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Back in 2009, np312 blew everyone's mind with a comment in an AskMe about an amazing Halloween costume. Then a couple years later it got turned into a comic (MeTas about it here). But I bet you didn't know - in 2015, that comic apparently inspired a live version.
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Aw yes. I loved that comment and the ensuing comic. This live version is great! Thanks for posting it!
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...And the cycle is complete and can begin again.
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This is awesome! I never knew about this. Reading the old MeTas is the best.
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Holy crap the post even inspired a how-to on Instructables for how to do this!
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I was about to call double, but that video's from 2015, and the other is from 2012. This one has better production values too.
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OMG. If I wasn't the biggest Hallowe'en freak in the neighborhood and every kid is expecting me to be at my door I would TOTALLY do this!!! Fabulous!!!
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That comment got over 1200 favorites! Is that a record?
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Here, have a, not that one.
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I live in a big trick or treater neighborhood, In the shadow of a major West Coast University. Each year, along with scads of kids walking the streets, there’s been a steady increase in teenagers and 20 somethings trick or treating and I for one welcome the spirit these people bring. Last year there were Wonder Women posing for pictures with the kids, teenage stormtroopers firing on my little yoda and Finns and Jakes collecting, then redistributing candy. The clinic I work in is in my neighborhood and whenever I see a young adult or a snotty 13 year old, I’ve been asking them if they’re going trick or treating and if not then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU STICK IN THE MUD?!!
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I hadn't had any trick-or-treaters for about 3 years. I don't know if that's because the children all go to the town's carnival thing, or if the parents have told them: don't go to that house. So last year, I took the step of not even buying candy; inevitably, the doorbell rang and I had to either pretend I was not home or, I don't know, pour some pancake syrup into a Ziploc and give them that.

If any 20-somethings come, I'll give them advice, I guess.
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^^ we hit one of those last year. My son insisted on going up to it, though I knew it was the group home of a local band of some repute. I tried to talk him out of it because it was dark, no pumpkin, etc. but he figured that a house that always held such large loud Halloween parties the Saturday before would be hiding something great. It took a while for the guy with long ratted hair, obviously stoned, to come to the door. He cracked up when he saw my kid’s terrible home made from hoses and duct tape robot costume and said “hang on just a minute.” He retreated into the house for about a minute and came back and dropped something into the bag and said “good luck little robot!”

My son came down the steps and showed me his bag. Fearful of finding a joint, I peered in and saw a bag of microwave popcorn. My son was fucking psyched and I thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Halloween is awesome.
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AFABulous, here are the most favorited Ask answers - the Ask v Guess answer is first with more than 1700 favorites.
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And it looks like no Metafilter comments have made it past the 1200 mark (list here).
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