You're awesome MetaFilter. Best of the web indeed! August 29, 2017 7:58 PM   Subscribe

There have been some amazing posts hitting the front page lately and I just wanted to have a place to say thanks. Also, it's an excuse to have a thread where we can just be positive and nice to each other. You're awesome and I like this place and I'm always finding something new and interesting. So thank you to everyone. Those who post and those who comment. And even those who lurk. :)
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Shout out to Wordshore's pie post. That's the kind of delightful distraction that I need and like to see on MetaFilter. Thank you for putting that together. :)
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Fizz, I swear I am not making this up: Just minutes ago, I was just about to comment on your latest front-page post to thank you for giving us daily, well-researched posts about interesting video games! But when I switched from my phone browser to my desktop computer to type up a comment, I saw this MetaTalk thread. So let me start it off by thanking you!
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Also this New Zealand election post by Start with Dessert was incredibly informative. Thanks!
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Fizz, your Mambo No 5 Composer ditty has been sung with some great joy and laughter in my house several times over the last 2 days.
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I feel like the entire quality of MetaFilter has risen over the past couple of months, and I only have all of you to blame.


Seriously, I've had more fun reading The Blue over the past while than I'd had in the previous many many months. Thank you all so much for caring about this community and participating. I love you all, and love being a part of this community.
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Aww, you're making me blush. :)

I'm glad people enjoy my video-game posts. It's a subject I love to talk about. I always have this deep worry in the back of my brain that people are going to be bored or think I'm obsessed (which I probably am) and that I should stop. So it's nice to find out others are enjoying the posts as much as I enjoy making them.
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Fizz: The thing about it is, you only get to do one of them a day. Much happens between your posts, and people love reading them. Even I read some of them and I'm not a gamer at all.

You keep on doing you.
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I feel like the entire quality of MetaFilter has risen over the past couple of months, and I only have all of you to blame.

I was just thinking this the other day. I don’t know if it was the best-of-the-month challenge or a collective mental chill-out from fewer politics posts but week in and week out there have been some fantastic FPPs.
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In addition to all the excellent fpps of late, I also have made a few posts.
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More seriously, Fizz, your posts have been excellent. I haven't played a computer game since January 27, 2012 (I remember because it is -purely coincidentally, I'm sure- the birth date of my first baby), but your posts have me itching to get back to it.
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Fizz - that's a spectacular run of high quality videogame FPPs you've done there. Great stuff!
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I agree this summer has seen a really great run of posting -- thank you to everyone who's driving this. It's been really buoying my spirits, even when I can't dig in to everything (there's so much!).
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I have two Metafilter tabs open at (almost) all times. I keep trying to close the second one but there always seems to be something else horrible happening that I have to keep track of. Thankfully, the first tab is the one that keeps me sane. So much interesting stuff. I flick between the blue and the green butI have to say, I'm still waiting for the Wet Hot American Summer latest season updates on Fanfare.

Seriously, did anyone else hear that bit about the hair conditioner or was it just me?
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I would like to add to the count of people who are appreciating Fizz's video game posts!

hip hip
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My favourite blue post recently was MovableBookLady's post about Angela Mao

In general, MoveableBookLady's FPPs have been killing it recently--which I noticed when I spent at least three hours happily wallowing in her post today about gaited horses. It looks like she started posting this last March (Women's March?) and since then she's been putting out really awesome pieces at an astonishing rate. Nicely done!
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Wordshore's intense obsession with food posts both worries me and makes me feel delightfully tingly.
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Yeah, I've really been enjoying Fizz's video game posts and Wordshore's veddy British food posts, especially. MeFi has been a happier place lately.
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You're awesome MetaFilter.

MetaFilter: No, you're awesome, Fizz.
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I appreciate MetaTalk for linking me to that pie post (please come to my house for pie).
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I've been on the Blue for a long time now, but for most of that time I only rarely noticed who posted a particular thread or comment. I absorbed usernames and all, but there were only a handful that started to have particular personalities or histories that I could recognize just by seeing their names - your quonsars, your languagehats, your jonmcs. (and of course the mods.) But I never really got to the point where I could see a given FPP (let alone a comment) and predict who had made it with any accuracy - it was always a matter of reading the comment and thinking, "yeah, that sounds like something you'd say" - and like I said, only for a handful of folks.

In the last few months, though, that's really started to change - I have accurately called FPPs by Fizz, Wordshore, and Johnny Wallflower just from reading the front page. Wordshore's posts are often actually visually recognizable, I've discovered. Comments are still kind of tough for me to call, but it's starting to become clearer in some cases. Inside the politics threads I can almost always tell when I'm reading a comment by Frowner in particular.

And what's funny is I don't think I've spent any more time on MeFi in the last few months. I think it's something you folks are doing; maybe people are letting more of themselves show through in what they put up, I don't know. But it's a good thing, and a cool thing. I like it.

And I like you.
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Wow, I may be actually blushing over here. Many thanks for the kind words, stonkle and sciatrix! But it's all due to Metafilter's culture, you know. I lurked for about a year until I thought I had a handle on this place and then my packrat mind took over and began spewing stuff. I've begun checking the site more and more often in case I missed something. It's a great place and I love it and all of you. Thanks.
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While we're at it, I reckon the trio of comments beginning with mph's bizarre tale of military sword guys presents the finest MeFi one-two punch in recent memory. Wild applause for Homo neanderthalensis's perfect straight line, and Zeinab Bedawi's Twenty Hotels with the coup de grâce...
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In my head, "FPP" is pronounced by blowing a short, dryish raspberry.
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Cheers mbrubeck!

I agree this summer has seen a really great run of posting

It's been an especially wet Winter down here so much appreciated everyone.
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Something I've been meaning to express appreciation for is the quality of the site itself: it runs slicker, as they say, than goose shit. And it all links up so smoothly. And there's all these cool statistics and lists and all. I don't know who's in charge of it or does programming or whatall, but it's beautifully done. So thanks to whomever.
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