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Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Tonight, I want to know what you're excited about! Something cool lately you've done, or made, or seen, or something you're looking forward to, or just something awesome about the universe that makes you delighted! So what are you excited about this week?

As always, feel free to talk about whatever's on your mind, except for politics, and send any suggestions for future topics to me! (and/or the contact form)
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I've recently been promoted at my workplace, a new team, new position, in an entirely different brand. I was focused on technical support with cellular but I'm now working with domains. I'm both terrified and excited about it all. I'm into my 3rd week of training and pretty soon I'll be on my own. I've only been with this company for a year and I've found a way to move upward and make things happen for myself. I'm proud of my hard work. I wanted to share that with everyone.

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I'm starting a new term of finishing my degree in my "spare" time. It also turns out the certification I got in my work field just because I always wanted it had side benefits. I discovered it was reviewed for college credit recommendation, and when I told my school I had it, they matched it to 24 credits worth of upper-division courses from my degree plan. So now I'm unexpectedly almost there. B.S. by age 50!
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For my husband's birthday yesterday I did the dorkiest thing but I'm so proud of it! His favorite books from when he was a kid were the Dragonriders of Pern series, so I created a family feast for his birthday that was Dragonrider-themed. I had to do this in two days because for some reason I misread the date and was convinced his birthday was Wednesday and had plans to go out to dinner, so this was my 48-hour feast! The kids were totally into pretending daddy was a dragonrider and there were dragons all over, and my husband was really surprised and touched (and delighted to finally get to eat bubbly pies). I made meatrolls, roast wherry (cornish game hens), cress salad, fruits from the southern weyr, bubbly pies, and klah, and served a Benden Red (of course!). And I had amazon two-day ship me a dragon goblet for his wine and a stuffed dragon to sit on a pile of jumbo Easter eggs as the centerpiece. I was excited to the point of evil giggling to be preparing my secret surprise feast for his birthday, and just thrilled by how much fun it was and how happy my family all were. I've been telling everyone because I'm just super-pumped about it!

Anyway, here's some pictures so you can admire my nerdery if you so wish.
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Congratulations Fizz! I'm excited about a family camping trip we have planned for Easter. I camped a lot as a kid, and only introduced it to my family last year. We've only done one night stays so far, but the upcoming one is going to be three nights - I hope everyone likes it as much as I loved camping when I was a kid!

I'm also excited by the absolute banger of a yellow curry with mussels and flathead (fish) I made from scratch today. I freestyled the recipe and the only thing I'd like to change is a slightly more yellow tint to the curry. I'm pretty hard on myself so that's high (self)praise! The great thing about making large quantities of seafood is that once it's cooked, you basically have to eat as much as you can, as soon as you can. Yum!
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Also I happened to be talking about a thing with my boss's boss's boss, a SES-level director, yesterday. During that conversation the topic of career progression came up and I mentioned I had long-term ideas, but that I didn't feel like I was fully competent in MY job yet, so it would be down the road a bit. He cut me off and did a very pointed "that is absolutely NOT what I've seen and heard about your work. I'm constantly impressed." And gave a couple of examples I didn't know he knew about. This is a person I half expect to not even know my name.

It felt good, even if SES's are known for being skilled politicians.
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I have an audition Monday, and the first daffodil in my terrace pots is blooming.

My big lazy cat just came to me, mewing for reassurance, and purred when I picked him up and held him. He likes to be gently rocked, I've discovered. He will lie on the seat of the rocking chair, and will purr happily if you rock him. He has almost discovered how to work it himself.
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There's a conference in Norway I've got my eye on. It's not until the end of November, but for a number of work, contact, interest and possible future destination interests, it's pretty much top of my list of things to try and attend this year.

But before then, and as England continue their seemingly never-ending tour of Australia and New Zealand which started heck {checks} in early November last year, I'm excited that the English County Cricket season is not too far away now, and my beloved Worcestershire are in the top division. Despite a tough winter, to put it mildly, I'm quietly hopeful of a positive season. Or, at the least, not getting relegated straight back down to the lower division which includes the lesser teams of e.g. Warwickshire. (obscure fact; the URL of the club starts with 4 w's followed by 4 c's).

What else? I'm happy that the days are getting longer, but Albion is about to undergo several days of cold Polar Vortex weather. After that, hopefully we will finally be in something that resembles Spring.

Also, due to a complicated misunderstanding on the part of a vicar (not the local one, but a different one from a nearby village), I am in mostly legal possession of 137 Cadbury Crème Eggs. They are in date (hurrah!), though most have a slight smell of marmite (they are racked and it will fade) and a few appear to smell of wine. But, they are free. Most are going to the foodbank, and the remainder will eventually be going inside me.
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I've been doing a lot of sewing this week: two quilts (one charm pack, one hand-sewed hexagons are both half finished and in pieces all over the living room) and tonight I took apart a throw pillow cover so that I could copy the pattern with a different fabric.

Unfortunately the cat is obsessed with electrical cords and will sit under the sewing machine table chewing on the cord for the foot pedal until I can manage to lure him into playing with something less deadly. Sewing is then declared to be over for the day.

Oh! I am also excited that I was organized enough to mail one of my cards today for the Mefi card exchange! One of the people I got has a birthday at the end of the week and I was determined not to miss it. Stamped and in the post!
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I felt my baby move in my belly for the first time two nights ago and it was amazing.

We got permission to walk our dogs off leash on an old golf course that is going to be developed and it is so, so fun to watch my puppy try to run after my fast older dog and to walk with my husband.

Speaking of which my husband quit smoking two weeks ago and I am very excited to have him around for a long time.
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I finally started putting some music on YouTube. The next batch should have better video, and will hopefully resolve the intermittent audio buffering issue.
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I've finally (almost certainly) got a few months' work. This is a good thing.

Also I have just eaten some bread and Marmite - the Marmite being the extra-strong type and best before 2012. It was good.
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I have been fucking killing it at work. Seriously, I know I'm not an idiot but I never thought things could go so well so quickly when I took this job. After several months of some pretty significant doubts fueled by imposter syndrome, I kept my head down and persisted. And holy shit, it paid off.

Of course, now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But perhaps it's always that fear of failure that forces two option on you. Either you keep doing your best and believe in your colleagues, and the validity of the work you're all doing, or you let those doubts get the best of you, and you let your fear infect your decisions.

Shit, this is all easy to say. And I don't really know why now I'm really prospering when before it seemed so insurmountable, but I think in the end it might be important to not focus on the why, and instead to just keep swimming.
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I am trying to maintain my excitement for this whole figuring out writing thing, including, most recently, sending a story to a friend I once collaborated with on an amateur comic project that sadly wound up going nowhere, but hey, that was over twenty years ago. Onward and upward.

I also can't get the music from The Greatest Showman out of my head, which is pretty inspirational to have on in the background as a way to stay excited about stuff.
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I'm excited that my baby is six months old today! We've made it this far! Seriously though, it's been a great six months and he's just the sweetest. So many smiles and giggles now! So much excitement in the jumperoo! Finally starting solids! And switching to a regular front facing stroller so he can see the world.
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My social anxiety/GAD/ADHD-riddled PITA daughter is surviving sleep-away college so far! Mefites, you cannot begin to imagine how worried I have been about this latest transition. But she is getting up on time, eating in the cafeteria, discovering that it's useful to buy your textbooks and read them before class, and in general doing The Things She Needs to Do. On Fridays she takes the campus shuttle downtown where she has to make words come out of her mouth hole to the driver to get the shuttle bus to stop, gets on the Greyhound at the big city bus station and takes the greyhound for an hour to the closest actual town so I don't have to drive 2.5 hours round trip to bring her home to visit her kitten and pony, we're practicing driving on the highway with minimal yelling, she's talking about getting a summer job...I don't want to get ahead of myself, peeps, but I think she might eventually become a functional independent adult. Also, she grumbled a great deal that I didn't consult her enough about my most recent purchase of a used sleeper sofa, but after said grumbling and an apology she and I spent an exhausting hour girl-powering that fucker off the truck and into the house--with the taking-of-doors-off-hinges and everything--and she was a trooper throughout that frustrating process and we both feel really capable now.
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Tonight my wife and I were excited to see The Shape of Water. After the 20 minutes of previews the move started and there was Dakota Fanning and that other guy getting married and the title "Fifty Shades Freed" came up and it was immediately apparent that we were in the wrong theater. Or so we thought. People around us started acting just as confused and we all realized we weren't wrong, they were showing the wrong movie. A few people got up to tell Whomever Is In Charge of Such Things and just as Whats-his-name's private jet took off to take them on their fake-bondage and really dumb porny-wannabee honeymoon they stopped the film and told us they'd fix things.

About ten minutes later they told us they "didn't have the content" to show us Shape of Water so they let us all vote on which of four films they'd show us. I, Tonya won with about six votes. Most people left and got a refund. So we watched I, Tonya, which was pretty good. That whole thing was huge around here in Nancy Kerrigan country so I remember it pretty well. The acting was excellent, I thought, and the film was done very well. I love fourth wall breaking if it's done right.

Other than that, I'm excited to sleep in tomorrow morning.
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"Seriously though, it's been a great six months and he's just the sweetest. So many smiles and giggles now! "

Infants are cute and smell nice and all, but when they get to about six months they are tiny hilarious PEOPLE and it's just a great, great age. (It's also like a non-stop montage of every sci-fi movie ever where an alien/android/clone suddenly awakens and must learn about the world all at once, only with a lot more giggles and sloppy kisses and cuteness.)
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Current: I've just finished my first year as a high-school teacher for kids who can't attend standard campuses, and I'm having real successes with some who suffer crippling anxiety and lack self-esteem. I really feel like I am making a positive lasting difference in the lives of these young people.

Future: I'm a week or so away from gaining loan approval to buy a house. I haven't been inspecting houses yet because I don't want to fall in love with one before I can safely make an offer but I've been scouring the 'net and doing drive-bys. So excited by the prospect of having my own garden!

Five-year future: I'm long-range planning a 2-3 month trip walking around the UK, ferrying to Paris, then catching 1st class trains all the way to Hanoi via Moscow and Beijing. I think I heard about inn-to-inn walks and the Beijing to Hanoi train here on mefi, and I've been smitten ever since. The five-year plan is to save enough for some real splashing-out.

Life is exciting. Life as a single 50+ woman with a new career is super exciting.
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Tonight my wife and I were excited to see The Shape of Water. After the 20 minutes of previews the move started and there was Dakota Fanning and that other guy getting married and the title "Fifty Shades Freed" came up and it was immediately apparent that we were in the wrong theater...

The scene: a cinema in the Greater Boston area.
Assistant to projectionist: "Boss? Which film do I need to load up for Screen Five?"
Projectionist, distracted: "Uh, that will be the one with the couple having improbable sex. Yeah; that one."
Assistant: "On it..."
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"Uh, that will be the one with the couple having improbable sex. Yeah; that one."

I literally know nothing at all about Shape of Water and you're the second person tonight who implied there's a lot of weird sex in it and now I really want to see it.

No spoilers, please.
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In sciatrix's great recent Meta post asking people what they've been making lately, I mentioned that I was going to make sourdough. The first loaf was a huge success, with one friend of mine saying it was the best homemade loaf he'd ever tasted. I am hoping to institute a monthly get-together for board games, bread, and beer.
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I bought some new cake pans that I'm very excited to use. I baked a cake a couple weeks ago based on an 1896 recipe (many thanks due to the AskMe crowd), and I'm going to try a different recipe tonight, I think. If I don't bake a cake, I'll at least make the brownies recipe, which has no chocolate in it, but does have molasses and pecans.

I'm very, very excited to be done with school in May. I've been in school at least part time for the majority of the last 14 YEARS, and a full-time student for the past six. I don't even know how to imagine what it's like being out of school and actually having a degree to show for it. I'll be able to apply for temp jobs that require a BA! I'll be able to read for pleasure, or take a woodworking class at the local community college (I'm very, very excited that my local community college, within walking distance of my apartment, offers evening woodworking classes)! Shoot, I'll be able to waste my time, if I want, without having to think about assigned readings and whatnot. Basically, I'll be able to live my life again!

Don't get me wrong, I love school and I love my work, but it's insanely stressful and I'm going through kind of a breakdown right now, like I do every semester. The thing that's keeping me at all functional right now is the knowledge that it's almost over. The thought is incredibly freeing. I can't describe it.
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It’s my husband’s birthday weekend so we drove up to a lodge a couple hours north. We had a really nice snowshoe but what we are really actually excited about is that our favorite funky community bakery in an Alaskan town with a winter population in the mid to upper three figures had hamantaschen available.
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I'm making hamantaschen. I explained to someone that I only do the parts of Judaism that involve food, and then I had to clarify that I only do the parts of Judaism that involve *eating* food, not the parts that involve *not eating* food. Because I now live in the hinterlands, I think she may have had no idea what I was talking about. Anyway, I have made the apricot filling, and tomorrow I will make the prune filling and the dough. Not sure when I will assemble and bake them, but it will be sometime this week.
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You can find details here - we adopted a darling new kitty of unknown background.

I instantly fell in love with her - but we have had a week of litterbox trials. As in little Angel fluff did not seem to have any idea what the litterbox was.

But after one week of trial and error, we have had success! And sure, potting soil isn’t the most convenient litter but my hope is that we’ll be able to gradually mix in normal clumping litter once we know she’s really got the hang of it.

After all, she turned up her nose at the expensive healthy kibble we have for the beasties and is doing fine now that we cut it half and half with Krappieee Kibble.
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I have been fucking killing it at work. Seriously, I know I'm not an idiot but I never thought things could go so well so quickly when I took this job. After several months of some pretty significant doubts fueled by imposter syndrome, I kept my head down and persisted. And holy shit, it paid off.

I'm glad to read this. I am up for a life-changing new job, and instead of being happy, I've been absolutely sick from imposture syndrome. I was literally crying last night in bed in the fetal position. My husband doesn't suffer from depression so he doesn't get it at all, so I've been feeling really alone in my stupid thoughts. I'm getting used to the idea and today I'm feeling flashes of "I can do this!" excitement instead of 100% anxiety, which is a huge relief. Maybe tomorrow will be even better. I feel bad complaining because this shouldn't be a problem, it's the exact opposite of a problem, but goddamn my brain is just the worst sometimes.
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I think the things are clicking in my brain that need to be for next steps during a tough time of transitions in my life across the board—also dealing with an almost unendurable level of impostor syndrome over here, too, so definitely with you guys on that front. Tonight's tarot reading, the first one I'd done after almost 2 exhausting months, just clicked, the music that came up in shuffle supporting the story I was writing in my head as I read through potential meanings of each card. I'm amazed all over again every time I do a reading by how well it works, regardless of whether you believe in the supernatural aspects of the whole thing.

This reading connected some dots and gave me hope. The narrative started with the notion of emerging from a time of setbacks and slow success in the near past to find strength and inspiration to persevere and prevail through difficulty in the present. The future: traveling, forging connections, and developing a sense of ease and comfort in my own skin. I can see that. The best path forward from here? Recognizing the truths I already know and acting upon them; gaining both fire and steady comfort and support in partnership; moving beyond an unhealthy situation to shed burdens and seek light; and ultimately facing my fears and moving forward in my own way, listening closely to what my dreams have to tell me.

Regardless of what it's about, sounds good, right? Considering I had a nightmare last night that was most definitely trying to tell me something, this all made a lot of sense.

And yeah, this tarot reading had a great soundtrack. Some highlights are as follows.

Phantogram, "Don't Move"
Beach House, "Troublemaker"
Blonde Redhead, "For the Damaged Coda"
Talking Heads, "Crosseyed and Painless"
Dinosaur Jr., "Crumble"
Tight Pants Syndrome, "Get Outta My Haircut"
Guided by Voices, "Wrecking Now"
Milow, "You Don't Know"
K's Choice, "Now Is Mine"
Paula Abdul, "Cold Hearted"
Ivy, "Be My Baby"
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In two weeks I will add the 13th person to my list of reports. Never supervised this many people before!!

Last weekend I participated in a women's Rock camp (a fundraiser for girls summer rock camp) and on the first day local media showed up and I was on the goddamn news. And then we had our performance Sunday and I rocked. And two co-workers came. And now my work is doing a story about me on the employee news. It's weird as hell but if it helps raise more money for girls to rock out this summer, I'm good with it.
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I got the biggest bossy boots big girl job this week, but instead of being excited I'm flat out terrified. It's a massive step up in responsibility and scope from anything I've ever done. My new boss held my resume during my interview and I kept looking at it thinking "why on earth are you considering me with that garbage list of jobs?!" It will finally cut the long chain of low-wage jobs I've had. So, impostor syndrome friends, I'm right there with you! Let's take a deep breath, recognize our awesome, and kick this thing with the power we already have within us. (and please look for my upcoming AskMetafilter, "oh my god, how do I do this job?!")
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Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm flying from snowy Minnesota to sunny South Padre Island for a few days of celebration and beach-walking.
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I just got back from going to the opera! It was Leonard Bernstein's Candide. We dragged the 15-year-old along with us and it was fun to watch it with him. He claimed to be unimpressed but I saw him laughing.
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So, impostor syndrome friends, I'm right there with you!

18 months ago, I got the most difficult job I’ve ever had. It was a nightmare. I sat in every meeting with 98% of what they said flying over my head. I spent 7 months wondering when they were going to realize their mistake in hiring me, and fire me. Like knots in my stomach every day.
Last month I was promoted. *Shrug* I’ve given up trying to figure it out.

Fake it til you make it, everyone.
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I've taken a tiny step forward in my quest to become a voice actor - finally getting a good audio set-up organised at home and starting to learn how to do my own editing. I have no idea if I'm ever going to make a living outta this, but I haven't quit the day job just yet and I'm having fun. With any luck I'll be doing some work for Audible in the next couple of months and we'll see how we go.
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My office is moving. This means that instead of a daily 60-mile-round-trip-by-car commute, I will walk half a block to a bus stop, sit on a bus for ~20 minutes and then walk ~5 minutes to my new office (or sit on a bus for ~15 minutes then walk ~15 minutes to my new office). I have three more days of driving, then there will be two days of everyone working from home while the office gets moved, and then...THE BUS!

We're also going to be right across the street from the ballpark and it's almost baseball season and this is going to be fun!
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Before the winter season, our first as ski season pass holders, my partner and I asked Mefi what we should do about acquiring equipment. You all recommended that we rent the first season and that has been a big success. I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule right now and have been going once or twice a week, in varied snow conditions, and am comfortable skiing aggressively now on most blues and easier blacks, and am understanding much more about what I want out of my ski equipment when the end of season sales come around. It’s a wonderful feeling to be getting better at an athletic thing rather than worse, here in my mid-30s, and skiing brings me the most joy in my life right now. Lots of fresh snow in the Cascades this weekend and looking forward to heading out again tomorrow. Thanks!
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I am finally feeling better after a sinus infection (long live antibiotics), and am going to see Kendrick Lamar in concert tonight, exceptionally excited!
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Oh! And a mefite friend is visiting next week/end and there will be going to Muir Woods (where I have never been despite living here for 17 years) and eating of smoked fried chicken at our favorite bar and very likely some shoe shopping and I am very happy to be looking forward to her visit as well.
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This week I had my first review since going into management about a year ago, and not only do I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it but my evaluation was great and my boss was very complimentary. So the above advice about fake it til you make it and pushing through imposter syndrome, A++ would recommend!

Let’s see, I also figured out a new side hustle and we got to see Black Panther this weekend, which made me cry happy tears. Plus I just made the clementine cake from this comment and I am very much looking forward to having it for breakfast tomorrow morning!
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I am super excited about this year’s second Stockholm MF meetup dinner, which is coming up March 7. I am mostly daunted by my self-employment challenges but recently squeezed a modest fee raise out of my client and plan to look for more clients in my new city. Fellow imposters, we are actually smart, skilled and capable. We can do this!
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Eyebrows, I am totally delighted by your Pern-themed feast, but SHOCKED that the wine was red. Everybody knows the finest Benden wines are white!
Also, my brain has combined comments in this thread to conclude that you made Pernese hamantaschen and ArbitraryandCapricious is making Jewish bubbly pies. ;) (Apricot filling. YUM)

In the longer term, I'm excited about getting a spouse visa and being able to freelance and have time to do things I actually want to do as well as things I have to do, work-related and otherwise...but also scared about the visa getting process and whether freelancing will in fact be all I want it to and whether I'll miss my current coworkers too much, so that's a long-term and tentative excitement rather than an immediate one.

For today, well, we started rehearsing for the August concert at orchestra practice today, and I'm excited about getting to do Dvorak 8 again. The fourth movement in particular is an excellent time to be a cellist, and the story in my head for it always makes me cry.
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I've been in Indonesia now for just about two full weeks. I spent a week in Jakarta, and now I'm going on a week in Ketapang, waiting for my permits to be settled. I'll either hike into the forest on Tuesday, or not until next Monday - waiting to hear from my supervisor which way it'll go. I've been feeling a bit discouraged about the whole thing because I hate sitting somewhere far from my people waiting for things to happen, and I am spending an awful lot of time sitting.

Yesterday, a friend told me he'd take me to the remnant forest near his family's farmland and we'd find monkeys. There were no monkeys, just a little 10m patch of riverene forest surrounding a polluted river (there's a bauxite mine upriver), surrounded by clear-cut rain forest replaced by oil palm and rubber trees, as far as I could see. Beautiful, in one way, but so, so scary and terrible in others. I was upset last night, and just felt sort of discouraged about everything.

BUT this morning, we went to the Hutan Kota outside Ketapang - the city forest. This is a patch of mostly pretty rough secondary forest around a river which has been preserved and set aside for education. They've built a raised walkway through the forest, and many trees are identified - and there are primates there. It's far too small for orangutans, but it's one of the places they release confiscated pets. So we motorbiked over to the hutan kota, and as we're getting clsoe to the gate, a baby monkey runs in front of us. There was a whole group of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) hanging out, eating flowers and fruit, rolling around and fighting, and basically doing monkey things. It was glorious and I was so, so happy to have FINALLY seen a primate - my very first wild Asian primates!

Then, we went into the forest a ways. And, all of a sudden, the most beautiful gibbon brachiated down towards us. She just hung out and watched us for a while - maybe 20 minutes? One of those things you never want to end. But eventually she moved on to a fig tree and settled in to eat while we kept walking.

The monkey I really wanted to see were the proboscis monkeys, but I was warned that they are rare and we probably wouldn't run into them, so I just immersed myself in being back in a forest. The smell of trees and wet dirt and things being earthy and decomposing in a natural way. The incessant insect noise. Leaves rustling in the breeze. And then - a crash that definitely sounded more substantial than a rustle. I had been clever enough to bring my binoculars and there - sure enough - a female proboscis monkey with a baby clinging to her stomach had just landed a jump and clambered onto the next tree trunk. And then, right behind her, a male! And there was his giant nose, and there was his bright red penis, and it's ridiculous that being reassured that male proboscis monkeys do indeed sit and display in that very obvious way was what finally did it, but everything was exactly the way I hoped, and so I started to cry. Happily, of course.

So that's been my day.
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Like MoonOrb, I also saw Hamilton this week! Went to a matinée in London yesterday; it was fantastic, as promised.

My anti-excitement of the week, however, was dropping my kindle in the toilet. RIP friend.
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I just made a whole lot of brie cheese. I've made cheese before but never brie. I'm super excited to see how it turns out, but it will be weeks until it's ready to try.
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Cheering wildly from the Impostor Syndrome Gallery! We're all capable and worthy and have Things of Value we're contributing to the world!

They're casting for the reader for the audio book of the novel, so I'm hoping to finish up the pronunciation guide today. This involves me learning how to say some of Scotland's place names, finally hooking up my Yeti mic and figuring out how to record audio, finally setting up a drop box account, and hoping really hard I don't screw it up!

Then later in the week flying to Vegas to cheer on Mr. P during the US national pinball championship. Pretty flipping awesome!

Followed by seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time! I'd always hoped to hike it, but after last year's auto accident I'm feeling lucky just to see it.
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I'm almost done working on the antique cast iron that you all helped with in this askme a couple weeks ago. It turns out that after getting them home and giving them all a quick rinse under water to remove dust and dirt, many of them developed rust blooms, which is not what well-seasoned cast iron should have done. I've been spending a chunk of this past week cleaning and re-seasoning them.

Though cleaning and re-seasoning a cast iron fry pan is a chore, doing all three of them is still quicker and easier than cleaning and re-seasoning one waffle iron. Fortunately it's winter in the American South, which means it's just cool enough to leave doors and windows open while running both ovens on high heat for the baking cycles. I might have to strip the finish off the waffle irons completely and start over (because the coating is very thick on the cooking surfaces), but that can be later; for now I'm primarily concerned with ensuring the rust is gone and the surface is sealed. Since I have two waffle irons, the one with metal handles is going to be for cooking. The other has wood handles (which I assume aren't original) and will probably be relegated to decoration.
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As an aside: There's a hell of a lot of extremely random folklore about restoring and seasoning iron -- the oven temperature must without variance be both 350 and 500 degrees, the oil should be both thoroughly doused and thinly applied; to do otherwise will destroy your precious antiques.

By contrast, mudpuppie's been a real asset to our AskMe community with their reasonable advice in past askme threads about caring for cast iron. A quick search for their comments is always useful.
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I'm travelling for work this week (literally on the people-mover thing from the cheap(er) parking to the terminal right now). It's training that will be held in a warehouse... In Clearwater FL. Early AM Sunday flight = beach time this afternoon/tomorrow morning, before the training starts tomorrow afternoon.
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It’s been cold as crap the last couple of days and generally wintery before that and it’s looking like the lakes will freeze enough for skating. Because, see, I got these skates. A few years ago I was walking by this store window and saw these skates, Dutch, that are basically just elegantly carved wood with a blade that you strap to your foot. In the shop they were like 100 bucks or something which is expensive, - so I looked on eBay where the things are thick on the ground and found a pair for about 25. Really nicely made, good tool steel and a hardwood ‘sole’. The blades are about a foot long. I sharpened them and then, we’ll, waited. The local rink wouldn’t let me use them. Luckily the lakes froze around this time. Our neighbors were heading out with their kids and some others so I grabbed these new-old things, the kids got theirs and hoo-boy! They’re basically speed skates: no rocker, no gouge/concavity between the two edges of the blades. After a hilariously unstable five minutes of getting acquainted I figured out how not to fall down and zoom! You have to imagine a 50 years old dope in a big parka with hiking boots who has these things strapped to his feet just fucking flying around. Ok maybe not flying (that was the one dude in spandex and ‘real’ speed skates) but still significantly faster than everyone else but without visibly more effort. And of course it’s fun to go fast. Son one was suitably impressed and last month I bought more of these skates and have a pair ready for him. So when the lakes freeze enough (should be next weekend) we are ready to go! And yes, I am excited.
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I am excited to watch spring training baseball games.
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I made a choucroute garni - from scratch - for a crowd last weekend which was pretty exciting. The completed dish included:
-8 lbs homemade sauerkraut
-4.5 lbs homemade weisswurst
-4.5 lbs homemade smoked "hunter" sausage
-1 large ham hock
-1 rack spare ribs
-2 lbs slab bacon
-5 pork chops
-5 lbs potatoes

All the meats but the weisswurst were smoked, and then everything went in to the braised sauerkraut. I've made ridiculous food for parties before, but I think this is the first time someone actually gasped "Oh, shit" when I pulled the cover off.

I think I finally have a sauerkraut method I'm happy with, which is nice. Bon Appetit gave me a nice rule of thumb of about 10 g kosher salt per pound of cabbage which works out just about perfectly; slice up the cabbage as you normally do, toss it in a bowl with the salt, and then give it all a good knead for a few minutes. In a half hour there should be plenty of liquid, and then you can pack it in to a crock. I like to add juniper berry, mustard seed, and a little caraway.
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I AM GOING ON A TRIP TO CHINA IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have wanted to go to China for 12 years now, but my anxiety, especially my emetophobia/food anxiety has always stopped me. But I am getting therapy for that now and I thought, what the heck. So I registered for an educational tour of Beijing, Xian, Henan province, and Shanghai.

You guys. I am so excited. Especially for Shanghai. I am just raring to go see where my great-grandmother lived (her old apartment has been razed and is now a high-rise luxury condo, but I am still excited). I am excited to walk around where my family used to live. I'm just . . . so stoked. I can't even describe.

I will also eat alllllllllll the things.
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My dog accidentally bit my lip a week ago (He went for the ball I was taunting him with but missed because I was waggling the ball around - bad judgment by me. Don't be me.), which isn't exciting, but it's healing so quickly! The body (when it works properly) is such a miraculous thing. It's hard not to share things like "I can feel the skin pulling back together" with regular people, so I'll share it here. ;)

On Thursday I'm flying to visit my father in RetiredLand, Florida for 5 days. I'm looking forward to the warm weather, the $8 dinner specials, and the amusing hot takes from the senior citizen/VFW crowd.
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In the next few days I'm going to finish the Stalin bio mandolin conspiracy so wonderfully gave me last year, which is exciting in itself, but also I wrote Kotkin (the author) saying "Hey, I automatically mark typos and errors I find in books because I'm an editor and can't turn it off, would you like me to send them to you as I go for the benefit of a revised/paperback edition?" and he said "Sure!" and so I feel like I'm contributing to the future perfection of a superb book!
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We got cats! They arrived this afternoon. They are rescue cats and the rescue charity didn’t know much about them, other than that they’re either sisters or mother and daughter and that they’re very closely bonded and needed to be rehomed together. I haven’t owned cats for years and I’m so excited we could give a home to these two.
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I’m really excited that the pain med/supplement/stretching combo I’ve been adding to my daily routine is working and I’m feeling a definite decrease in the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis in my fingers and neck. Bonus—my handwriting has improved!
Also—I’m excited that it looks like the bald eagle couple that I look for every day on my commute are nesting again and I’m hopeful that there will soon be a new baby eagle. You guys, that nest is HUGE.
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I'm also excited for Hungary's entry for Eurovision this year (decided last night) as they could have chosen a nice, quiet, tranquil lullaby or pop song.

But they didn't.
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I've had a little downtime over the last few weeks, so I've been embroidering some. Usually I make my own designs but this time I was making a housewarming gift for some friends, so I wanted a nice, polished design. I purchased a kit of pillowcases with a pattern of dogwood flowers (we have lots of dogwoods around here so it seemed a fitting gift.) I had just started sewing when I thought, hey, wait a minute.

Don't dogwood blooms have four petals, not five?

I emailed the company that made the kit, just as an FYI and they were like, yeah, we know. So what to do? Finish it anyway! And call it The Dogwoods of Oak Ridge!
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I lost 15 pounds this month!

I did it with a 15 day juice only diet (about which I was very skeptical prior) for 12 pounds, and when that was done I returned to my old exercise routine plus an improved diet (lots more veggies, way fewer refined carbs, processed foods, alcohol, etc) for 3 more pounds in the two weeks after the juice ordeal. I’d like to drop another 7, at about the same rate I’m going now (1.5 -2 per week).

Feeling great, head to toe.
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Updates on my last related post:

First bloodwork is done and my levels are all great, very low side effects and everything else is nominal. (If I ever meet my Scottish ancestors in some kind of afterlife I need to thank them profusely for my apparently nearly indestructible liver.)

First endo consult is tomorrow. Poor guy has no idea what kind of nerd he's getting, but if my primary doc is as good as I think she is, she's already warned him. "Watch out, they do homework. Lots of homework."

Some positive effects: Anxiety/stress is waaaay down. Apparently I sleep relatively normal now, with much less snoring. I've been waking up before 7 without an alarm pretty much every day this week, and going to bed naturally at reasonable times without a lot of hassle.

Actually, I'm starting to go a little stir crazy in that while I'm finding it easier to do things and get things done. I just don't know what to do with myself, which is just weird and foreign to me, because "what to do with myself" typically had an easy answer that involved not doing things, procrastination and coping strategies. I'm sure part of this is plain old cabin fever, but I know part of it isn't at all, not even a long-lingering cabin fever of the spirit and soul. There's that, too, but this is something else.

Instead I'm finding myself heading out on errands and getting what would be a normally careful/minimal/leisurely 2-3 days worth of stuff done all in one trip. This past week I was headed out to do laundry and then maybe stop by the store (PICKLES) and get ready for my hospital visit for bloodwork the next day.

Instead I just said fuck it and went to the hospital, giant backpack full of laundry and all. Then I hiked that backpack about a mile back to the grocery store where I bought the biggest, heaviest damn jar of pickles they had on the shelf, and then walked about another mile with my heavy ass backpack now with an additional heavy ass bag of pickles and groceries to the laundromat.

Related side note; My knees have been bugging me for the past year or so. Part of it is being overweight, another part of it is getting old, and a huge part of it was throwing myself too hard at my last barista/service job like I owned the place and I was 20. Well, my already intensely strong legs are getting stronger and more limber. Knee pain is effectively history. I've been doing a lot of hiking/walking around town and it's remarkable how much stronger my legs already feel. While one side effect is getting winded easier, I'm not noticing it on walks due to the increased leg strength.

I'm also looking at my bike that hasn't been ridden since about November, and if it was sleeting or blowing sideways just a little less I'd probably be out there on it.

Getting in touch with my emotions has also been fascinating and really fun - and one thing that's made me somewhat grateful I did wait so long. I would be a lot more confused by this, say, 10-20 years ago. Expressing joy at seeing friends is super genuine feeling and real. Laughing is amazing. Crying is actually cathartic.

And, confusingly, I just spent 3 days irrationally mad at my housemates cat - not my damn cat, oh no - because she brought me yet another bird, and not a small one. It was some sort of beautiful wren or robin, and she tried to bring it right into my bed and oh crap I guess I'm still mad about it, and it's kind of hilarious and awkward.

What else?

Oh, people are already looking at me weird, and instead of finding it threatening like it played out in my head, I'm finding it amusing and... oddly confirming? I'm not counting on that sticking around after things get really weird, but we'll see.

But, yeah, even some friends I ran into last night could tell something was up, and I was able to tell a few of them. (Some of whom already knew my plans and are part of my support network.)

And now I wait for shit to really get weird.

Hugs to all!
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In late January I realized that my annual What Have I Been Doing Lately As A Grad Student talk was coming up in about a month, and that I really wanted to have a few more results to talk about this year. (As opposed to the usual talk outline of: here are some incremental findings, here are some things that didn't work, here's what I'm trying now.) So I drew up a detailed timeline for my side project, where I'm putting human neurodegenerative disease mutations into yeast to look at their function, and realized hey, it actually wouldn't take all that long to answer some of these questions I have! So I've been head down executing on this plan all month - working longer hours, having constant science dreams, popping by the lab on weekends to move things along, etc.

Generally in research things go wrong frequently, nothing turns out as you expected, inconclusive results are common, and everything takes about five times longer than it should. Which can be super demotivating! But just this once, almost everything is working as expected, my results are coming in almost exactly in line with the schedule I drew up on January 24th, and most of what I'm seeing matches my predictions. You don't normally get to call your shots in science, but this month has been really satisfying that way. As soon as I finish my coffee I'm off to lab to visualize some Sunday morning data and I'm super excited about what it might show.

Also we have Black Panther tickets for tonight and I have successfully avoided spoilers for over a week, yay.
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I moved in early December without any real plan or goal, just two months to spend adventuring before I moved into my parents basement, got my head on straight, and started applying to grad school.

I got back into cell service after spending all of January in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and realized I had $-13 to my name. I ended up in a cool town where a friend lives, she has a spare room. I got a job at a local alternative high school and they’re gonna help me get my teaching lisence without grad school! And the school is super awesome! And it’s snowy! And I can afford to pay my bills this month!
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I'm currently sitting outside eating frozen yogurt, it's 80 and sunny and there are palm trees and it's amazing. Beaches are craycray crowded and the traffic is ridiculous, so I'll hit that up tomorrow morning. I had a open middle seat in my row on the flight here, and - my luggage was the first one to be offloaded at baggage claim! I was so excited about that!
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I've been playing a shitload of Monster Hunter World and been having an embarrasingly good time. As far as work is concerned I've showed up.
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My current excitement feels consumerist and mundane, but--after 14 happy years with my super-reliable, loyal old 2004 Civic, I'm going to buy a new car! And not only that, but I've gotten a wild hair to get an electric car, and after much dithering, have settled on a Chevy Volt. This is not 100% pure electric, true, but I had to do some reading to understand how plug-in hybrids work, and then I realized that I'll be able to do probably 95% of my driving totally on electric, but I can also take longer day trips without having to worry about finding a charging station along the way.

This whole thing has taken me by surprise, since my sensible original plan was to drive the Civic basically into the ground, which could be another ten years the way it's been going. But now that I'm old and have shoulder arthritis I yearn for the new-fangled luxury of power windows! And I'm totally shocked to find myself seriously planning to buy a Chevrolet--I swore mighty oaths never to ever buy an American-made car, having seen the total pieces of crap they churned out in the 70s/80s/90s. But the Volt gets very positive reviews and its owners seem overwhelmingly to be very happy with it.

So -- soon I'll be zipping around in an electric car, which makes me feel all giddy and wildly futuristic. (And who knows, maybe I'll live long enough to someday have one that is self-driving, if not flying...)
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By contrast, mudpuppie's been a real asset to our AskMe community with their reasonable advice in past askme threads about caring for cast iron. A quick search for their comments is always useful.

I saw your first comment, which included the trigger words "cast iron," and then clicked through to your question. I was kicking myself for having missed it, and I was also feeling like my reputation for having a niche expertise was declining, so the very kind compliment in your subsequent comment is much appreciated. (The rust blooms aren't that uncommon. You can scrub the cast iron with 50/50 solution of vinegar and water using a Scotch Brite pad, then immediately dry the pan on a medium flame and oil it when it's COMPLETELY dry.)

I'm weirdly excited about an upcoming reorganization at work that would ordinarily have me freaking out, but the prospect of change is sort of uncomfortably good in this situation. There are two of us at my job who have very specific policy analyst roles, and my coworker has been slacking to an extent that would have gotten her fired months ago in a normal workplace. But we don't work at a normal workplace; we work at one that is sort of happily dysfunctional.

She and I are nominally supervised by a Professor-slash-Administrator who wants nothing to do with managing people or their incompetencies. (I like him a lot -- don't get me wrong -- but he is not a good manager of people or processes.) So, her slacking has been allowed to continue. It's important stuff, too. Two people have missed paychecks because their hiring forms sat on her desk for two months, and another was denied a raise because the paperwork for it was more than 60 days overdue, which changed its routing and kicked the authority for its approval up a few steps on the ladder, and the higher-up declined what would ordinarily have been a simple merit increase.

We're getting a new manager on March 1. I've been at this workplace for almost 10 years, as has the new manager, and I know her to be a completely ineffective, inefficient leader. So why am I excited? Because I'm the only one who's been worrying about my coworker's work not getting done (as I said, current boss doesn't want to deal, coworker just doesn't care), so on March 1st it officially becomes someone else's problem. I don't expect things to get better, really, and I am really doubtful that our new manager can correct my coworker's course, but I don't have to worry about it anymore! Not my problem! I'm not freaking out! I'm actually looking forward to change!

It all feels very healthy. The one thing nagging at me is that I feel like I'm being very adult in just trusting the new manager to do her job well, despite historical/institutional knowledge I have that should limit my enthusiasm. Being adult feels like the healthy choice, but I'm also afraid that I'm just being gullible about the whole thing.

I've adopted a "let's-wait-and-see" attitude, which I hope won't come back to bite me in the ass later. For now, I'm just excited about the sense of relief I'm going to feel on March 1st.

It's weird to be touting not-freaking-out as the thing you're excited about, but hey. I've had a really rough few years. It's nice to feel somewhat content and stable, and it's nice not to feel like the walls around me are crumbling. Baby steps, friends. Baby steps.
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I made a bergamot and gin bundt cake.

That is all.

That is enough.
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I wasn't feeling well enough to make a cake last night, so I made the 1896 brownies instead, and they were good! Even without chocolate, they are still not that far off from what you expect a brownie to be like.

The experience also convinced me to buy a dang hand mixer. As a rule, I am extremely reluctant to buy something until it is abundantly clear that I am restricted by its absence. Making a few cakes entirely by hand was enough to tip the scales. So now I'm excited to have a hand mixer! I'll make a sponge cake of some sort to celebrate, since you need a mixer for that. Maybe a Victoria sponge, since I've mostly been making recipes out of my Victorian cookbook?
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I survived a week of school break with the husband gone and two kids at home. We all mostly behaved, but had to be bribed with junk food and glowing screens at times. (I coincidentally made broccoli pizza for our viewing of Inside Out, which was funny).

Today I’m off to a well-deserved viewing of Black Panther. Excluding anyone who could ask me for a snack, cry about sibling-related unfairness, or wipe their boogers on my shirt. Big deal!
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At the moment I am excited about having some lamb shoulder tacos for dinner. The shoulder has been braising all afternoon in a mixture of chilies and tomatillos and the aroma is driving me crazy. I also went to the local tortilleria to pick up some fresh corn tortillas which make any taco so much more delicious.

In more important news, my wife and I put in an offer to buy our first house this week and it was accepted! We are pretty excited especially since we are going to be able to stay in the same neighborhood in Philadelphia. There aren't many houses for sale at all and even fewer that are in our price range.

Finally I am excited about getting close to my goal weight. After steadily putting on weight over the past decade and struggling to lose any of it, I have lost 23 pounds over the past 5 months by embracing moderation. It's been remarkably easy to lose that weight by not eating unless I was actually hungry. It is kind of shocking how much I was eating that I didn't really need. This should be a sustainable change - at least I certainly hope so.
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I live in a city now, an actual city with history (my apartment predates drywall) and cultural stuff in walking distance! Nice landlords. Went on my first actual date three weeks ago, after investing a few hours on OKCupid, and as luck would have it we clicked immediately; she's moving in after she graduates. I just canvassed my neighborhood and got the signatures I need to run for membership of my county's Democratic Committee. Joining the local Unitarian congregation. I made some dumb rookie mistakes at my first Real Job, but overall it's good, rewarding work. Had my first anxiety attack caused by *positive* stress but I'm not complaining.
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I have spent the past two weeks crocheting things for the Ravellenic Games (mentioned somewhere around here previously), which was exciting for me as I have been in a bit of a slump lately in the crochet and general creativity area. The basic idea is to make things out of yarn, and to challenge yourself.

For the Games, one can get official "medals" for completing projects in various event categories, and there are official "laurels" for special cross-category methods, qualities, or achievements. These awards are available to anyone who wants to participate, and for the most part, you are your own judge. One can also participate as part of a team. Each team can also award internal "laurels" of their own creation. The team I'm on has made about 75 such laurels. Because we can.

Because I requested it, a team laurel was created for people who planned their projects to maximize the number of medals and laurels they accumulate. I should end up with 21 medals. I haven't done the laurels yet.

Photographic album of a few highlights from my Games projects on Imgur.

Note: a HATCEPTION is any number of hats over 8 that is evenly divisible by 3. Like 9, 12, or 144. Preferably created in a timespan that somehow equals 3 days.

Further explanation: One of the team laurels was a Hat Trick - 3 of anything. Then, of course, a laurel was made for a Hat Trick of hats - a Hat Hat Trick. Well, I did a Hat Trick of Hat Hat Tricks. Because hat hat hat trick just sounds silly, and it popped into my head, HATCEPTION. There isn't an official laurel for this. I'm pretty sure that it transcends mere space-time and human understanding, and the point is love.

I stopped drinking coffee about a week ago.
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I just got back from the library with Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist, which I am very much looking forward to. I'm pretty sure it was a MeFi recommendation that turned me on to it.

Great big hurray's to loquacious and Chura Chura! Chura Chura, that gibbon is just gorgeous!
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My college's men's basketball team just clenched its second (in two years) regular season championship, and I (after a long eyeball at my todo list) was there. It was a fantastic game after a fantastic season (including a takedown of my Big League alma mater), and now they're the number 1 seed for the conference championship next weekend. We're a mid major program that has been just having an incredible couple of years under a coach who is turning out great athletes, great students, and great people, and I am so happy to be a part of my institution right now.

One of our seniors (who is also one of the nicest guys on the planet), in his speech afterwards, said "This isn't done, we're going dancing" and this year, they just might. And that would be amazing (even if we get turned out in the first round, which is likely).
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And our women, who have had a rough season, pulled out a nailbiter of a win yesterday for their last home game (also last game of the regular season), to send our singular senior off right. It was a great game and we had a pretty decent crowd out to support women's ball, which is always nice to see.
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I was injured in a minor car accident one week ago, which left some wicked bruises on the left side of my body.

But today, we were in St. Augustine for a pre-planned getaway, and I walked today and it finally didn't hurt! So I celebrated by drinking local gin and spending way too much money on booze. Um... the first anniversary is the vodka-and-bourbon one, right?
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I did a test board in preparation for collaging the walls of the bathroom. The wainscoting is re-purposed galvanized steel ductwork. I like the collage so far, just need to mod podge it to see how that goes. The plan was steampunk, kind of the bathroom of an odd scientist. Also, I found a phrenology head at Marshall's.
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I booked a trip to Roatan! Very excited about this; my boyfriend and I haven't had a proper holiday together in almost 8 years (for a number of good reasons, but it still sucked) so we finally get to run away and lie on a beach and I am just thrilled.
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It’s snowing in Rome! Which means that schools are closed because it happens so rarely that Rome makes any Southern US major city look like Snowplow Central. Peanut the First, 5 years old, looks out the window at her first snow and exclaims, “Mamma! It’s snowing! Christmas is back!”
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I've wanted a piano for as long as I've been living on my own. And now I have one. It looks great, and it feels great, and it sounds great. I'm going to play music on it, and it's going to make me happy.
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I ran (well, started couch to 10 k, so like, ran-walked, or more like walked-ran) today for the first time this year. The sidewalks are dry enough in spots to do this. Am so excited about spring and when all the snow is melted I will dance a gleeful dance on its watery grave and then insist to husband that we go cherry blossom viewing at least twice.
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I've started weight lifting again, which is very exciting. It's a very small class and despite using muscles that would rather I didn't use them (hello stomach muscles, you do apparently exist!), I am already feeling quite good about it all. I have even bulk booked classes so I have no excuse re: not going.
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On Wednesday we are flying to Washington D.C. for an embryo transfer from a donor egg. After a miscarriage and 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts with my own eggs, I'm pretty anxious about it. My legs are sore from the intramuscular hormone injections I started a few days ago and I'm still sometimes resentful that this has to be so hard for us.

But I'm the tiniest bit excited about it (my brain won't allow me to be more than a tiny bit excited) and I'm excited to share this here in this space after keeping it such a secret for so long.
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Posting after the fact - my birthday was on Sunday, and I did three cool things:

1. I swear that I found out about this photo project somewhere in here, but can't find the link. But I heard about this photo project of people showing off their scars and telling the story behind them. I have a surgical scar that has a HELL of a story behind it and reached out to the photographer ("hey, I know you're based in London, but are you ever coming to NYC?") and as luck would have it, she was here for a weekend, and taking volunteers. And one such slot was on my birthday, so I threw my hat in the ring. (And then gave her a bit of a photographic challenge because my scar is just at my bikini line, and we had to figure out how to photograph my scar in such a way that, as the photographer put it, "you can still keep your dignity.")

2. For a blog project, I'd been needing to find a way to see a specific Laurel and Hardy film - and again, as luck would have it, the NYC institution Film Forum was showing it on my birthday as part of its regular "Film Forum Jr." series - they show classic family-friendly comedies on Sundays so kids can come too. The kids in the audience made it extra fun, and I got into a great conversation with an eight-year-old at the concession stand. (They have baked goods for sale, and he saw me trying to decide between a bundt cake and a brownie. I asked him what he thought I should do, and he looked at the cases - then pointed at the most elaborate cake they had on display and said "I think you should get that." I like the way he thought.)

3. I didn't get the big cake he suggested, though, because I was heading out for hot pot with friends at one of the outposts of one of NYC's hot pot emporiums. I'd heard they had a good variety of broths, and the service also was recommended - and I absolutely agree. We had about five different people come to wait on us in one way or another, and gorged ourselves on lamb and pork and chicken and conch and pumpkin and taro root and three kinds of mushrooms and spinach and watercress and noodles and, and and and and...and if it's your birthday, you eat free, but you have to let them know that's the case and provide your ID as proof. But then before they bring you your bill, a guy dressed in a monkey suit comes to dance at your table and the rest of the waiters stand there singing "Happy Birthday" in two languages before they give you a mango ice cream float.

4. And then when I got home there was an enormous package waiting for me from Amazon - my Junior High BFF had sent me an Instant Pot for my birthday.
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Happy birthday EC!
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Speaking of NYC: my rule has been that I cannot go back to the fabric stores in NYC until I finish up the projects from when I went there last time. Now, finally, twelve years later, I am going back this weekend! * Woo-hoo! The four-hour drive will help, too, driving is very soothing to my mental health.

* The last project is on my sewing table right now. It will be finished before the weekend. Yes, it will. Really.
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Melismata: You're discovering the reason why I started a knitting meetup in NYC (I have ALL THE YARN and I need to make myself USE IT)
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I'm scheduled to be induced on Wednesday and am very anxious but also pretty excited about getting this kiddo out into the world. (Internal monologue is basically AAAAHHH I AM NOT AN ADULT WHAT HAPPENED)
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Going to see Slowdive (again) next week. I haven't been to a gig in years and I'm hardly in position to spend €30 on a ticket, but heh, it's Slowdive.
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Oh, imposter syndrome. I made it onto my roller derby league’s A-level travel team, and my first practice with them is tonight. I am the least experienced/skilled skater on the team, and I am definitely feeling like I don’t deserve to play with them. I’m trying to frame it as a great learning opportunity, which it is, but that’s only getting me so far!
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I'm almost 3 months into managing a person that I hired (my 2nd direct report, but I "inhereted" the first, and he does his own thing for the most part), and so far it's going pretty well. Recently my 3rd direct hire position posted, so I'll be doing the interview thing all over again, for a trickier position (in that I don't wholly understand the technical aspects of what the position should do, but that's another story), and getting an RFP finalized to get a related contract out on the street. Adulting!

I recently picked up a stack of weird, old postcards (to send to MeFites and other friends) and diverse, newer CDs from a local thrift shop, including an old Yo La Tengo remix single and a new "for your consideration" remix single by Siedah Garrett, which gave me proper record hunting thrills, which I've been apparently craving for a while. I'm currently listening to Celtic Strings & Wings, because why not? Consuming (on the cheap)!
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For folks with babens - it just gets better and crazier. Being a dad is a frickin' ton of fun - subjecting your kids to your music (our 3 year old likes my old jungle tunes!) and goofy jokes, along with more cuddly/ fewer restful nights than I'd like (a night without a kid in appearing our bed sometime in the night is now a rarity), and more worrying about how your little ones are doing. And reading drlith's comment, I'm reminded IT NEVER ENDS.
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I spent the weekend ogling all of the art and furniture and architecture and tchotchkes at Modernism Week in Palm Springs this weekend. I did not spend nearly as much money as I wanted to, which is very, very good. Also, this afternoon after work I am getting my 2 months late birthday tattoo and I am very, very excited about it!!!
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When this question was posed, I was sitting in a movie theater with my son and daughter, watching Black Panther. Daughter had a theatre scholarship audition at Bucknell University, which is 500 miles east of home. Son is at the University of Rochester (NY) which is also 500 miles from home (northeast this time) but just happens to be only 196 miles north of Bucknell! The audition was on Saturday morning so we drove up through part of the Allegheny (I think?) range (which was gorgeous) to visit my boy. We had hot pot for dinner (not nearly as fun as yours, EmpressCallipygos) and then the movie. Went out for diner breakfast the next day and then daughter and I drove back home.

We were in the car for like 22 hours total but I got to have both of my kids in the same place for a little while and it was worth it.
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I am taking the spouse and the kid to the Bay Area next week - me for a week of work, they for spring break. We'll be near our old neighborhood, we can show the kiddo where we used to live when she was a tiny baby. It's my partner's first trip back since we moved, so they are looking forward to wandering about while I am at the office. And we're heading to the South Bay for a long weekend with my sister and her partner, so kiddo gets some auntie time. We will take her to Santa Cruz and show her some tide pools. We all need the break from Ohio, honestly, and I'm excited for family vacation. Even though I'll be working (excited for that too, it's nice to be onsite rather than remote).
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I got the new iPhone game Alto's Odyssey last week, and have played for like thirty whole minutes -- but that's half an hour of simple fun.

I am very much not a gamer, and the only game I have played since a lot of Snood in 1990-91 was the game this is a sequel to, Alto's Adventure (recommended by Jessamyn, thankyouverymuch!).

It's a pretty simple, but genuine, pleasure.
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I’m on pins and needles. Last year, about this time, I passed the written test to be a master mariner. At the time I had the hours to do a 25 ton certificate. Anyway, hanging out on the quay (as I’m like to do) I ran into a friend who is Captain of the Colonial Belle, and she said she needed crew. So I signed on. So, I worked enough hours to bump my certification up to 100 ton license. I had one year as a deadline, and I waited until the last minute, so to speak. I passed my physical, and submitted my application to the USCG and Homeland Security one week before the deadline was up.

Did I mention I own a 40 foot cruiser? Yeah, she’s a fast ship and I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself. Anyway, here I am awaiting my Merchant License, And I spoke to the Belle’s Captain today, and she agreed to promote me to First Mate.

Anyway, this has long been my plan. As a Captain of inland waterways, on the Erie Canal and Great Lakes, and as owner of a small motor cruiser, once I have my Captains license in hand, I will have attained my lifelong dream. That is, if I run into you in a bar, and you ask, I can guarantee you passage to a foreign port. Without imperial entanglements.

That is to say, I am close to my lifelong dream of being Han Solo.
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I too have really been enjoying my new job. Latitude to make & implement decisions, manage managers, it's a real rush. I'm happiest about finally having met a director with whom I really hit it off, on personality + values + professional levels. Thanks to his mentoring I can finally see clearly, not just roughly, how to grow in conscientious high-level management (as opposed to the "be more sociopathic" sort of management). He's given me so much food for thought, it's awesome.

I am also very excited to have finished my first colorwork in knitting! A pair of Selbu mittens like the ones my great-grandma made and that I wore all the time as a kid. The sort you don't entirely realize how great they are until you can't find anything like them. I got mine done just in time for the cold snap we're having here, and am delighted to have toasty hands wrapped in Selburoses in -6C (windchill -15C) weather.
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Other folks' posts about new jobs and imposter syndrome have been very helpful for me to realise I'm not the only one going through this!

I just left the company I've been working for for 14 years and I'm just about to start a new senior management position at a much smaller place next week. I am alternating between the excitement of thinking about what needs doing and how to go about it versus a lot of imposter syndrome thoughts about how they will find me out as soon as I get in there and I'll have to live in the woods and forage for berries.
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There’s a lot to be said for berries....
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My endo appointment was great, I actually like him and he doesn't raise any red flags.

Not only are all my levels good - my cholesterol and triglycerides are down (despite HRT!) and (don't hate me!) I'm also losing weight and all the hiking around and trying to be a little hungrier is paying off. Losing weight after starting HRT basically never happens, even with a diet. I'm down almost 20 pounds in about 2 months.

So, doses are already upped and the roadmap is being drafted for my next two years. Things are going uncommonly, remarkably well.

But this isn't the real reason I'm posting.

So, the office I had to go to was about an hour's drive away. I could have used paratransit but I'm stubbornly independent. I could get there via bus, so I did, but it involved a 4 hour layover before the appointment and an hour after. Which is fine. I can happily, patiently wait those kinds of hours just about anywhere.

Well, I did a little map searching and saw that there was a few cool looking natural places I could go hiking and photographing and whatever. And this being the PNW, I was expecting the usual, some trees and moss, maybe a view of the water somewhere to sit and take photos or read my book.

Well, instead I found this. (Warning: video with loud waterfall white noise audio.) What you're not seeing in the video is the ad hoc manicured trails and benches set all over the place. I was expecting a bit of bushwhacking, and I even brought my own folding chair. I was not expecting a totally comfortable slice of PNW paradise.

And that has to be the best doctor's office waiting room I've ever even heard of. I mentioned this to my intake tech/nurse. I mean, I was really excited about it, like "You guys, do you have ANY IDEA what you have just a quarter of a mile down the road!? IT'S AMAZING!" She laughed and noted that my blood pressure was something like 5-10 points down on check in. She then commented she goes there for lunch breaks all the time and that must explain why my blood pressure was so low.

Oh yeah I'm doing such a brave and difficult thing over here. Sheesh, if I knew I was going to be having this much fun and such an easy, effortless time I would have started this 20 years ago. (Yeah, I know I wouldn't have had such an easy time with GP docs and informed consent 20 years ago. Oh well. I'm here now.)
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Loquacious, I think you're discovering the befits of overcoming imposter syndrome yourself. What a beautiful anecdote. I'm glad you found beauty today.
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Loquacious, I am loving reading the pure JOY and EXCITEMENT that infuses your recent posts. It’s as if there’s a subliminal bit to them where you’re singing to all of us and the lyric is just “be yourself and follow your dreams” repeated over and over again. Thank you for being so Brave.
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I am making this hat out of plaid orange, brown, and blue plaid lumberjack flannel!

Also I have one baby moccasin made and I have two of my five MeFi card exchange cards sent out (the others are for events at the end of the month so I have time thanks much).

ALSO I AM EXCITED FOR SNOW. It snowed all day yesterday and it was so pretty, and then snow is on the forecast for days starting tomorrow. Sadly it's almost MARCH and we needed this snow back in November, but I'll take whatever snow we can get. (Also I'm getting a cord of wood delivered tomorrow so I can be excited about the snow instead of kind of worried because I ran out completely yesterday and it was 10 degrees F last night and had to borrow wood from my parents and sleep in the living room with all the other rooms closed off - boy were the cats mad and bored.)

Finally I am excited to have ordered sweetgrass and sage seeds from JL Hudson Seedsman, although I have a black thumb, so who knows how that's going to go...I'll need pots and potting soil, because the soil around here is alkaline and full of goatheads. Yuck.
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Two things to note.

One: I ride my bicycle every day. Or every night, depending. I ride my bike sometime after awakening and before sleeping. So last Wednesday I'm headed out on the ride, just barely left my condo, hook a right to take me to the hike/bike trail, on my right side is a creek, on my left if a new luxury apartment complex (which lifted my property values thank you very much; it's right next door.) So I'm headed to the trail, I look to my left and damned if there wasn't an owl, sitting on a fence, six feet away from me. I of course stopped, and said hello, and how do you do, and how are you on this fine night, and I held out my hand hoping he/she would come over and say hi, but that wasn't in the cards. But we did spend at least a minute, eyeball to eyeball. And then it took off. But it only went a short distance, turned around and came back, landed the exact same place, more eyeball to eyeball, at least another minute. It was great. It wasn't one of those big monsters, it was maybe 9 inches tall, as big around as a jar of Ragu. It was *all* eyes, really cool.

I know, I know, pictures or it didn't happen. Well, let me tell you, if you think for an instant that I was gonna break that eyeball to eyeball to dig in my pocket for my cell phone and then flash the owls eyes after it'd been so trusting, and friendly -- well, you're just going to have to take my word.


Two: I ride my bicycle every day. Rain, shine, hot, cold, ice, sleet, snow, late, early -- no matter, I'm riding. (I've not missed even one day of riding.) I rode when we got that hurricane coming through here, definitely not as harsh as down on the coast but there was no mistaking that it was a bit breezy for two days, a number of trees down, lots and lots of rain, too.

As the autumn came on, I posted an AskMe, asking all you wise folks here if it is cold that makes a person sick or if it's being exposed to a virus, and being exposed to a virus is where it's at. I asked that question because I'd sortof been considering riding every day wearing a helmet, my pack, bike shoes, a pair of shorts, gloves. No socks, no shirt, no long wind pants or anything of that nature. Well, once I found out that it's not cold that makes a person sick, I decided to just go with the no shirt etc and etc. I've held to it, and it's been a lot of fun -- you can't imagine what my body is reporting in to me, and then I'm forced to remind it that it's not really painful, just interesting, that's all. A novel experience.

But there *is* one problem, and it's an awfully big problem -- my hands. They just flat do *not* listen even the tiniest little bit when I mention to them that it's not really painful, and if/when it's in the 20s or 30s with a wind, my hands turn to numb nothing, nothing except pain that is, and I can't trust them to brake or shift in that condition so it forces me to slow down, and when slowed down everything goes to hell, especially if it's rainy, and most especially when it's windy -- gawd.

Three times I've come home with some pretty neat hypothermia going on, like, to where I can't stop shivering (shivering like convulsions type of shivering) for an hour, give or take.

I really don't like that part.

On the sleet night I dropped my front door key and no. way. could I pick it up; I had to go knock on a neighbors door, and ask for her help, putting the key in the lock. (If it is at all cold or windy, I've learned that it's a really good idea to leave the key in the lock.)

The most interesting days? Well, the one day it started as rain, then turned to sleet/slush, and I got a flat tire, and of course it was on the back tire, too, much more difficult to get the wheel off. I used very, very expressive language, I said many bad words. I lost my hands when changing out that flat, and I was only maybe 20% into the ride, and it was windy, and I was screwed. So that was an interesting day.

Another interesting day -- the day after the rain/sleet/slush day it snowed, but because the trail I ride is right on the river, it wasn't regular snow like other parts of town, once again it was really wet, soggy, slushy. Though not as windy. And it sure was pretty.

The hurricane days were fun. I was walking my bike across the top of the dam and the gusts were really ripping at me, wanting to throw me over that railing, which, while it would certainly be interesting, I can't say I'd think it amusing. But yeah, interesting, to be sure.


My ride yesterday was Day 730 @ 11 Miles Per Day

Two years

One Day At A Time
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New Excitement:

* Back in February, my current roommate announced she was moving out, with the space officially available April 1st. The very next day there was an FPP about a hell roommate who would respond to Craigslist ads, move in, and then make his roommates' lives hell; I was sufficiently freaked out to joke that "hey, anyone in here know someone seeking a place?", secretly hoping someone would say "actually, yes" and I wouldn't have to go to Craigslist. And - sure enough someone did, I met the apartment-seeker, he was awesome, he thought I was awesome, he's moving in on April 1st.

* And then - the current roommate said that even though she'd paid rent for March, she was gonig to move out on MARCH 1st. I told that to the new incoming roommate, and he said he'd still stick with April 1st. So: I have a two bedroom brownstone floorthrough apartment all to myself for the month of March. And I am going to clean ALL THE THINGS and do ELABORATE CRAFT PROJECTS and CLEAN OUT ALL THE CLOSETS and basically tackle all the long-term Stuff I've been wanting to do for months that I couldn't do because my outgoing roommate sleeps until about 2 pm on the weekends HOORAYYYYYY
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But there *is* one problem, and it's an awfully big problem -- my hands. They just flat do *not* listen even the tiniest little bit when I mention to them that it's not really painful, and if/when it's in the 20s or 30s with a wind, my hands turn to numb nothing, nothing except pain that is, and I can't trust them to brake or shift in that condition so it forces me to slow down, and when slowed down everything goes to hell, especially if it's rainy, and most especially when it's windy -- gawd.

In Alaska we have pogies for this and they are lovely when it is truly terrible. I mean, they attach to your bike so it wouldn’t be compromising your dress situation otherwise.
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Three times I've come home with some pretty neat hypothermia going on, like, to where I can't stop shivering (shivering like convulsions type of shivering) for an hour, give or take.

Speaking as a fellow connoisseur of cold temps, be careful with this. This kind of body load can take a lot out of you.

Anyway, my suggestion is to pick up a box of chemical footwarmers or other self heating pads. The ones that have sticky backs shaped like the forefoot of a shoe should stick nicely to a pair of handgrips.

You can also get the rechargeable kind that recharge by boiling them. Just strap 'em to your bars somewhere where you can grip them occasionally, not necessarily on your main grips.

And I would bet that USB or other powered heated bicycle grips are a thing. Heated motorcycle grips have been a thing for a couple of decades now.

Losing hand grip and dexterity to cold on any kind of a bike is no joke. I've crashed a few times because my fingers didn't respond to my brain's command to go for a break lever. And dropping to your feet to slide-stop doesn't really work if you're riding around in wet and cold.
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(P.S. If you like salty and sweet together, especially pretzels and peanuts, you should try Hershey's Gold bars. Even if you hate Hershey's chocolate because they are not chocolate they are something else entirely and that thing is pure deliciousness.)
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For those of you that followed the men with small dogs post, in which Samizdata asked about my boy Mugsy’s heartworm treatments, we just got the official word. Mugs has officially tested negative for heartworms. No more painful treatments.

Today I rewarded him with a large wad of fat off the pot roast. Which, for those of you following the Instant Pot post, I made in an Instant Pot.
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I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with my spinning wheel and successfully just spun a spindle full of singles. Granted they're not anywhere near as nice as what I can do on a drop spindle, but this was my first foray into the spinning wheel AND I did them about ten times faster than I would have done them on the drop wheel. So yay! Yay spinning wheel! Now let's see if I can get past the fingerling thing and try spinning something bulky or weird. Somewhere around here I have some Corriedale that would make for a good test yarn.

(Also my power was only out for an hour or so. Yay!)
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Loquacious, I am loving reading the pure JOY and EXCITEMENT that infuses your recent posts. It’s as if there’s a subliminal bit to them where you’re singing to all of us and the lyric is just “be yourself and follow your dreams” repeated over and over again. Thank you for being so Brave.

I've been wanting to touch base on this and say thank you. I'm currently in Seattle spreading the joy, and with just my phone and slow thumbs to type on.

I don't know where I got this from but one of my mantras (I used to tell other people, heh) is "Your dreams are real. You should follow them."

Though the "should" has been noted to be a little bossy.

I would gently like to decline the claims of bravery. Like a lot of trans folks it's not a choice or a matter of being brave or not. It's a matter of hitting a personal wall and realizing that my life and coping strategies have effectively been functionally the same as (trigger warning) dead or simply not existing.

I'm terrified. But I have good friends.

Most trans people I've met would sincerely like to skip the "you're so brave" part. It's apparently one of the squares on the trans bingo card.

I'm not at all hurt nor offended, but this a great place and moment to bring this one up.

And, thankfully, I think my dumb thick hide and pretty bleak stoicism and appreciation for the absurdity of existing is going to serve me well. "Hi, I really don't care what you call me as long as it's friendly, and I'm pretty sure you don't want to taunt the witchy acid-tongued wookie in a dress. It would be rather foolish, don't you think?"
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I'm quitting smoking today! Again. Again-again-again.

I can't say I'm exactly... excited... but I'm trying to be?

Any tips/recos/encouragement welcome!
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YOU CAN DO IT! I quit smoking over 5 years ago and it remains one of the best things I ever did for myself. I know it's a cliche, but smokers absolutely reek and have atrocious breath and now you'll be as fresh and clean as an OutKast song.

Also health and money and all that other good stuff. Mostly health. But good gravy you will never notice just how bad a smoker stinks until after you quit.
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Interesting historical time loop note:

I'm house-sitting for a friend in his apartment directly across from the new Amazon campus. The hotel I was in after my lung collapsed about eight years ago is where the new Amazon campus is today. I can see where my room generally would have been, and it's roughly about 30-45 feet in front of the second floor security desk, and about 20-30 feet to the right.

Somewhere I have pictures of the hotel being torn down, including watching my old room getting torn out by one of those demolition claws on a backhoe arm.

It is reeeeally weird looking at this.
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Loquacious- Do you have a Sonic near you?? If so, hold on to your britches....Pickle. Juice. Slushies.
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