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needlegrrl's cheerful holiday card exchange was a fantastically effective way of combating the cumulative grar of 2017. Would anyone be interested in doing a Valentine card exchange by mail?

I'm organizing a Valentine exchange and you're all invited. Send whatever cards you like! If you're interested, please memail me (mochapickle) by Friday, January 18, and let me know:

Your name (first initial+last is fine if you prefer)
Your mailing address
Whether you'd like to participate in US+international or US-only

I'll memail addresses back to you by Sunday, January 21. Your information will only be shared with your particular group. needlegrrl's exchange ended up being about 10 people per group and that was perfect, so I'm aiming for similar group sizes, give or take.

Hope you can join!
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Yay! Xmas exchange was great and I look forward to another!
posted by Tandem Affinity at 8:07 PM on January 6 [1 favorite]

Huzzah! Memail on the way shortly.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 1:29 AM on January 7 [1 favorite]

Yes, I love dorky children's Valentine cards even more than yuletide holiday cards!

I'm so glad needlegrrl's exchange was such a success that mochapickle is expanding it. Y'all have the best ideas and initiative.
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Yay yay yay yay yay!

Thanks for setting this up, mochapickle!
posted by danabanana at 8:50 AM on January 7

Allow me to use this to thank all of those who sent me cards in the christmas card exchange; the original thread closed before I could do so.

Thinking about joining this now too, this was fun!
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 9:32 AM on January 7 [1 favorite]

I'm going to do this and I'm going to send the most blatantly homosexualist cards I can find
posted by roger ackroyd at 9:50 AM on January 7 [12 favorites]

I'm on the fence about finding Valentine's cards, but now I want to join just to be in Roger Ackroyd's group.
posted by Margalo Epps at 10:01 AM on January 7 [7 favorites]

Oh, don't worry about finding cards! I'm thinking of doing elementary school valentines or construction paper hearts with cute dollar store stickers on them. It's just fun to drop stuff in the mail and get stuff back, so.
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Oooh, pick me! I need an easy, mindless, but fun project right now, and making VD cards seems like it would be perfect!

Also, it gives me an excuse to go to Big City to search out craft supplies. So yay!
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I want to do this thing! Sending you MeMail right now.
posted by Munching Langolier at 6:27 PM on January 7

Yeah, homemade Valentine cards rock.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 9:09 PM on January 7 [1 favorite]

I won't be sending homemade cards because I have zero artistic talent, but count me in anyway.
posted by holborne at 7:35 AM on January 8 [1 favorite]

I also have zero artistic talent and I probably WILL send homemade cards!
posted by JanetLand at 8:02 AM on January 8 [11 favorites]

Yes, please! I love-love-loved doing the Christmas card exchange, and another card swap sounds like a fabulous idea.
posted by PearlRose at 9:54 AM on January 8

This will be such fun! I am in! memail being sent.
posted by needlegrrl at 10:13 AM on January 8 [1 favorite]

Ok. So you want to know where to find free printable valentines cards? Try these Cronenburg Valentines. Maybe there's a way to print out these Scarleteen ecards. Or best of all, here's a GIANT JACKPOT of links in a post by flex- (but some of the links don't work anymore). Definitely check out the comments in that thread too because there's lots of great things like these Dune valentines by Legomancer.

I'm in, and I would be happy to get any sort of printer paper internet joke card. Or handmade cards. Or dorky kid cards. Or a postcard with a heart drawn on it (cheaper postage!).
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The holiday exchange was great fun so I'm in! I'm going to be decorating (badly) a shoe box with a slot cut in the top of it to put them in. I'll be taping that box to my desk and putting the cards in right after recess.
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It'd be nice if mochapickle's address was on each list because I think organizing this deserves a silly amount of Valentine's Day cards in the mailbox. If you're up for it, can I suggest you add it as a receiving-only, optional address on each list?
posted by Clinging to the Wreckage at 12:20 PM on January 8 [17 favorites]

Oh my goodness, YES! This is just what I needed to see today. I am IN! Memail on the way.
posted by Nutritionista at 1:58 PM on January 8

Heck yes.
posted by cortex (staff) at 2:16 PM on January 8

Use of the ichoochoochooseyou tag is *kisses fingers*.
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yaaaaay I'm in!!!
posted by Hermione Granger at 6:44 PM on January 8

I'm in. I could really use the giving and receiving right now.
posted by achrise at 8:12 AM on January 9

The Christmas card exchange was indeed awesome! Thanks so much needlegrrl.

Valentine exchange sounds fun too, email headed your way mochapickle.
posted by fraula at 8:25 AM on January 9

Signing up. Yay.
posted by bjgeiger at 9:04 AM on January 9

New Year's resolution - more Metafilter engagement, less lurking. Yay!
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What a great excuse to disseminate my ridiculously overstuffed postcard collection! Heck yes.
posted by torridly at 11:36 AM on January 9 [1 favorite]

I'm in! I need to step up my pun game.
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Valentine, be the unforgiving tundra to my deranged penguin.

(Hooray, I'm super excited about this!)
posted by Orange Dinosaur Slide at 3:53 PM on January 9 [4 favorites]

December was too overwhelming for me to do the cookie swap this year, which made me sad. This makes me happy. Signing up!
posted by rebekah at 4:57 PM on January 9 [1 favorite]

I'm in! I need to step up my pun game.

The best Valentine I ever got in school had a cute little girl in Dutch folk costume, with the caption, "Wooden shoe be my Valentine?"
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"Vatnesine" is really close to "valentine", and I like getting mail, and I have lots of stamps for sending valentines ... I'm in!
posted by Vatnesine at 8:14 PM on January 10

I really enjoyed the Christmas card exchange. I'm in too!
posted by googlebombed at 10:26 PM on January 10

I want to be in but am terrified of my (in)ability to actually get my shit together and mail things on time. Consider this a placeholder as I dither.
posted by sciatrix at 7:22 AM on January 11

You should sign up, sciatrix. There's literally no penalty for failing to mail on time or not mailing at all! Unless you will feel stressed about it, and as a result not enjoy receiving valentines from other people, in which case, don't feel obligated to participate.
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^ Agreed.

I loved, loved, loved doing the holiday card exchange (obviously!) but I got my cards out a little later than I'd hoped. In the process of doing up my cards, I'd gotten myself all anxious because I wanted to do fancy lettering on the envelopes, so naturally I'd have to first make myself learn how to be an instant pinterest-quality expert on fancy lettering before sending anything? And that really wasn't necessary at all. In the end I just sat down on a quiet morning with an enormous mug of tea and addressed the lot of them with the same lettering I use on grocery lists. They got there just fine.

So I think I'm just gonna keep my plan simple this time.
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I'd love to be a sender, but don't have a stable address so can't be a recipient.
posted by perrouno at 11:12 AM on January 11

This idea makes me happy for three reasons:

1) I love sending real letters in the mail.

2) I love receiving real letters in the mail.

3) I have about fifty bajillion stamps dating back to the late eighties that I'm dying to get rid of because nobody that I know in real life loves receiving letters in the mail!

Prepare yourselves, people! Some of them are really, really ugly. (When's the last time you saw an "H"rate make-up stamp?) The Valentine cards will be cute though!
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Don't forget that postage is going up a penny this month!
posted by mochapickle at 5:20 PM on January 11 [1 favorite]

I'm in! Because while I'm almost frantically busy just now IRL, I am feeling a great need for whimsy and solidarity for 2018! This has the potential for lots of zany random goodness.
posted by Nancy_LockIsLit_Palmer at 5:48 PM on January 11

I'm in!!!! Yay!
posted by arnicae at 9:55 PM on January 11

perrouno, is using poste restante (aka general delivery) an option for you?
posted by dywypi at 8:18 AM on January 12

Oh this sounds fun! IN.
posted by capricorn at 12:38 PM on January 12

Oh, I'm so excited! I usually miss the cut-off dates but not this time!
posted by queensissy at 4:35 PM on January 12

I'm in! Sounds like fun!
posted by MultiFaceted at 9:54 AM on January 13

This is a great idea. I'll memail you.
posted by zorseshoes at 7:32 PM on January 13

dywypi, no, it's not.
posted by perrouno at 2:27 PM on January 16

Oh, it's a great idea.
posted by Syedtutul at 8:26 PM on January 16

I'm in! Sharing valentines with friends was always my favorite part of the holiday, but I've been lax these past few years. I'm excited to make or buy some charming cards!
posted by photoelectric at 11:27 PM on January 16

Two days left to sign up -- that's Friday, January 19! Midnight.

Your emails have been so lovely. I just sit there awwwing when I open my memail.
posted by mochapickle at 9:21 PM on January 17 [2 favorites]

This will be the first time I've observed Valentine's Day in any way since junior high school. I usually just celebrate Cheap Chocolate for Spinsters Day on the 15th.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 12:08 AM on January 18 [5 favorites]

Yay! I have an idea for a porg-based valentine that I want to try out. Porgs for everyone!
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I'm in! And excited :)
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I was going to try DIY cards but I just spotted something today that is quite possibly the most perfectly eponysterical thing for me to send instead.

I'll just let y'all wonder.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 2:01 PM on January 20

A butt in the shape of a heart?
posted by holborne at 5:42 PM on January 20 [1 favorite]

A heart in the shape of a butt?
posted by The Underpants Monster at 5:44 PM on January 20 [1 favorite]

A butt in the shape of a butt?
posted by mochapickle at 12:08 PM on January 21 [3 favorites]

OMG the possibilities:

Valentine, Cupid is aiming straight at your butt.
Valentine, you have a special place in my butt.
Valentine, take my butt, it's yours.
Valentine, you have a butt of gold.

They read like Chuck Tingle valentines!
posted by Orange Dinosaur Slide at 12:30 PM on January 21 [3 favorites]

See, now I wish I’d set this whole thing up with a butt theme from the start...
posted by mochapickle at 12:48 PM on January 21 [2 favorites]

I Can't Give You Anything, Butt Love Baby
posted by The Underpants Monster at 2:01 PM on January 21 [4 favorites]

posted by Orange Dinosaur Slide at 2:36 PM on January 21 [2 favorites]

Hey all, I'm still working on sending out the addresses. I definitely haven't been wasting time all afternoon coming up with butt-themed alternative lyrics for Celine Dion songs. No sirree.

Stay tuned...
posted by mochapickle at 5:46 PM on January 21 [5 favorites]

Got my list, thanks to mochapickle! Can't wait to send out my dorky Valentines. ♥
posted by invokeuse at 6:52 PM on January 21 [1 favorite]

I received my list - thanks Mochapickle! I noticed that your mailing info wasn't included, and I understood that as the organizer, you would be included on all lists . . .
posted by kbar1 at 7:03 PM on January 21 [2 favorites]

Oooh, did anyone know that memail maxes you out after 30 messages in an hour?
posted by mochapickle at 7:17 PM on January 21

And thanks, kbar1 -- you're thoughtful. I didn't want anyone to feel obligated to send cards beyond their group, and putting this together has been really fun in itself! But if you'd like my address, send me an email and we can exchange, ok?
posted by mochapickle at 7:43 PM on January 21

Hmmm, I keep hitting the limit. Just two groups left! I'm going to give the system some time to reset and I'll send the rest through in the morning.

The remaining folks will all be US to US with a list for 11-12 valentines. Thanks!
posted by mochapickle at 10:14 PM on January 21

Got my list of victims, er, I mean recipients! Now to get my butts in gear.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 1:01 AM on January 22

Just got my list - yay! Is there a general due date for these? (I always work better under a deadline...)
posted by capricorn at 5:48 AM on January 22

Got my list, hooray! I found some promising cards the other day, but I was sick and wasn't sure how many I'd need. I'll probably head out to pick them up later this week or early next.
posted by PearlRose at 6:22 AM on January 22

I'm still trying to find a DIY Valentine's Day card that's easy enough for totally talent-challenged me to make. So far the easiest one I've found involves Pop Rocks. :/
posted by holborne at 8:16 AM on January 22

> Oooh, did anyone know that memail maxes you out after 30 messages in an hour?

Yeah, it's to prevent people from using memail to spam people! It's a rare occasion that there's a legitimate reason to contact so many people that way- usually just these swaps. I guess if a swap is expected to have more than 60 or so people, it's probably easier to collect and use email addresses. Sorry you've had to spend so much time getting things sent out. I got my list and am excited to attempt some crafting!
posted by Secretariat at 9:28 AM on January 22

All good! Everyone should have their emails by now. :)

hi capricorn, I didn't post any deadlines but I'm going to try to get all of mine sent by February 1 or thereabouts.

- Try to have everything arrive by Feb 14th
- If life gets busy, go simple! You can always do 5-foot spangled musical pop-up cards next year
- Address your envelopes first
- Coffee/tea/wine/etc makes the whole process especially pleasant
posted by mochapickle at 10:50 AM on January 22 [4 favorites]

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