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I see there's a Metafilter group on there, but it's dormant! If anyone's interested in following or being followed, just search for the group and you'll find me (I don't want to link that username with my metafilter identity). Thank you!
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Can you tell us more about what Fitocracy is? Is it for hardcore power lifter types, or can mere mortals benefit, too?
posted by ArbitraryAndCapricious at 7:42 AM on May 28, 2018

I'm still using Fitocracy (and I think I'm still in the group, actually.) It's a workout log with gamification elements - you get experience points, levels, and achievements for logging your workouts. It works very well for lifting, and has entries for pretty much everything else I've tried to log (although running-specific apps have a lot more running-related features, etc.)
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Before I attempt to reach a conclusion in regards to this matter, I think I will go lie down and think about it at some length.
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I am in that group, and I am also dormant, but I would probably be revived with that group! It's been a couple of years.

Arbitrary, I am a 40yo suburban mom who will never intends to compete in an Arnold. I need to get back to lifting for functional strength, like putting large garbage in the hatchback and taking it to the dump. Hardcore!!
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I have an account there. Can't remembered if I joined the mefi group.

I've been working out more than I have in a log time, and regularly. But my Fitocracy account is dormant. I think I won't risk disrupting the good rhythm I have going, so it'll stay that way for now, but good luck all!
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a long time...

not a log time. But I have been logging my workouts.
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Oh my goodness. I forgot ALL ABOUT this little app.
Turns out the last time I logged in was 2015. YIKES.
I'll have to give it a second look to see if it might be something I can integrate into my current tracking process.
Which is a spiral notebook and a gel pen.
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I just signed up because I'm in desperate need of some gamification to get me motivated to exercise, but apps like Habitica are a bit too much for me. I'm mostly hoping to get my at-home weight lifting regimen habituated to my schedule. I was doing pretty good when obliged to go to a gym, but either need to just focus on body weight or resistance band training, or up the variety of dumbells I have here at home.
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