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MeFi’s own rowdy-librarian-cum-privacy-activist Jessamyn West is suing Equifax in small claims court. You can follow her progress on Medium.
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Hell yeah! We totally will have talked about this already in passing on the next podcast once I get it posted!
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And that article which was in-process when we talked on the podcast (Friday) is now printed which is cool. It's always a little dodgy when you are doing something partly as a publicity awareness-raising stunt and then you wind up with publicity. I like the folks at the Valley News (they sent a photographer to my house!) but I also didn't want to downplay that part of this is just getting more attention on this bullshit thing Equifax has done and is doing. I was pleased with how that came out.
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Give 'em hell Jess!
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“It’s like a guy you got in a car accident with — the remedy is he drives you to work from now on. No, thank you,” she said.

Oh, you should totally ask the court for Equifax to be your butler!
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This is fucking awesome. Yay Jessamyn!
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This is great. Honestly I'd prefer if they were sent out to sea in a leaking barge with no life jackets, but I'll settle for a deluge of lawsuits. I hope this works.
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Inspired by Jessamyn, I was just looking at how to file in small claims court in Texas, and read this: If the opposing party does not comply with the judgment, the winning party may consider further civil action, such as filing a property lien, obtaining a writ of execution or reporting the judgment to the major credit bureaus.

Hello, Equifax? I'd like to report that you still haven't paid me the judgment you own me.
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This is fantastic! Go, jessamyn, go!
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This is awesome!
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Power to the people. Go!
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This is the best.
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It would not work but it always has been a legal fantasy if large numbers of small legal actions could each depose the board of directors, CEO, require the rich guys to show up every day for years to answer embarrassing questions.
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I'd prefer if they were sent out to sea in a leaking barge with no life jackets

I think that's "put in a goddamn bottle and sent out with the Japanese current."
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How does that work for small claims cases? IE: if 200 people each sue a company in small claims court in different jurisdictions? Does the company contract with local firms to have someone show up? Especially in this kind of case where the plaintiffs aren't customers and haven't signed away the right to sue locally.
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Way to go, jessamyn! I am interested in how this unfolds and hope you win.
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Very cool!
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I am very glad you are doing this. Thank you.
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Such a great idea suing them and happy you're documenting the process. Best of luck!
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-sighs, this time in admiration-
-add to activity-
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NOT an Onion story: IRS awards multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract to Equifax.
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Go get 'em, tiger!
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