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Click within to discover the full glory of the third week of the December Best Post Contest, including best posts of the week, all our first- and second-time posters for the week, and a recap of categories for the month-long contest! This week actually closed on Dec 24, but what with the holidays today is December 24 Observed.

Our weekly best post for December 18-24, determined by member fantastic flags, was:

Jingle Rock Bell, by GCU Sweet and Full of Grace, featuring an alarming quantity of JBR covers.

Runner Up:

The fabled San Buenaventura river: it must exist because it had to, a megapost by filthy light thief about an imaginary river that wasn't there.


Our fantastic First-Time Posters for December 18-24 include:

D.Billy, who's been a member since 2008 and just got around to making his first post on X-Men Comics, X-Tremely Condensed.

halation who warns us that it's past time to be concerned about face recognition software.

honor the agreement gave us a distressing but important read about Malagasy garbage pickers and the dangers they face.


We had just one stupendous Second-Time Poster this week:

moink, with the news that the first batch of J20 defendants were found not guilty on all charges.


If you're following along with our month-long mod- and user-created topic awards, you can see the list of topics here, or follow links to their tags below:

GeometricArt -- Books, Libraries, Reading -- Religion, Theology -- FoodCulture -- PatternRecognition -- HistoricTech

AwesomeWomen -- FizzLit -- Procrastination -- WeirdMusic
Museums -- Americana -- Paper
DeadArt -- Nobit -- DecMakers -- Suomi100
RestOfWorld -- KeepMefiWeird -- Animation -- BestofthePast

First Post -- Second Post

Don't forget to vote with those fantastic flags for the final week of the contest (and to try for a late-breaking special category, "The Meatbomb award for last-chance slapdash excellence: best post of the last 6 hours (server time) of Dec 31 that does not exhibit any evidence of advance preparation. "best" to be at sole discretion of judges.") and congrats to our winners this week and our first- and second-time posters! Yaaaay!
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Hell rock jingle
posted by wheelieman at 2:34 AM on December 27, 2017

When I said I would sponsor an award for the best nobit post in the original contest post, I said there would be a prize, but that I hadn't yet decided what it was. I wanted to pick something appropriate to the category, something by someone who either had been the subject of a nobit post (even if it wasn't called that at the time), or would make a worthy subject for a nobit post.

The prize for the best nobit post will be a copy of Surviving the Angel of Death: The True Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz by Eva Mozes Kor. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak about 12 years ago, and it was an amazing experience. Eva Mozes Kor previously on MetaFilter. Kor is now 83 and still speaks about her experiences.
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Jingle Rock Bell, by GCU Sweet and Full of Grace, featuring an alarming quantity of JBR covers.

Not only that, it's an extended riff of the concepts of jingle, rock, and bell.

I've been nibbling on that post like one of those giant novelty Christmas chocolate bars. Or one of those chocolate advent calendars. In any case, it's fantastic.
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