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EmpressCallipygos's link to her blog post about losing a 5 lb. container of sugar in her apartment highlighted that my feed reader is short on personal blogs, as most of the personal bloggers I followed have quit. If you are still blogging somewhat regularly (for any definition of regularly that you like), and don't mind other Mefites reading your blog, please share the URL. I will add all to my feed reader. This will also help me avoid Facebook, which is something I am trying to do.
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I'd love to see a round up of independent MeFi bloggery too, and part of my generic handwaving plan for 2018 is to get back into that cohort. I miss the old web more each year and would like to encourage as much reclaiming of that territory as possible, and mutual awareness of and networking of personal blogs and sites feels like a part of that. That's one of the reasons I really like MeFi Projects, really.
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MeFites with single-author sites in my RSS reader include The Little Professor, the sobsister, wikinaut, and The Diary Review. I appreciate this thread, because I'd be glad to add more. I occasionally post stuff like lists of games doing well at BGG, lists of SF/F doing well at GoodReads, or reports on odd reading projects.
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Now that a few have spoken up I'll add mine, as hopefully it's obvious this isn't a cheap ploy to get more readers for my blog :)

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I started a joke tumblr combining Goofus and Gallant comics with Dune quotes many months ago, but it's been a long while since I've posted an update. If you're interested, feel free to check it out: Goffus and Muad'Dib.
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madamjujujive has a list on her user page which might be out of date but could be a good start.
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I was just trying to work up a plan last night for my old website. I miss the old web, too. I'm coming for you, 2018.
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I have been blogging since 2002 - most of that archive is at kimberussell.com
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There's languagehat's site.
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C'est moi
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My blog is here.
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Interestingly enough, my blog is slowly being taken over by a side movie project. In about a years' time I was considering breaking it out into its own thing and posting it to Mefi Projects when it's more of a Thing.

But for now it's a blog, yeah. It's just mostly about movies rather than being about me misplacing kitchen implements.
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cpound's post hasn't been deleted yet, so I'm assuming it's OK to link to other people's blogs.

John Scalzi's Whatever.

Charles Stross' Diary.
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I have blogged about all the books I read since 2004!
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I don't post much to my blog recently but I'm getting more into the slow web and creating some decent content so look for more in 2018.
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I have a blogger account (linked in my profile) and use it to post trailcam pictures of the animals that come up on my porch every day. So very many possum pictures. You want possums, I got 'em.

But I'm not sure that was what anyone was looking for.
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Jessamyn still has an infrequently updated blog and a bunch of sub-blogs for stuff like book reviews.
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I have been abandoning journals for nearly 20 years now, but the current one I just restarted at a new host and was going to do Holidailies and then didn't is Pajamageddon. Maybe I'll write if I know someone's reading.
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> I have been abandoning journals for nearly 20 years now, but the current one I just restarted at a new host and was going to do Holidailies and then didn't is Pajamageddon.

I tried to go there and got:
pajamageddon.com has been reported as containing malicious software. You can report a detection problem or ignore the risk and go to this unsafe site.
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Yeah, that's why I moved to the new host. Was that Chrome telling you that?
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-Christopher Walken, from: "The Prophecy 2"
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verrray irregularly - in fact, I seem to mostly just collate long posts from here and on FB about semi-annually - but: mike.whybark.com
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I've been blogging for a little more than 10 years. I don't know if you'd consider it a personal blog, since I'm a professional organizer and it's on my web site. I blog primarily about organizing paper and information (with some side ventures into my life), but I don't monetize it in any way, so there are no ads or pop-ups. (But the posts are really long. You might want to bring a snack and a pillow.) I update regularly, but took December off.

I'm psyched to read about what leesh and Jessamyn are reading.
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I run a page on Facebook with a connected Tumblr, about being a single mom raising a child on the spectrum - Pink, No Sprinkles . I've thought about expanding to a proper blog, but the setting up and starting is daunting.
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I'm an ecological artist, and here's my blog. I tend to post about professional happenings, residency diaries, houseplants, insects and arachnids that visit my houseplants, general flora and fauna around, news related to ecology, and so on.
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This is great. I too have been missing the old web. Just yesterday another Mefite and I were reminiscing about how blogs (journals, personal websites, whatever you want to call them) were just blogs back in the day. Just people sharing, and that was awesome.

I kinda-stopped blogging when I came up to Paris a few years ago, largely because my career took off, a whole bunch of life things happened in parallel, and my blog isn't anonymous at all. Things are stable now and I really miss writing there.

My blog (promise to update for the New Year), and this is my ancient website that still uses a PNG I DREW BY HAND WOOHOO (CAN YOU TELL) in the 1990s. crud, I need to replace the flickr link with 500px when I get home this evening
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I have a journal on Dreamwidth. How much I post there differs a lot. But Dreamwidth is pretty much as 'old web' as it gets, and I like it.
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I have a Tumblr where I talk about all of the stupid embarrassing stuff I do.
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My blog is here. I write about the Chinese students I am researching. I haven't updated it in *mumble mumble*, but one of my New Year's Resolutions is to blog more.
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Every now and then I express my thoughts.
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> Was that Chrome telling you that?

No, Firefox.

I frankly don't understand the mass move to Facebook etc. I mean, I get why people like FB and Twitter, but they don't do the same thing as blogs. My blog goes back to 2002, and discussions get restarted on old threads all the time; one of my favorite things is seeing a new comment pop up on a decade-old post. It's an ongoing conversation and a record of my intellectual life for the last fifteen years. Why would I give that up to make a post that gets a few likes and comments and then is forgotten?
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I have a blog I've been writing since late 2000 and in 2009, after my first WisCon, I also got on Dreamwidth for more specifically fannish things. I am open and public about both of those and people can feel free to publicly link my username to my wallet name, signal-boost them, etc.
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Well, it's May since I posted dangit but I have been thinking vry srsly about doing more arts and more posting. It is mostly an art process type blog with some rambling.
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I've been blogging since 2008, mostly about library technology inside baseball, but also cats.
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My radio show has a blog. Right now, it's taking a holiday break from daily posts on the topic of the 1,111 Greatest Records You Probably Haven't Heard ... but there are the 12 Mixtapes of Christmas.
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I was writing new music recommendations every 2 weeks or so for the last year on my blog at prestigeformat.com but I took a break from September through now. I just delivered a new post of some Christmas music and I am picking it back up in the new year, so follow if you like weird and good music.
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Nomadic types who sell their houses and wander the world get a bad rap on Metafilter sometimes but...

My wife and I spend much of our time traveling (we are freelance editors who can work from wherever and do lots of housesitting). We keep a pretty good travel blog called The Slow Road---not the hip, beautiful Instagram variety, just our thoughts on the interesting cultures and places we get to visit. We try to update regularly when we are on the road, but for the past few months we've been consumed by family stuff (moving my mom into independent living and selling her house). Hope to start posting again this spring!
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My blog, Pinpoint Uncertainty isn't very active, but I do have intentions of it being more active in 2018. It's a mishmash of posts about: cooking, writing, humor, memoire, how to fix things (that one on how to fix a doorknob is the most popular post with ~60 hits a day), etc.
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Still plugging away, although it's less journal/travelogue than it once was, and more personal opinion and links blogging, with occasional bursts of photos. Coming up to eighteen years of it now. A few years ago I wrote about music a lot; now I write about Brexit. So it goes.
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COD, thank you for creating this thread! It's fantastic to have so many new-to-me blogs by fellow MeFites to dive into in 2018, especially since most mention the resolve to write more frequently. There is just something about getting to learn a bit more about those who comment here through the glimpses of a personal blog, that genuinely delights me.

... Guess I can haltingly add myself to the count of those intending to resurrect long-defunct blogs. The 2016 election just stopped the writer in me stone dead in my tracks. After a great deal of personal developments behind-the-scenes, the ending of this hellish year has me mustering the fortitude to get back on with the topics that fuel me, hopefully in a big way.

That said; I am unsure how many people would resonate with the theme/purpose of my blog, or my writing style, or my personality, or... or... or. The idea of a complete redesign before relaunch was admittedly entertained, and quickly rejected as inauthentic. I am what and who I am at this moment in time, those meant to find me will, I guess. The link is in my profile, and guest writers are always most welcome. :)
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I don't blog, but I've been thinking that some of the stories I tell during metatalktail hours might be the barebones of a memoir, so I've started stringing them together and we'll see where it goes.

Come to think of it, the world probably doesn't need another memoir, maybe a comic instead, or I could warp it into a treatment for one of those anthology series on a streaming platform, or maybe a coloring book.
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Jessamyn still has an infrequently updated blog and a bunch of sub-blogs for stuff like book reviews.

Also: librarian.net. I don't update any of my stuff as often as I used to but it's definitely still updated. I have some fiddly WordPress stuff I need to get on top of (a tinyletter widget, some tweaks to my theme) that I should move further up the ToDo list.
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chocolatologists.wordpress.com is where we're posting all the recipes from our vegan chocolate cookbook over the course of the next year or so. The idea is so that all y'all internet people can access all the recipes we put all that effort in to make. Chocolate.
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bit technical
(lol, 'bit' technical)
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Here is my travel blog as I spend this year slowly wending my way through the US, taking pictures and nattering on. I try to stay up to date but I’m a week behind right now, soon to be rectified I hope! Much hinges on access to reliable WiFi.
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I still LJ, but like Rock 'em Sock' em, it's kind of locked down, unfortunately. If you LJ, you can find the link in my profile.
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In order to keep my sanity in 2017, I actually deleted my Facebook and my entire blog archives, and now all I do is a monthly newsletter.
My goal is 1k subscribers by the end of 2018.
Sign up, and I'll give you free stuff, and only bother you once a month with some thoughts on my journey back into mystery writing.
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I put stuff--mostly essay and anecdote--here.

For a while, I was annotating my junior high/high school/college journals here, but I've sort of been on indefinite hiatus.
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(Yesterday I posted a blog entry that includes an explanation of Bitcoin and the blockchain, a description of my response to a Dar Williams concert, a comparison of Anne Lamott's and Ashok Kondabolu's humor styles, and a recollection of accidentally making two women think I was hitting on them. This is a reasonable sample of my blogging approach and topic coverage, in retrospect.)
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(New content is finally up on my blog, with more to follow sometime tonight! Many thanks to everyone who clicked to check it out, and especial thanks go out to my very first Follower! You know who you are. ;) )
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I've got three for you. Somebits is my official weblog, 2001 old school, but gets very spare traffic now because I took it too seriously. My pinboard account is that rarest of blog forms, the linkblog, and if you put its RSS feed into your favorite reader it will read like a blog of links to interesting stuff (a few a day). Finally nelsonslog is my secret work blog full of poorly edited thoughts on technical computer topics.

(Once this discussion quiets down someone's going to make an OPML file that contains everyone's blogs, right? 2003 is calling to us to preserve this artisanal medium.)
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Once this discussion quiets down someone's going to make an OPML file that contains everyone's blogs, right?

Since I started this, I guess I will take on this task. Once we go a couple of days without a new addition I'll make the file and post a link here./
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Holy shit I just saw that I have 49 new followers, is that all y'all?
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My blog is here, but has been sort of dormant for a while.
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You all are inspiring me to start a photography blog. I tried setting up a Blogger blog recently and remembered all over how terrible a platform that it. I'll probably delete that and setup a Wordpress one. I'm not the biggest Wordpress fan but I maintain a site for my neighborhood so it's a platform that I'm familiar with.

I post a lot of photography on Instagram but that's so limited and I'd like a space where I can talk about technique and such since I'm getting more and more into arcane analog photography processes.
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I've been posting on Dreamwidth since it opened. Disability rights, infrastructure fandom, comic book reviews, pictures of my dog, the usual miscellany. Accounts are free, no ads to block, come on down.
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My new year's resolution is actually to write something for public consumption once a week, so I guess I'll join the party. I'm interested in doing translation, math, and fandom stuff. What's a good platform for working with footnotes and Latex?
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Mostly hobby electronics, but some art and photos - We Saw a Chicken ...
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Holy mackerel! I have six new email subscribers!
You just made my New Year's Day!
Only, um, about 800 more to go before I hit my goal of 1,000!
I hope you all enjoyed this month's letter that I sent out this morning!

/more gibberish on birdphone
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My blog, “Growababy”, contains 5,528 photos of my daughter Adora every single day since her birth 8 years ago, as well 2,000 original artworks of her done by artists from 100+ countries.
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I'm rejoining the blogging world (I had an anonymous blog for years) under my real name. I'm the the awkward finding my voice phase, so you've been warned.
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Hey, I like your Star Wars post! "Yoda confirms this, with the kind of smarmy self-assurance only those already dead, or those who actually got union-powered pensions, can deliver": that's great stuff. (Go easy on us boomers, though; we didn't start the fire.)
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Thank you!
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I haven’t updated my screen printing blog since March But that’s not because I haven’t meant to - i’ve been too busy printing to write about printing. There’s some history in the archives if you scroll down & down some more.
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I've been posting privately at http://brianna.org since my kids were born, but after giving a talk at a WordCamp about personal websites and how they've evolved, am already drafting public posts for the new year. The renaissance of the personal web would be a dream come true, to me.
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Used to be about travel, then reading. Currently my running journey with some photography when the Flickr plugin works.
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Note to self: All blogs above this, except https://metatalk.metafilter.com/24654/Who-Are-The-Bloggers-of-Metafilter#1293482, whose RSS feed isn't loading, are in the OPML file. Will publish once we go a couple of days without a new addition.
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I blog pointless about bicycle riding, mostly to remember what I've done. There are, however, a few posts people seem to find that get some love. Adventure Cycling ride reports, double century ride reports and a few product comments (e-Tap, etc.)
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Still writing a song every day, still posting a song every day (the posting these days runs 7 years behind the current product). Link is in my profile.
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I need to restart mine (or start a fresh one, more likely).
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I've been blogging for more than a decade at Quomodocumque, and it's still going! Not as many posts as in my pre-Twitter days, but I still keep it up. Some math, some politics, some books, some kids, some baseball.
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Montreal City Weblog reached its 16th year in November. I update it multiple times a day, and have a nice community around it, but it really is tightly focused on local news and doesn't stray to discussions of Justin Trudeau's socks or sweaters, let alone the mysteries of the Stable Genius. There's a nice PDF calendar this year you can download. Happy new year!
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Thanks to you wonderful people and this wonderful reminder to blog, I have published a new post - my first in over a year! Huzzah!
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Sorry for being so late to the party (kinda the story of my life, but I digress), but I have an old-school blog Codex 99, that's loosely about art, design and history. Although I don't publish that frequently, I do try to make my posts interesting. (In fact, last week cortex mentioned my current post in an FPP).
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Ha! Hey!
posted by cortex (staff) at 7:41 PM on January 7, 2018

I've been writing about web design and development for over eight years. Originally the articles were intended for the classes I teach, but they've gone far beyond that in the last few years.

In the past, my writing schedule usually added two or three articles a week. Last year that production stalled during my father's sudden illness, and stopped completely with his death. I've started to come back to it by prototyping a redesign, researching a change of CMS's (the site was originally built on a system I wrote myself) and the realisation that I needed to rewrite many of the articles to bring them up to date with HTML 5.2. That's going to take a long time: there are 1000 articles on the blog!
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OPML file is here.

Codex99 - I don't see an RSS feed on your site.
Bora Horza Gobucul - Thunderbird insists your feed is not valid. Firefox has no issue with it so I added it to the OPML file manually.
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Thank you so much for making an OPML! Has anyone had luck importing it? Feedly doesn't like it. When I take a look it seems a bit odd; each feed item has two <outline> tags nested to open it, but then only one to close it, so the XML is borked. Some weird quoting in the fz:options attribute too. The data's all there and I can probably fix it, but maybe someone smarter than me knows how to make it work with less effort.
posted by Nelson at 5:28 PM on January 20, 2018

Hmm, I'm no OPML expert, but Google claimed Thunderbird makes a nice reliable OPML export, which is why I used it. Apparently Google lied. Yet, the feeds all work just fine in Thunderbird.
posted by COD at 6:42 AM on January 21, 2018

Finally looked at the OPML file. It seemed mostly OK actually, but something wasn't quite right. I simplified it and put a copy in this gist (direct download). It imports correctly in Feedly. Thanks for putting this together COD!
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