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Updating profiles

Okay, this is totally stupid but it keeps bothering me. I have a lot of trouble updating my profile picture. [more inside]
posted by 80 Cats in a Dog Suit on Oct 12, 2019 - 25 comments

"Also On" Cleanup

We've tidied up a bit in the "also on" sites in your profile. First, the cleanup discussed previously has been done. Thank you to everyone who categorised websites on the wiki and made it easier on me (if no less saddening) to remove deceased sites. Second, Mastodon and Diaspora have been, after requests and discussion, added. [more inside]
posted by frimble on Apr 9, 2018 - 36 comments

Cleanup requested in Social Apps aisle

The Social Apps section of our profiles is getting badly dated. There are over 120 sites listed, but some of them are dead (AIM, Gawker), some are ambiguous (is Glitch referring to the old shared universe site or the new programming site?), and the absence of Mastodon is becoming an obstacle: We have to advertise our usernames on active threads because we can't put them in our profiles. [more inside]
posted by ardgedee on Mar 25, 2018 - 20 comments

Need some profile inspiration

My profile so far is really threadbare. I want to make it more interesting but I don't know what to do! Do you have any favourite profiles that'd make good inspiration?
posted by divabat on May 21, 2017 - 26 comments

Profile Visibility Preferences

A proposal for changing the public visibility of certain profile information. [more inside]
posted by melissasaurus on Jan 18, 2016 - 351 comments

Treat member's websites as external links?

I have my preferences set to open links in a new window, but if I click on a user's website from their Profile page, the site opens in the same window. Is it possible to get those links to act like other external links? Is there a downside to changing it that I'm not seeing?
posted by jaguar on Apr 22, 2015 - 13 comments

Member websites, members only?

My little pony request. Can we have the option for our websites to be available to members only? It makes sense, in that we have the visibility option for members/everyone for Twitter/FB/other social media, can we just add website as a field for that as well? [more inside]
posted by nevercalm on Aug 15, 2013 - 51 comments


ThePinkSuperhero's profile page is the best evar. Or is it? Are there other user profiles with CSS or HTML awesomery?
posted by zippy on Apr 16, 2013 - 20 comments

I didn't even ask for this pony, but I'll take it!

Same account, two different browsers - my Theme preference isn't respected in both browsers. I like this "feature," so I'm just mentioning it - not requesting a change. [more inside]
posted by PCup on Nov 2, 2012 - 20 comments

spread the jam

Super minor pony request: the option to add a This Is My Jam updating widget to profiles? [more inside]
posted by ifjuly on Aug 29, 2012 - 22 comments

A Mefi profile guide: recommending web hosting, domain registrar, cms, e-mail services

Inspired by samsara's and deezil's helpful malware removal guides on their profile pages, I've written a short and practical beginner's guide recommending domain name registrars, web hosting, content management systems and e-mail services. I hope the guide is of some use to people who want to host their own stuff, as opposed using hosted platforms like Tumblr or Blogger, using solid and hassle-free tech. [more inside]
posted by Foci for Analysis on Aug 22, 2012 - 29 comments

Interesting Profiles?

Is there a good collection of recent interesting/informative mefite profiles? If not can you all suggest some to me? [more inside]
posted by Wretch729 on Jul 30, 2012 - 28 comments

Dating on the green

Isn't linking to your online dating profile in AskMe self-linking? [more inside]
posted by hwyengr on Jun 29, 2012 - 127 comments

So what exactly is the purpose of the profile?

What's wrong with referencing someone's profile info in a discussion? [more inside]
posted by bpm140 on Apr 7, 2012 - 50 comments

"And now to add a quote from Ayn Rand ..."

Related to pony still in the stable: how often do you update your profile? [more inside]
posted by Marisa Stole the Precious Thing on Dec 19, 2011 - 116 comments

We all know Deezil has an awesome profile.. who else?

What are some really cool mefite profiles? [more inside]
posted by royalsong on Aug 8, 2011 - 38 comments

Pony request: Add Google+ to the Social Apps list in profiles?

Pony request: Add Google+ to the Social Apps list in profiles?
posted by Jacqueline on Jun 30, 2011 - 249 comments

Are profiles crawled?

Are MeFi profiles crawled by search engines? I remember reading that they weren't, but I just googled my real name and found my MeFi profile.
posted by defenestration on Feb 22, 2011 - 97 comments

Time to update the about prompt on the profile page?

Should we update the 'About' prompt on the profile page? It still asks when the first time you used the internet was. At this point it's kind of like asking when the first time you watched TV was.
posted by empath on Jan 19, 2011 - 156 comments

A sobering pony request

A little note on the profiles of MeFites who are deceased? [more inside]
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis on Jan 6, 2011 - 24 comments

Nice work, deezil.

deezil has an excellent spyware removal/virus removal guide in his profile. Are there other members with similarly useful content?
posted by fake on Oct 30, 2010 - 28 comments

High signal profiles

I find that Mutant's profile is full of useful information, about himself and his areas of expertise. Do you guys know of any other profiles with useful and interesting information, particularly about specialty subjects?
posted by By The Grace of God on Aug 17, 2010 - 69 comments

Comments signal to noise ratios in profile?

Pony Request: Signal to Noise ratio on profiles? [more inside]
posted by seasparrow on Jun 28, 2010 - 221 comments

Adding services to the 'also on' field in user profiles?

A (Shetland) pony? Adding more services to the 'also on' field in user profiles? [more inside]
posted by Lutoslawski on Mar 4, 2010 - 21 comments

Should the profiles of deceased MeFites be preserved?

When an account is disabled, all the profile information disappears. Might it be better to preserve the information when the account is disabled due to the owner's death? [more inside]
posted by Faint of Butt on Jul 16, 2009 - 83 comments

interesting profiles

We have profiles: [more inside]
posted by wheelieman on Mar 26, 2009 - 55 comments

How do I get last.fm tracks to show up on my profile?

What's the secret to getting last.fm played tracks to show up on my profile? [more inside]
posted by arimathea on Feb 25, 2009 - 12 comments

On MeFi, everyone knows you're dog.

Greasemonkey: here's a script that displays profile pics next to posts. Cortex warned me some people will hate it and want to roast me alive. To those people, let me suggest a side dish of Potatoes au Gratin and a glass of Merlot. [more inside]
posted by grumblebee on Oct 23, 2008 - 226 comments


Can we add muxtape as a social service for the profiles? I bet a lot of mefites muxtapes up.
posted by empath on Aug 13, 2008 - 29 comments

The daft bit at the top

Hello - is there no way to link to sites on our profiles or am I just not clever enough ? [more inside]
posted by sgt.serenity on Aug 8, 2008 - 19 comments


Are there any Mefi user accounts that have a coincidental (or intentional) relationship with their user number? [more inside]
posted by Rhaomi on Jul 19, 2008 - 111 comments

Error when filling out your birthday in the preferences.

In your preferences, if you select a month and year for your birthday, but not a specific day of the month, you get an error message. Could that be changed so you have the option to fill in only the month/year?
posted by BuddhaInABucket on Jun 8, 2008 - 97 comments

Twitter on profiles isn't updating

My profile is showing my "last" Twitter status as an update posted two months ago. I've made plenty of updates since then...
posted by Mwongozi on May 7, 2008 - 56 comments


On the profile page, the box next to "gender" says "(this is free-form, go nuts)". [more inside]
posted by null terminated on Apr 26, 2008 - 119 comments

A couple minor feature requests fulfilled

Slight preferences tweaks: birthday (year optional) and relationship status (datingfilter!) were just added. My profile shows what it might look like to logged-in users.
posted by mathowie on Apr 10, 2008 - 260 comments


Birthday notification? [more inside]
posted by [NOT HERMITOSIS-IST] on Apr 7, 2008 - 93 comments

My Ask MeFi

New Feature: My Ask MeFi [more inside]
posted by pb on Apr 2, 2008 - 153 comments

Who the flickr is that?

search by flickr name? [more inside]
posted by nomisxid on Mar 24, 2008 - 17 comments

They left when?

We have a "joined" date in user profiles. Can we have a "left" date for the pushers of the big red button?
posted by nevercalm on Mar 3, 2008 - 95 comments

Who are you and why do I like you so much?

In a large and steadily-growing community, and possibly because I'm getting old and stuff, I find myself having trouble sometimes remembering who said what, especially when it's a newer user. So, a possibly small and easy-to-implement feature request. [more inside]
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Feb 14, 2008 - 21 comments

Usernames on the 'who favorited this post' page

Minor usability quibble: When you're looking at who favorites a post, and click a username, it shows their favorites instead of showing their profile page, like every other linked username on the site does. Maybe a different link to show their favorites from that page?
posted by empath on Jan 18, 2008 - 17 comments

Please bring my pony back to life!

Fields in user profiles used to have a different color background if they contained information only visible to logged in community members. Can we have this back please? [more inside]
posted by grouse on Dec 16, 2007 - 23 comments

Nice pics!

y'all are a sexy bunch of people. [more inside]
posted by mathowie on Nov 14, 2007 - 214 comments

While I'm at work, I don't want to know you're a dog.

I would like an opt-out of viewing profile pictures. I use the plain template at work, and the images, while usually SFW, are really, um, attention-grabbing. [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Nov 13, 2007 - 16 comments

pictures in profiles

Uploading a picture to your profile? UPLOADING A PICTURE TO YOUR PROFILE! [more inside]
posted by yhbc on Nov 2, 2007 - 217 comments

Playlist pony

Last.fm pony please: I'd like to embed the "Recently Listened" (or similar) chart into my profile, much like the flickr photo scroll. (Alternately, if someone knows how to do that now, I'd appreciate it). [more inside]
posted by klangklangston on Sep 29, 2007 - 9 comments

Get to Know Your Fellow MeFites.

We have a fandom post feature now, which of course is excellent. Now how about a random user feature? It could be called 'Get to Know A MeFite' or something like that. I think there are a lot of interesting user profile pages which many people have not and may not ever see, which is a shame, and this would be a potential way to highlight some of them. As an added bonus, this feature could lead to more Metafilter meet-ups as people stumble upon other users who they may not have known lived so close by. It could also lead people to explore their randomly chosen MeFite's posting history which may, in turn, lead many to discover several excellent (and awful) posts, questions and MeTa screeds which they may never have come across before.
posted by Effigy2000 on Sep 3, 2007 - 47 comments

Mass update of public facing info

I had this idea when encountering the problem of wanting to contact a metafilter member of their public facing email address not being filled in... How about doing what PayPal, banks and universities do - they present a user on login with a page which they click 'confirm' on to get to the usual start page. On the confirm page would be form fields with the information metafilter currently has for them: lat, lon flickr ID email address URL etc it would give them a chance to update it (and the email address field would have some *decent* obfuscation, either images ala Facebook or the current SOTA JavaScript). I think often the reason this isn't filled in isn't out of choice it's because the user in question simply hasn't got around to it, doesn't know he/she has a profile or hasn't changed it since they first enrolled. What say you? I don't think doing this would cheese people off and I think it would really be a boon for the site.
posted by dance on Aug 11, 2007 - 59 comments

del.icio.us profiles

I imagine that some of my fellow mefites, collectors of the Best of the Web, would have great del.icio.us accounts for me to pick through. I'm not getting enough use out of their networking feature, either. Link your profiles! Here's me.
posted by tylermoody on Aug 1, 2007 - 117 comments

I like to complain.

Is there room for personal preference in the "users close to you box"?
posted by dame on Jul 16, 2007 - 53 comments

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