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Within the past 60 or 30 days there was a post concerning a *very* idiosyncratic website devoted to archiving small-town newspapers from a local area of the mid-atlantic states, I think in Pennsylvania, which over time has become one of the largest online local-newspaper archives on the web. The site relies on a number of questionable technology decisions and UI implementations, but remains unique. Unfortunately, google and/or site searches for 'newspaper archive' and variants didn't do the trick for me.

Tag hunts on the blue with 'newspaper' 'archive' 'history' and 'journalism' came up empty too.

N. B., deleted from Ask and reposted here per LobsterMitten
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Was it this guy?
ETA: Jinx! (or almost :)
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It still bugs me that I screwed up the title on that post.
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Also this post I did a couple years ago
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Thanks guys! Chrysostom, consider adding to the tags if you can? Looks like it's closed so you might not be able to. Anyway, thanks for posting it in the first place!
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Ha, I had tagged with "newspapers" and "archiving", so close.

I just added "newspaper" and "archive".
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Well, I found who I was looking for, but not the pics I was hoping for! My brother-in-law's grandfather played minor league ball in New York and Pennsylvania in the late thirties and mid-forties. I have found miscellaneous imagery of teams he played on but not yet any images of him in uniform. In the archive, he is mentioned in brief coverage of games and teams a few times.
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I added "newspape" and "archiv" too just to be sure.

I did not actually do that. Just let me have this dumb joke.
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