url it does know how to deal with.

And so: the Project with a postid the same as Jessamyn's userid: 292.

It's just the perfect cosmic cherry on top that it's also a post that was deleted by Jess.

But also this suggests a fun dumb game that I feel like we played in MetaTalk years and years ago at some point: what's your userid post? Which will work varyingly well for older vs. new users for different subsites since most subsites don't have postids that go as high as the current crop of new userids.
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(Also I was just really busy yesterday and so didn't give the metatalk post a close going over, and so only caught a couple of very obvious formatting issues while missing entirely the presence of a Projects post we hadn't ever discussed.)
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Whoa. I just thought it was a typo.
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This was delightful! And Josh I am loving your paintings on instagram.
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I haven't listened to the podcast yet so I don't know if it's mentioned there but I have no other place to express all the FEELINGS I am having about mlkshk coming back as mltshp because there is a huge gaping internet hole in my heart right now, so I am expressing them here, and thank you thank you thank you for all the work and stuff and this time around I'm-a actually getting an account instead of stealing using my husband's like a goose in a city park that does nothing but pull up the grass to eat and then shit it out, instead I'm gonna contribute, dammit!

*gasps* *passes out*
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what's your userid post?

I lurked for many years before finally signing up 5 years ago. Hence, my userid is quite high and points to a recent post, from January 2016:

She’s actually really lazy by mama casserole

That's a fun post, about a dog who sneaks out of the garden and runs a half marathon just for the heck of it, collecting a medal, while the owner is unaware.
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Hey! I have also never seen the Alien movies! So when is not_on_display coming over to watch them with me?
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This is my User ID post. I like that its about baseball (ish). Its from March of 2001 which today feels like an entirely different world.
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Mine was from 1999, was by mathowie and had zero comments.
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Or-gun is the new dreg-uhn.
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Also, chococat's music is amazing!
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I think I've figured out that the podcast is a useful avenue for me to keep up with metafilterin' these days, so, it's working! Good jorb, I like, is nice, I kiss you. /super with it on the internet
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My User ID MetaTalk post: The MeFi podcast needs a sign off catchphrase. (In which I said "I like closure.")
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Hey, Jessamyn mentioned having an intern. Do we know what the kid who was the MeFi Intern is up to these days?
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Oh no, my User ID MetaFilter post is from 2005 and is about global warming.
posted by Secretariat at 5:17 PM on May 12, 2017

My User ID post is called Tunes are overrated. Well, they are!
posted by moonmilk at 6:08 PM on May 12, 2017

My User ID Post: The Politics of Central Asia; October 3, 2001 with two comments.
posted by jazon at 7:20 PM on May 12, 2017

And my metatalk ID Post actually fits this theme: User number bug
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My user ID post is a deleted post about a site that apparently reports on camel toe sightings. It was deleted for being a duplicate, not for its content. Ah, 2003.
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Also, DUMPIN' M' BEEF is a hilarious phrase, particularly the M'. So thank you for infecting my mind with that.
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User ID posts:

MeFi: Sept 2001 post about pushing back on anti-Muslim prejudice in the wake of 9/11. Depressingly current.

Ask: Oct 2004 question about the first Photoshopped image.

MeTa: Dec 2005 post pointing out that the author of a Simpsons book is a MeFi's Own. Sadly, it looks like gompa has not been active since 2015.
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Mefi: May 2000, China, Our New Buddy

AskMe: October 2004, What was the earliest Photoshopped image? (aahh...inline images!)

Meta: February 2002, Critical IP Sucks
posted by Joseph Gurl at 3:46 AM on May 13, 2017

MeFi: In Which The CEO Of Whole Foods Talks About Obamacare

AskMe: In Which The Asker Is Searching For A Specific Synagogue And Is Helped In The Middle Of The Night

Bonus fun fact: that AskMe was posted after that MeFi post.

Extra bonus fun fact: the poster of the MeFi post has the word "cantor" in their name. That AskMe has the word "cantor" in the title.
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MeFi: 2012, A screaming comes across the sky, an interactive map of London Blitz bombsites. Zoom out, it will blow your mind. Also contains this gem from jessamyn.

Ask: 2009, Summer chillin' if you need to install A/C in a crank-style casement window.
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Mmmm' Beef, ba dumpin'
Ba du beef, ba dumpin'
Ba du beef, ba dumpin'
Ba du, yeah-ee-yah.

I like the cocktail hours too but they start too late for us oldsters. Either way, Thanks, Eyebrows McGee. I do enjoy them.

By the way, your McGee isn't a reference to Fibber McGee, is it?

My mom's name was Magdelene Mary, but she went by Maggie, though my dad would often call her Magee, or even Fibber Magee (they used to listen to it when they were kids) as a pet name. When I was really tiny and I heard him call her that, I thought her first name was Pheober and her last name was Magee, so I started calling her Pheob as a toddler, and I continued to her entire life. I was the only one who did that, and it confused everyone who met us. And my sibs were totes jelly that mom let me call her by a personalized nickname. She always liked me best.
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Anybody using Mastodon through the Octodon instance and can't reach it: The host is having technical problems and Octodon's admin is on the case.
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Unexpectedly, the best outcome of the Hyrule map projection project was Jessamyn saying, "Hylian?! Ugh."

Both Metroid Baby and I laughed loudly. I hope to have a shield made someday with that inscribed on it!
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"By the way, your McGee isn't a reference to Fibber McGee, is it? "

It's not, sadly, because I didn't learn about Fibber McGee until a couple years after I moved to Peoria and started using the name, but IT IS AN EXCELLENT COINCIDENCE!
posted by Eyebrows McGee (staff) at 9:25 PM on May 26, 2017

HI -- I only just found out about this shoutout. Thanks very much for the kind words!
posted by dobbs at 9:46 AM on December 20, 2018

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