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In 2009 (when I had the appendage to my account name), I asked for help identifying a soda we used to buy at the co-op in Austin, Texas in the late 80's/early 90's. This weekend, my spouse found it on the internet: Corrs Natural Soda Ginseng Rush, as discussed in this Chicago Reader article from 1993. Have you resolved any lingering Ask.Mes lately?
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Yay, late soda discovery!

And this is a good opportunity to highlight the fact that we've in the last few years added a final update feature for Ask, where in situations like this you can write to the contact form and let a mod know what the final, more-than-a-year-later update/disposition of a question was and we'll get it added as a comment for you by proxy.

So stuff that makes a good "oh hey I finally..." update in here (which I'm all for, these are fun and we haven't done one in a while) may also be a good thing to poke us to update your thread with!
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Well, I D'd the TMF, but that was three years ago.
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Wait, the T in DTMFA isn't "The"?
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Apparently there was a bit of a scuffle between Corr's soda and Coors beer, back in 1984.
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…huh. I feel like maybe I should do this Final Update thing on some of my old should-I-transition-or-what asks, but at this point there's so much trans content online that probably nobody is reading those anymore anyway…
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Not my question, but I did recently email the mods with an answer to a 2013 AskMe, because having it dangling there all unanswered irritated me.

cortex kindly posted my answer, and now I can finally sleep easily.
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I learned that my base-model Mazda does not have an auto-lock feature. Confession: I RTF Manual.
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I suspect I'll take my curiosity about public access eggs wanting a “swim” to the grave …
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I asked this question about a Lego knock-off in 2013 and in 2016 a user MeMailed me to suggest the brand was Polly Hobby and I'm about 99% sure they were right.
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And this is a good opportunity to highlight the fact that we've in the last few years added a final update feature for Ask

I used that for a question I asked about sending my son to Montessori preschool to mention that he was now in high school. (Further update: he just finished his freshman year)
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I ended up eating it.
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Also, I'm glad you posted this, because a few years ago I asked this question about which school to go to for my undergrad degree, and I actually think about that thread a lot. At the time, I was torn between music programs at UCSB and Berkeley. Thanks in part to that thread, I decided to go to Berkeley, where I'm having such a good time, I'm taking an extra year just to do a prestigious, ambitious senior project -- which would have been totally unlike me even a few years ago.

I didn't end up going to study music, though. At the very last second, I switched majors to anthropology, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've gone from kind of, sort of wanting to just get my BA, to loving the process of research and talking very seriously with professors/advisors about grad school as a way to continue that work. My interests have shifted from ethnomusicology towards historical anthropology, but there's still a very clear link between what I was interested in when I wrote that question, and what I'm doing today (and besides, music-related still questions pop into my head from time to time, as in I wonder what this guy's favorite song was? What was popular back then among this group of people? And then I get lost on JSTOR while ostensibly researching other stuff). Looking back at that thread now, I can see how I made the switch, and why it made so much sense for me.

I can be really awkward about giving and receiving praise (we all are sometimes), but for years now I've been meaning to thank everyone for their advice -- it wasn't the only factor in my decision to study here, but it helped a whole lot, and I really have a ton of gratitude for everyone who wrote in to help me out. I'm especially grateful that spitbull took the time to write so much about not only the schools I mentioned in my question, but also the field in general, what my options were, what I'd need to do if I wanted to pursue a PhD, and so much more. They really went above and beyond, and a lot of that advice translates to other fields, as well. But it wasn't just spitbull -- every time I see someone's name from that thread, I think of them first and foremost as someone who helped me out at a point where I was feeling pretty lost and confused, and reader, I can't tell you how grateful I still am, years later. You all really did help change my life, and I haven't forgotten it.
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I ended up eating it.

... And? Did you die? Don't leave us hanging like that!
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I have just emailed the mods with the answer I finally got to this question. Stay tuned!
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This song identification question still haunts me and I will take advantage of every AskMe-followup-related MeTa to flog it.
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For anyone who cares how a physician begins to undo their burnout, I have followed up.
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Slarty Bartfast what a fantastic outcome. Congratulations on putting yourself at the helm of your career and getting what you want while continuing to do what you love.
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Pelvic floor exercises seem to have fixed my weird abdominal issues, or anyway the symptoms have disappeared.
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It's sort of tangential (heh), but I asked this question about a pre-calculus class I was about to take in 2012, and I'm going to be walking with a BS in Chemical Engineering this Friday. So, that escalated at a reasonable pace.
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That's awesome, shapes that haunt the dusk. I'm so glad you've found your niche. Maybe we'll bump into each other at AAA sometime.
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Oh hell crush, I could have answered that Corr's question if I had not taken my sweet time signing up for MetaFilter. I did work at the aforementioned co-op in the 80s and I am still working there to this very day. Glad you finally got your answer.
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I asked about experiences at women's colleges. Since then, I applied, attended, and graduated. Among other things, I can confirm now that the sisterhood is real, feminism contained multitudes I never could have understood from my previous perspective, and dating men during women's college required a little creativity but in the best way (as it helped me to leave the college's bubble and meet all kinds of other cool people). 100% would do again; 100% wish I could.
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Oh, I found sheets I like. (Land's End Oxford FTW).
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We're doing late followups?

9 years ago, I was looking for a laser. 8 years ago, I made a thing and took it to a festival. This past weekend, I took the latest iteration of the thing to the latest iteration of that festival.

I followed a lot of the advice I got. I ended up using PVC siding and a 3/8" bolt. It's roughly balanced when everything is loaded with batteries, and is really impressive on a misty night around a campfire. Still using a cordless drill--it's easy to move around in the shifting smoke.

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