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I made this post about trees/plants in video games and lazycomputerkids made this wonderful comment. And then Joyce Kilmer Rest Area, Imaginary Jersey Turnpike responded and it was like the comment gods had lined up. Searching for other examples of these types of perfectly lined up comments on the Meta.
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My favourite example is the first response to this April Fool's AskMe.
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This was one of my very favorites, from Existential Dread. (Read to end of comment, and then the comment right after.) To get the timing like that, in one of the fast-moving politics threads, was just (kisses fingers like a chef).
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That's just perfect.
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Ice Cream Socialist has a few of these, but this one is my favorite: comment and response.
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Does it have to be eponysterical? Because the incidental timing of this comment and the first sentence of the comment immediately following it is one of my favorite examples of timing congruity (warning: political thread)
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This podcast thread had some lively dragon-related usernames, that got mentioned as they were being created during the podcast. There were some other shenanigans later.

Also: “Yeah, I'll keep doing the podcasts in the future.” Sadly, he was eaten by a draygan shortly thereafter.
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The one that's two comments after mine made me chuckle.
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Whenever I notice someone saying this I usually chime in. So does this user.
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I have mentioned my east/west confusion several times. (My username is a joke about three biochemical techniques called Southern blot, northern blot and western blot. Nothing to do with the fact that I have a hard time knowing left from right or east from west.)
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Man there was a great one were all of us food named folks followed each other in a metatalk thread a couple years back, but I've been looking for it for like an hour and can't find it. frustrated hmmm noise

We're called "Mefoods" BTW. but we can't agree on how that's pronounced.
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There was the time I noticed three of the rooms in one thread.
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I tried to get more corpses to favorite this, but failed. There have been similar comments which a few of us with names from Dorothy Sayers' books have favorited en masse.

My favorite -- well, it made me burst into tears -- was this, from gaspode.
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I think (MetaFilter user) George Lucas lives for those moments.
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I keep waiting for someone, anyone to call someone shitty a Neanderthal so I can swoop in and go “excuse me?” But the perfect set up hasn’t happened yet. *sigh*
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Eponyappropriate Timing

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This one just popped up - The Situationist Room with Guy Debord comments in a Situationist post.
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