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We're just at the half way point of 2018. How are those New Year's resolutions coming along? Have you done the thing you said you were going to do? If you have, that's awesome. If you didn't, there's still time. And maybe you won't, that's also cool, there's always next year. Figured it'd be fun to have a place to share our triumphs, struggles, etc.
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My only goal this year was to quit books I'm not enjoying earlier.
I just quit my 5th book yesterday!
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I started a weird art tumblr thing that I'll be sharing at some point soon. It's just finding it's feet and I'm having fun. But still new, so I want to work on it more before I share it with the community.
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Well, I'm 7 books behind on my "read 75 books this year" challenge, but I stayed on track throughout most of my second semester of grad school and it was really finals + suddenly needing a new car that got me off track. I figure that once I have a damn car and can stop worrying about that particular stressor I'm gonna be able to get caught up. No, scratch that, once I have a damn car and can stop worrying I am going to sit down and read 7 books straight in a week because I deserve it.
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I've eaten 213.5" of submarine sandwich this year, which is according to wolfram alpha approximately the height of an adult giraffe. That seems good.
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I've eaten 213.5" of submarine sandwich this year,

I am impressed with the amount you have eaten, but also more impressed that you are keeping a record of this.
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She has a special ruler she caries with her everywhere just to keep track of the length of submarine sandwiches she has eaten because she is rad as hell
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I need to stop hating myself. So I guess that's my resolution.
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I think I'm having more good days than bad days, at least with regard to self-loathing. Everything else pretty much sucks 24/7 (climate, the fucking President, etc.) but I think I'm mostly keeping my head above water?
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We're still a month away from the halfway point of the year, I think?, so fear not everyone, there's still a lot of 2017 left. I'm well behind the number of books I'd like to read in a year but maybe the summer will give more time.
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The newsletter I wanted to start is undergoing a rethink, possibly because my idea appears to have been covered by others. I'll see what else I can do with it.
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My new year's resolution was to buy an apartment and move in; and so far I've managed to buy the apartment, but ongoing (and more extensive than planned!) renovations mean moving hasn't happened yet. My lease runs out tomorrow, but my landlord is letting me stay an extra 2 weeks, so at least I can cook up a stockpile of food for when I won't actually have a functional kitchen when I'm moved in.

Also I have houseguests in early July, and hot damn the apartment better be habitable before they show up.

So 2018 is the year I went from having a satisfyingly large financial buffer, to being the most in debt I've ever been. It's been interesting to see how anxious and generally risk averse its making me.
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My November resolution to exercise every day is going well, I can now walk 6k without much discomfort and I have a lot less joint and muscle pain overall.

I'm writing some but not as much as I'd like, and everything else has gone to hell, but I was trying to change too much stuff at the same time a few months ago so this is not surprising. I was also trying to get better at budgeting, eat more protein, do better at recycling and play more music and the first three have improved a little but not super consistently; the music has not really happened. I bit off more than I could chew.

My dentist said "you floss every day" as a a statement rather than a question a few weeks ago so that long-term project is also going well. A strong emphasis on dental hygiene when we were kids and teenagers is one of the few things my parents got right when I was growing up; I feel very lucky to have good teeth and I hope to hang on to them.
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I'm working through Bach's Goldberg Variations and posting updates to my personal blog (almost) every day. It's hard and I'm not good at this. But it's fun!
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I had all kinds of problems several years ago, mostly of my own making, and I felt there was no way out. I tried resolutions, but I couldn't change all of that shit. But I finally decided that if I ignored the whole list maybe I could tackle one piece. I went from drinking 2L a day of vodka to zero and I haven't had a drop in years. It was hard. But I could do it when I consciously told myself that other problems just had to wait. Then I attacked another thing that I wanted to change. And it worked! And on and on picking away at things in my life, little and big, until one day I wasn't upset that I woke up in the morning.

I've been working on my weight (Weight Watchers is pretty awesome) and it was going very well. Recently my family had a very large, stressful event come out of the blue. I somehow had the sense to realize "Hey, self, something is going to break here. You won't make it out of this much stress intact." Most of the things that I default to will get me arrested, dead, poor, etc., so I intentionally stopped working on my weight and stress ate whatever and whenever I wanted. I really didn't have the mental energy to worry about my diet on top of the rest. It worked! I gained weight but my anxiety level isn't off the charts and I didn't throw drugs, alcohol, or more risky behaviors at it. I never thought failing at a resolution intentionally could be such a win. Maybe you are thinking "well, yeah, that's how it's supposed to work, genius" but it's a win for me and I feel like Batman. All because I broke a resolution.
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Totally successful, cough cough, vowed to never make a NYE resolution again.
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Beat me to it.
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I have breathed only air this year. But it's not a NY resolution, since I don't make those. Just started around that time.
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I've eaten 213.5" of submarine sandwich this year,

roughly the same living space I now occupy BUT, I got my new apartment today so I'm happyhappyhappy as I'm on track for my new years revolutions
resolution's, results from wishful thinking turned plan of action.

now publishing a book of flaccid poetry , along with getting a Cattahoola whom I shall name Severus Agrippa; complete with abbreviated attire, can wait.

also proper use of the semi-colon.
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halfway isn't until the first of july

canada day

dan ackroyd's birthday

so you still have a month to plan that party
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22 blog posts YTD - so more or less on track to average 1 per week for the year.

Down 7 pounds for the year, which is 70% of the original goal, although I think I'm going to keep going and lose 15.

With the exception of one business and one pleasure trip out of town, have been to the gym at least 2X a week, and normally make it 3X a week.

It feels like I'm ahead of my goal to read 25 books, but I don't have an actual count handy. Pretty sure I'm good on this one too.

Spend more time and money on experiences and less on stuff. Hitting this one too, although I can't really quantify it.

So 5/5 - look at me meeting goals like an, uh, adult.
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I make my New Year's resolutions on my birthday because that's my new year. And it's more of a theme than a resolution. My birthday was last Tuesday and the theme is "Figuring out how to live my best life." Because last Wednesday marked my tenth month of sobriety and now that I've got a pretty good grip on this whole not drinking thing, it's time to move on to figuring out who the heck I am because the alcoholism covered for and exacerbated a huge lack of sense of self.

So in the past eight days I

-joined a shul, because I came to realization that it's something that's important to me.

-scheduled a total hysterectomy and oophorectomy (I've been trying to get this done for years due to a personal history of rupturing ovarian cysts and endometriosis, plus a maternal family history of ovarian and breast cancer. My nana was my age when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died when she was 50. They're doing the hysterectomy so I can go on estrogen-only HRT because of the history of breast cancer. My mom went through perimenopause for 20 years and I'd rather go through surgically induced menopause than that.) I am so ridiculously excited I could cry. I have cried.

-started rebuilding my wardrobe because alcohol has a lot of calories and I lost 50 pounds over the past 10 months. I rediscovered my personal sense of style and bought lots of dresses with pockets that fit and cute shoes that make me happy. Today, I'm getting a pair of Marc Jacobs purple velvet disco jeans delivered. Disco jeans! Disco jeans are totally me living my best life.

So, um, I look forward to what the next 356 days will bring because I'm off to a roaring start, I think. I can't wait to see what I can do when I'm not in bed with a giant ovarian cyst and a heating pad!
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I had to go check the resolutions thread to see what I had set myself up for. And wow it's going okay. I've taken no new work (and a few community projects) for 2018. I've rewritten my will to fund a few scholarships in case I die sometime soon. I've attacked some mental health issues which will also make that a little less likely. Getting rid of stuff. Donating to charity. The only thing that hasn't really been coming along is getting back on the exercise track. I basically set a deadline of a year after my mom died, light a candle and get back on that bike. I've still got a few weeks left on that one.
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The only resolution I ever make it to not make a resolution. I'm not sure if that means I am good at keeping my resolution or really bad at it.

This said, I have been doing well with self-improvement. I'm 1024 days sober. My 45th birthday was coming up nearly three years ago and I was going to make a run at quitting drinking, since I didn't want to spend the next 40 years like I spent the last 40. I couldn't remember the last time I'd gone a week without and for sure not a month (bootcamp 30 years ago probably). I specifically decided not to wait until my birthday, since I figured it would be kind of silly to wait a few weeks just to have an arbitrary day to start. Anyway, it's been going well. I'm not working a program, but I am taking quite a few lessons for several different ones and doing my own thing and it's working, so yay.

I'm exercising quite a bit. I just do what my watch tells me to do, but I get my minutes in most every day. I've lost no weight, but that isn't the goal so much as staying active.

I'm eating better.

I'm getting slightly more organized and doing so things I'm proud of that seem stupid to be proud of (like buying a pressure washer and detailing the car). Next up the deck and some landscaping. (I know nothing about either of these things.)

I've been writing more. I'm studying things that interest me (some history, some computer stuff, some web junk).

I have a ways to go. I have so many things I want to do, but when I turn them into resolutions it always seems like a failure when I don't keep them. I want to read more, and plan to do so, but there's only so many hours in a day.
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I am the most uninteresting person so my New Year's Resolution was to lose weight and get healthier, ideally getting closer to where I was when I was lifting regularly. Thus far I've lost 40lbs from where I started and 50lbs from my top weight. I've been less diligent about the gym, but am still keeping on and yesterday I discovered I'm finally able to do a pull-up again. I've still got some to go, I've gone through some rocky times, and I'm far from perfect, but it still feels pretty good to type out those numbers.
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I have done 0 work on the chapbook of my art I hoped to put together. On the plus side, my stuff is hanging in an actual gallery on the other coast next month, so I can take that off the list for next year...
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I've rewritten my will to find a few scholarships in case I die sometime soon

If I may submit a respectful request, motivated by sincere admiration for your creativity and its creations, your great and thoughtful intellect, and the admiration for you we happily know: it is that you might not fulfil the stated precedential condition of the aforementioned testamentary disposition.
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I started on this last summer, but as of this spring I'm pretty thin now.
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find a few scholarships

Oh hey I fixed that typo. And yeah I share in your wish there.

I'm pretty thin now.

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I feel good about this year. I have largely given up sugar for about three months now. I have been having some luck with my creative writing, and I have managed to get very, very organized about a number of my day-to-day things. I managed to take a trip to England a few weeks ago and hope to visit Dublin in the next six months, when I hadn't been out of the country previously in almost 30 years. I've managed to pay off a few major debts -- one more to go and I'll be entirely debt free, although it is a bit of a beast.

I turned 50 this year, so I'm trying to get my life in order, as I think a lot of us tend to do on a big birthday. I try to be a little forgiving though. I'm shooting to live to 120, so I reckon I have another 70 years to figure it out.

My girlfriend has a friend who is 108, so this doesn't seem impossible to me.
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Oh hey I fixed that typo

There was a typo? I don’t see none! But I see now an aesthetic typo in my own comment: using the word “admiration” twice in short measure. The second occurrence of that word should really be: love.
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From my post in the resolution thread:

I need to get in better shape.

Nope. Next.

I would like to sell a guitar

Not yet, but I did build a website!

I also want to build myself a Really Nice guitar, something I'll build using all the skills I've acquired these past two years.

Just finished it. It's pretty frickin' sweet, and I think the progress I've made in just 2 1/2 years makes me proud that I'm achieving this particular goal of mine that just sort of accidentally became a goal.

Mostly I'm hoping to get through to the end of 2018, to the point where we can maybe see a light at the end of this shitty national tunnel we've all been in since last November.


Socially I... well, I want to be more social.

I completely forgot about this. I'm doing the same as always, which is not great. After I made that post last year someone MeMailed me and basically said "Me too. Let's be friends!" and we swapped a couple of MeMails and she sent me a postcard and I promptly forgot about the whole thing and this kind of makes me feel shitty so I'm going to MeMail her right now and say "yo, what up!" and some other stuff.

Thanks for reminding me of what I promised myself, FIzz. Maybe I'll try to do better in the second half of the year.
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The good news: I’m using my paper habit tracker about half the time. I’m in the crowded waiting room for another visit at my psychiatrist’s office. I got a job! I’m organizing this month and this months meetup for a technical thing I’m learning. I’ve applied SMART goal concepts to my desire to be a better listener. I’ve been attentive to my health, getting my dental cleaning and health things taken care of in a timely manner.

The less good news: I’m only using my paper habit tracker about half the time. My anxiety is working overtime and it’s putting my new job seriously in jeopardy (hopefully the psychiatrist can help with this). I am recovering from my third round of strep in a month and the antibiotic is kicking my ass all over town and I am tempted to nap in this waiting room chair. I’ve got two different kinds of probiotics to take and one is a kinda gross drink.
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I still have not started the digital history project or the unrelated blog.

I still don't have a job. Things are not good.

My workouts are going well, though.
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How are those New Year's resolutions coming along?

I'm like a quarter of the way through writing them.
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Oh wait, you mean for 2018? Never mind, haven't started.
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i wanted to train someone this year to do what i do but better, and i wanted to get someone else a job. did the first one in texas, and two days ago achieved the second. so that’s pretty cool.
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At the end of 2017, I completed a particular reading goal and entered the new year expecting to finish a longer-term goal for catching up on semi-recent science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. I finally called that done earlier this week: Movie Favorites: SF/F/H 2011-2015. I get that aiming to achieve something low-stakes and fun to do isn't entirely in the spirit of the new year's ritual, but it works for me.
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I get that aiming to achieve something low-stakes and fun to do isn't entirely in the spirit of the new year's ritual, but it works for me.

I think these are actually some of the more rewarding resolutions/rituals to complete. Because they're doable and they bring satisfaction when you cross them off your list. Good on you for doing your thing.
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I painted every day in January, animals. But after that the practice became spotty. Very spotty. But, I am back up to painting 2-4 times per week. Learning acrylics. Hadn't actually finished anything I thought showed any improvement until the most recent one, inspired by Stacey Abrams primary win in Georgia. So now maybe I can practice painting AND help spread good news.
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I had to look back through that original thread to see if I had even written anything because who remembers that far back! Not me, I guess. My resolution was to keep taking care of my cat and to try and go camping. I haven't managed the camping thing yet but I have a cat story!

Tonight on my way home I stopped and picked up his weekly groceries (cat litter, canned food) and restocked his snack supply because we're almost out of freeze dried minnows.

We've been doing this thing where I will let him sniff things - random spices, jars of pickles, a spoonful of mustard - and so I opened the cat snack bag and let him stick his nose in to see if he wanted to try them. And he sat and did his high five without me even having to say sit, or hold out my hand for him to touch. Clicker training, my friends.
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Dangit... who's willing to clicker train me? That sounds more successful than any other approach tried so far....
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I looked at the resolutions thread, and I said I wanted to finally graduate from college. Check!

I also mentioned a secret goal that I didn't want to say for fear of jinxing it, but I honestly have no idea what that was.

My unofficial resolution was to spend less time mindlessly surfing the internet, and I did OK for about a month, but I've fallen off the wagon.
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I made a resolution not to leave tea bags in the sink anymore. It's silly but it's an awful habit I have. I only noticed I did it once so far, so go me.
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According to the resolutions thread, my goal was to “watch more television, not Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes adaptations.” It isn’t even June and I’ve accomplished my goal. What I watched:

True Detective S1 - It would be weird to drop spoilers for a semi-recent show in a resolutions discussion, but I will say that I loved the ending and was very surprised to find out that the internet hated it.

Westworld S1 - I really enjoyed it even though some of the twists at the end were spoiled for me. Phone call to parents.
Me: I’m watching Westworld.
Dad: So am I. You know, your aunt just finished it and she said SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER.
Me: ...
Dad: SPOILER. Isn’t that crazy?
I haven’t seen any of S2 yet because I’m afraid these violent delights will have poorly written ends. Or I might skip it completely and let my family keep me updated on the robot revolution.

Whitechapel - I watched this one by mistake and it is completely ridiculous and I love it. A couple of years ago, I watched a couple of episodes about Victorian detectives trying to catch a Ripper copycat and from the description on Amazon, Whitechapel appeared to be that show, so I started watching it. As it turns out, that was a different show. This one begins as a somewhat gory procedural, starts getting weird, and now I’m convinced that the series is going to end with the main character being sacrificed in the east end version of a wicker man. I fully expect an ending that is absurd, confusing, and hard to see because of the dim lighting.

Miss Sherlock - Does watching this count as breaking my resolution? If so, it is totally worth it because it has been so good and I love seeing J-drama clichés mixed with Canon.
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I am doing laundry, planting pots and beds and untrashing the hovel in fits and starts. It's beautiful weather wise and we are at maximum birdsong. Right now, the house finches are waxing rhapsodic operatic with solo robin across the street cheeriup cheeriup cheerioing to a horizon of sirens.

And boredom lead to knowledge today: I now know how to pronounce perspicacious.

There's one off the bucket list.

Oh, the perspicacity !
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I’ve lost 14 pounds and several inches off my body, that feels good.
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I had to go back and check the resolution thread too. Maaaan, was I depressed in January. Happy to report I'm doing much better now than I was then, despite the outcome being a vitriolic divorce. I have moved into my own place, where there is a thriving vegetable garden and space where I can finally set up my own partial pottery studio. Am connecting with some excellent new people who are making me feel better about losing some friends in the divorce. Kiddo is adjusting admirably and I'm handling part time single-parenting better than I expected I would. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm happy or at peace now, but I have contained a lot of the damage and can see a far-off outcome where I'll be okay.
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Damnit. Checked the resolutions thread. I have gotten rid of moderately more clutter, but not enough and I still am not feeding myself like an adult. However, this thread was an excellent reminder to start over. I resolve that June will be the month of 3 meals a day and speeding up clutter removal. Thanks MeTa!
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My new year's resolution was to clean my house enough that I wasn't embarrassed by it and then throw a damn party.

I've discovered that even if my house isn't perfectly clean that people don't mind and I can explain the clutter by the fact that I'm in the middle of a giant purge.

I love having people over and I love that I have people to have over for the first time in many years.

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I joined the GoodReads challenge and set myself up a goal of reading 12 books in 2018.

I've read 5.

3 of them I was already at least halfway through by the end of 2017. I don't think the graph for this is looking good.

On the other hand I also managed to re-read Pride & Prejudice, Emma and the entire Anne Shirley/Blythe series for the millionth time.
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I have been on one very long (16km) walk on the downs so far this year and have plans for more, so that's started pretty well! I am mostly eating 16/8 and have started a weekly weight-lifting class, which I am enjoying. (although annoyingly, I now have to miss it for two weeks. Ugh.)

We spoke to a person about mortgages. Apparently, we can haz one! Need to get past June/July, which have various family and otherwise events in it and then we will have actual weekends to go see houses. Very exciting/terrifying.

I am making a dent in the craft WiPs so that is on-going.
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I didn’t post in the last thread! Weird.

Well, my resolution was to blog once a week and so far I have only missed 2. That’s pretty darn successful!
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I had hazy unwritten resolutions to make more art and get back to blogging. I have made more art and wrote like three blog posts in January, so, C-.
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I'm heavier than I need to be mostly because I keep filling my body with garbage. Decided to lose 20 lbs this year and am more or less on track. I'm about 9 lbs or so down from where I started.

That was the "easy" first bit though. We'll see how things are looking in a few months.
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My resolution for this year is, broadly, to do the things that scare me.

This includes getting a job as an EMT ✅

I did this in January and it was okay for a while, but then the constant racism, sexism, and homophobia of my coworkers really started wearing on me, so now I'm only working on the ambulance one day a week and trying to convince myself that I haven't failed at doing this thing...

recommitting to roller derby ✅

I started showing up to practice and got voted onto our charter team, which has been terrifying and demoralizing and exhilarating and wonderful. I am learning a lot and making friends.

exercise in general, becoming more politically active, being better about keeping in touch with family and friends, etc. I guess all of those things mean getting my social anxiety in check.

Yeah, those last few things, not so much. On the other hand, I have developed some other non-resolution good habits, like flossing my teeth every day and making and keeping to a housecleaning schedule.
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*loquacious simply squeals in happiness and contentment as an update because they should be working instead of writing more updates*

BTW, my DJ/stage/performance outfit for tomorrow is just sickness.

All black, wool blazer, silk shell T, black slacks, black suede boots. Hot pink laces. People are going to trip the fuck out.
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I have been reading books from the pile, but at a slower pace than expected. Hyperion was a fucking slog.
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then the constant racism, sexism, and homophobia of my coworkers really started wearing on me, so now I'm only working on the ambulance one day a week and trying to convince myself that I haven't failed at doing this thing...

Sounds to me like you succeeded like whoa getting the job you wanted and it's your racist, sexist, homophobic co-workers who are failures at being good EMTs.
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Not a NY's resolution, but last June I started working out for the first time in a decade. Since then I've lost 10 pounds, which wasn't the goal per se, but it's a happy outcome for sure. In theory I'd like to lose another 10 or 15, but as long as I keep exercising and feeling healthier that would be a success.
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Mine was to exercise (because Nano McGee ruptured my uterus and I had a hellacious recovery where I couldn't walk and then had to do six months of PT and gained All The Weight) so I hired a trainer whom I've been seeing twice a week and I hate her and want her to die so that seems like it's going well?

I am making progress on strength, balance, and functional fitness (I can load a dishwasher without my back screaming in agony!) so I think I'm doing pretty well! Even if progress is very slow.
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(oh, from the prior thread, I have not yet read Ulysses but in my defense I'm working on War & Peace. And meeting peeps in my new town is an ongoing process!)
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I've logged 48 scientific papers read (to at least 90% completion) since the new year. The oldest from as far back as 1993, lots more from this year and last. But I have a tendency to read stuff on my phone right before bed, and those almost never make it into the log. Nice having the log, though. Glad I worked up the effort to track it.
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Resolutions:My life is pretty much as good as I can reasonably expect it to be, so I don't really have any resolutions. It is an ongoing project to try and be better with my kids, but they are young and drive me crazy, so it is more likely that they will age out of it than I will suddenly undergo some spiritual parenting enlightenment.

I had a good year running in 2017 and then pulled my groin in the beginning of November. It has been two months now and it still isn't back to 100%, so I would like to deal with that. I turn 40 in October, and feel like 2018 is going to be my year (once I get my groin fully healed, ugh).

Well I was right about the kids. They are still crazy, but even six months older and they are easier to deal with. The eldest (6) is suddenly no longer a huge pain in the ass, and the two younger kids are becoming slightly more independent. Potty training the baby isn't going that well, but we will get there.

As for running, the injury took months to get over, but I am back to running six days a week on a serious program, and even though I missed the spring races, I expect to have a good fall once I finally manage to get back into good shape.

Oh, and a reminder to anyone looking to exercise more, feel free to join our Strava club! There are over 120 of us now and we are really friendly. :)
posted by Literaryhero at 2:07 AM on June 1, 2018

My resolutions as posted in the thread:

I want to put my time and energy toward the things and people who deserve it (so more for myself, my long-suffering boyfriend, and my volunteer group; less for my family and only as much as is necessary for my job)

Hahhahaha. I achieved this one with flying colors by getting laid off at the beginning of March. I didn't really plan on being unemployed on my birthday (which is at the end of June and thus serves as a convenient mid-year check-in), but you know, I think this whole magical journey of unemployment has done me some good.

I really want to start exercising regularly - I'm going to start with Zumba and yoga and maybe walking more and go from there

I was actually just at a Zumba class today and thought to myself "Hey, it's June and I'm still doing this." I also started lifting weights (which is made bearable by watching Terrace House), and I'm starting to work my way through the Stairway Walks in San Francisco book. It's been nice to explore modes of exercise that I actually like, and realize that I don't have to force myself to run.

And I want to really start reading in Japanese - I don't care if it's social media posts or Animal Crossing or manga, I just want to be literate!

Much Animal Crossing has been played and many Instagram cat photo captions have been read (plus parts of some kids' books... I haven't managed to, like, finish one in five months). My reading has really improved and I'm happy about it.

Overall I've been disappointed in how the job hunt is going but I'm fine financially and writing this out really makes me realize how much this situation has given me the space to focus on other parts of my life. So, happy about that!
posted by sunset in snow country at 1:28 PM on June 1, 2018

I got into my dream grad program, started exercising (sometimes), stopped reading or watching the news or engaging with politics at all unless I want to, and am doing a better job listening to my body telling me what it needs rather than trying to pretend to be a healthy person (sometimes). Pretty good so far.
posted by colorblock sock at 5:06 PM on June 1, 2018 [1 favorite]

The Year Of Buy Nothing turned into only Buy A Lot Less & it's going well. I have so much stuff already. And now, I have a little in savings & it's a good feeling to know I can survive one major life crisis without having to go into debt. Also, my credit is finally repaired 10 years after my bankruptcy, and I have lots of credit, which I'm not using hardly at all, except to keep my credit score buoyant, so that if I have to go buy a car, holy crap -- I could just go do that tomorrow at a good rate & it wouldn't be the end of the goddam world, like it would have been even 2 years ago.

I did spring for a pair of Sennheiser hd 650's to replace my worn out Yamahas, & man, that was a good choice, if I was going to buy something rather than nothing. I think I'll probably have these the rest of my life.
posted by Devils Rancher at 8:16 PM on June 1, 2018 [1 favorite]

Oh, in February, I journaled every day for 5 consecutive days! But although the every day thing fell on its face, I've been keeping it up much more consistently, & trying to write creatiely about my thoughts, instead of just a lit of things that happened in a 24 hour or 48 hour period. I enjoy writing, but I have so little time for it. It's been good for me discipline-wise, though I'm pretty imperfect about it.
posted by Devils Rancher at 8:19 PM on June 1, 2018

My new years resolution was to eat more cheese. (I like to set myself up to win.)

I actually ended up getting really into making my own cheese. I have made a succession of nice Bries, and I even got a whole second fridge to ripen cheeses in (it was being given away free from work). Currently there is a caerphilly, two port saluts, a cheddar, some feta, and about eight Bries in there. I just opened a Brie this morning and had it for lunch.

I think I'm winning at new year's resolutions this year.
posted by lollusc at 2:01 AM on June 2, 2018 [6 favorites]

My resolution was to lost weight and instead I gain weight :(
posted by Wiserwood at 8:49 AM on June 5, 2018

My new years resolution was to have "a year of less" meaning to get rid of stuff i don't use and declutter, stop buying so much stuff (especially clothes) etc.

Clothes: I have not bought a single article of clothing since January 13th. At the beginning i had a few "planned allowances" of items i was going to let myself buy despite my imposed restriction, but after doing the wait-and-see-if-you-still-want-it thing for a few weeks i ended up not buying. Barring a house fire, i don't plan on buying any clothes this year. I've been wearing the clothes i have more so things have been wearing out appropriately to be phased out in the future and I have been wearing previously overlooked items i have.

Lunch: I have been bringing lunch from home 95% of the time in reusable containers and I keep metal silverware at my desk. less money, less waste, less processed food.

(possible TMI) Menses: began using cloth pads and have not needed disposable menstrual products since.

Books: pared down and donated a lot. relying on the library. I'm not a re-reader so this takes up less space and costs less.

Commute: - take the train. less money, less polluting (but more time unfortunately)

Toiletries and cosmetics: have been methodically using up what i have, but still feel bad throwing away things that dont work for me.

I went on a jewelry and tea binge, but i feel i am back in control.

I still go through periods of compulsion with things like having all the tabs open! looking through all the shoe options online to narrow them down(then not actually purchase).

overall I'd give myself a B.
posted by WeekendJen at 1:25 PM on June 5, 2018

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