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My profile so far is really threadbare. I want to make it more interesting but I don't know what to do! Do you have any favourite profiles that'd make good inspiration?
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I don't personally have any favorites, but there's a small list of people with interesting profiles on the wiki. Also see: geneva uswazi, robocop is bleeding, meatbomb and the quidnunc kid.
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I like the profiles of people who list resources on topics they know.
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I like ThePinkSuperhero's, madamjujujive and Languagehat's page.
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Seconding languagehat. I don't really check out people's profiles, but his is worth it.
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I want to be able to load my own custom CSS. Please please please!

Just enable it for like one week a year.
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the man of twists and turns's profile is generous in its list of ideas for potential posts.
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Don't forget you have a Character Sheet - Your one weakness: the hiccups.
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Rob doesn't have any favorite profiles, they are all Rob's favorites. But some suggestions Rob would have would be:

(1) Write about youse. Who is divabat? They seem interesting. What are their hopes, dreams, and aspirations?
(2) What are youse interested in? You have links to their presence elsewhere on the Internet (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) maybe mine those sites for relevant links that would make their profile more interesting than it already is.
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You already have way more info on your profile than I do, I'm still in an undisclosed location. A lot of the interesting profiles have links or text about particular interests of members. Maybe some links or resources about your activist work? I remember that you were involved with Slutwalk a few years ago, maybe some information about that?
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Yeah, I think your profile is groovy right now.
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Two words: blink tag
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A couple of profiles I've seen have short excerpts from, and links to, comments or posts of the user's own that they particularly liked, were proud of, or thought were useful. That tells me a _lot_ about what that user values and wants, which is what I'm hoping to find when I look at a profile.
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Here is a helpful list of things to include in your profile:

-Are you from Rhode Island?
-Are any of your friends from Rhode Island and, if so, what high school did they attend?
-Are you planning to come to DC for a meetup?
-Of all the many good options, what is your favorite octopus attribute/ability?
-Which MeFi/Metatalk comments do you think are the funniest so when I'm bored I can go through and giggle at them?
-What is the best prezzie you've ever given or received?
-List three of my comments that are better than comments from my husband.
-Provide various kill/fuck/marry scenarios for Once Upon a Time back when it was good.
-If you have empirical proof that basset hounds are not just elderly beagles this is probably a good place to deploy it but please be warned I won't believe you.
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I want to be able to load my own custom CSS. Please please please!

I still remember the kerfuffle around custom CSS and the possibility of XSS attacks, but I have to think there's a way around it, even if that means setting up a really draconian filter against cross-site URLS. We may never recreate the glory days of the Myspace profile page, but it'd be nice to see what I could do with some div- and text-formatting rules.
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I suddenly feel so inadequate since I'm not from Rhode Island.

Oh dear.
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Said no one, ever.
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Did you see the video series with the best Rhode Island accent, wherein shipwright Louis Sauzedde builds a wooden boat in 40 or so episodes?
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That boat sold for US $15,700!
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I didn't have to watch it, I used to visit my great aunt at Christmas. She was buried in a Red Sox cap.
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Sometimes, perhaps often, the shorter ones are really good. Ones I like, as well as some of those already mentioned, include:

- Superplin
- fraula
- ob1quixote
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That is not the tackiest Red Sox merchandise one can be buried in or with (scroll down).

PS: I found the best worst Red Sox hat.
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Oh no did I speak too soon?
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Oh my god, oh my god, I'm going blind, I'll stop now.
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No longer active
Gator - guess.
Still around
ThePinkSuperhero - guess again.
Robocop is bleeding - General what the fuckery
Effigy2000 - The adventures of Agent Howie.
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I don't care whether MeFites have interesting profiles. It's not your home page, it's just a place to find some useful information. Your profile is just fine.
I form my opinion on other MeFites based on what they do on the site. In that regard, you're just fine too.
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Late to the conversation, but I thought zarq was the one who suggested sharing a bit of who you are, for those who are looking out for support or guidance, so I have a little section up top of things you can ask me about. That way, if someone reads one of my comments or posts and clicks on my profile, they might feel more comfortable asking me about a range of items. It's something. (The rest is fun stuff.)
posted by filthy light thief at 1:02 AM on June 9, 2017

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