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Click within to discover the full glory of the first week of the December Best Post Contest, including best posts of the week, all our first- and second-time posters for the week, and a recap of categories for the month-long contest!

Our weekly best post for December 1-10, determined by member fantastic flags, was:

Korerotia to reo kia rangona ai tona ataahua, a post about the use of the Māori language by New Zealand broadcasters and the backlash thereto, containing extensive links to Māori language resources, by Start with Dessert, which won with an astonishing FIFTY-FOUR FANTASTIC FLAGS. (The runners up had ten apiece.)

We had a tie for Runners Up:

FPPs Full of Women, by Liesl, celebrates places on the internet -- podcasts, books, videos, even google doodles! -- where you can learn about amazing women in history and their achievements. And she has the further distinction of being a first-time poster with this post!

Boisebration, by brainwane, contextualizes the work of MeFi favorite Jon Bois, author of 17776 and Breaking Madden.


Our fantastic First-Time Posters for December 1-10 include:

Liesl's above-linked post about FPPs Full of Women.

mrmurbles with Don’t blame the election on fake news. Blame it on the media. which examines the statistical coverage of the 2016 election.

Cheerwell Maker with The invisible struggle for autistic women, about the difficulties and discrimination autistic women face in receiving an accurate diagnosis and accessing appropriate services.

peppercorn, who wants us all to Be calmly aware that this may periodically expand, contract or combust. as we listen to Spotify microgenres.

8603, with A lot of information about kefir (and other homemade natural foods), which is pretty much what it says on the tin!

esoterrica, who for World AIDS Day let us know that “We are in a golden age in HIV vaccine science.” with copious supporting links.

springo, who waited ELEVEN YEARS to make a first post, and finally dove in with On Reading and Books, which digs into Schopenhauer's attitudes towards reading (and books).


Our stupendous Second-Time Posters are:

knownassociate, with The Perfect Crime Was When They Took My Money, about a very, very bad play. (And who made their first post during July's contest!)

hexaflexagon, with Everything was creaky and it was just so crowded with books, where you leave a voicemail about your favorite book.

night_train, whose first post was in 2011, says that The pipes are calling, in a post about the Irish uileann pipes and their use among Travellers, which also holds the distinction of making Danny Boy be stuck in my head for the most days this December.

faethverity, with two great tastes, about Rogue-like nethack-like puzzles but it's hard for me to describe because I keep dying immediately.

coolxcool=rad (so true), with Hi, my name is Tony…, about the conclusion of the film analysis video channel Every Frame a Painting.


If you're following along with our month-long mod- and user-created topic awards, you can see the list of topics here, or follow links to their tags below:

GeometricArt -- Books, Libraries, Reading -- Religion, Theology -- FoodCulture -- PatternRecognition -- HistoricTech

AwesomeWomen -- FizzLit -- Procrastination -- WeirdMusic
Museums -- Americana -- Paper
DeadArt -- Nobit -- DecMakers -- Suomi100
RestOfWorld -- KeepMefiWeird -- Animation -- BestofthePast

First Post -- Second Post

Special triple thanks to frimble for making me the tool that lets me check fantastic flags and first- and second- time posters, and to rangefinder 1.4 for linkifying all these categories for me, saving me a huge amount of time!
posted by Eyebrows McGee (staff) to MetaFilter-Related at 9:18 PM (11 comments total) 8 users marked this as a favorite

I was personally particularly delighted by the Maori language post -- I had a roommate in law school who was Maori, whose mother spoke Maori natively, and who used the language pretty routinely -- and I was just tickled pink by the quantity of posts about Finland in honor of Suomi100! All the mods were bemused and delighted by the number of Finland posts so far this month, and I feel like I've learned a bunch of things about Finland!
posted by Eyebrows McGee (staff) at 9:28 PM on December 10, 2017

YEY first time posters! YEY second time posters! Moar! Moar!
posted by Juso No Thankyou at 1:18 AM on December 11, 2017 [4 favorites]

Thank you, mods, for running the contest, and thanks to everyone who enjoyed/enjoys the Boisebration! I'm so glad.
posted by brainwane at 5:28 AM on December 11, 2017 [1 favorite]

YAY I AM SO EXCITED, I never dreamed I'd be honored! Thanks, team! Now I know for sure that seeing that very, very bad play was so worth it!
posted by knownassociate at 8:00 AM on December 11, 2017 [5 favorites]

Congrats to everyone. I've really enjoyed all these wonderful posts. Huzzah!
posted by Fizz at 9:28 AM on December 11, 2017

They're good posts, MeFo.
posted by rhizome at 12:00 PM on December 11, 2017

Thanks everyone! I'm happy that people appreciated my post.

I actually had second thoughts on posting it as it's rather embarrassing to consider how many New Zealanders took the time to complain about Māori language use on our national radio station rather than, you know, actually learn a few phrases in our native national language. In the end, we all have things (and people) in our countries that we're embarrassed about.

The future of the Māori language is still up in the air, as the number of fluent Māori speakers continues to drop as the older generations fade away. These early battles are about normalising the use of te reo Māori. It's something I've been becoming more mindful about and made me want to learn more of the language and use it in my everyday dealings.

Finally, just a heads-up - I'll be continuing to Kiwi up the place this month.
posted by Start with Dessert at 12:27 PM on December 11, 2017 [6 favorites]

*cheers wildly*
posted by Literaryhero at 3:25 AM on December 12, 2017

Those are some seriously good first- and second-time posts! Nicely done.
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 11:13 AM on December 12, 2017

Congrats to all, & thanks to MeFi for an awesome December tradition!!
posted by yoga at 1:14 PM on December 14, 2017

I don't often win stuff so I'm thrilled. That six years sure went fast. I think I'm starting to build some momentum here, so keep an eye out in 2022 for post number 3.

Also well done all you other winners and, while I'm at it, thanks to all who maintain this isle of sanity in troubled times.
posted by night_train at 1:47 PM on December 14, 2017

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