A Questionnaire for Adults on Play? March 9, 2018 10:02 AM   Subscribe

I'm trying to find a questionnaire/assessment focused on different activities that adults can rate to understand what might be fun or playful for them.

I am 90% sure I originally found it on askmeta. I feel like it was a question where someone was trying to have more fun and a commenter suggested an assessment that looked very formal and like it was created for a psychologist or therapist to use. It was a very long list of activities that you would check off. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Is it this?
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It is not that. It was much longer and not so much a quiz as a long list checklist of options. They might have been organized by category, but can't remember. I think the link was to a boring looking PDF.
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Can confirm the existence of such a thing--something along the lines of "How many times in the last year have you... [huge list of pleasurable/fun/relaxing activities]." It was akin to this list (.pdf) and to this, the Pleasant Events Schedule (.pdf).
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...and credit to ostro, who posted it to the Green in 2014.
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Was it this (my own) question about a List of Likes?
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Thanks everyone for these answers! It was the Pleasant Events Schedule. I'm so excited to fill it out!
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