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What is your Meta "thing" so to speak. We know some people 🙄 post a lot about video games. I was looking at my profile and surprised but not surprised to realize I've made 211 posts with the tag: videogames and 161 posts with the tag: literature. What are your top tags? What do you find yourself posting the most about?
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Turns out that as far as front page posts go, art is my thing, video games pulling up a trailing second place. The art thing is more notable for how many of them have been in the last year and a half, though, which is partly I guess just reflecting that I've been posting more in general in that time span.

But it's kinda validating to look at it and see that that is turning into a thing, as I've had art on my mind a lot more in general, and it's a reminder that I should keep embracing that very short thought-to-post process of "this art is cool, go make an FPP real quick" that's been working well for me at times. Maybe I can get up into the triple digits in a couple years!
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Baseball, apparently. Which, fair enough.
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Music. I'm surprised.
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i post the most about nyc because a while back someone complained that there were too many posts about nyc and it was ruining metafilter and i was like "i will increase the fucking thing"
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Science, Africa, children's books.
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Video game(-styled) things, robot things, SCIENCE! things, preferably as a single link with absolutely no additional context or comment whatsoever.
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I've only FPP'd 5 times, but 4 of them are small goofy fun creative things.

I need to change it up and post more about dairy products, because I always want excuses to say "cheese is in my wheelhouse"
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From my profile: MeFi tags: space (91) art (71) nasa (52) photography (51) postsbyblackmefites (51) film (40) humor (31) spaceflight (30) fiction (24) apollo (23)

So yeah, if you need to know about fictional space photography from the NASA in that one comedy film, call me.
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MeFi tags: science (14) art (10) history (9) losangeles (5) music (5) archaeology (4) anthropology (3) food (3) cooking (3) reading (2)

I'm a web developer. ;)
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Per my profile, my top tags are:

HappyFunSeptember (2) MarquisofPombal (1) ThermidorianReaction (1) belle (1) neat (1) festival (1) cephalopods (1) shoe (1) dinosaurs (1) fantastic (1)

So I guess I should make more posts about cephalopods? That also appears to be the only post on Metafilter with the ThermidorianReaction tag.
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13 years of random posts about Canada.

So much more than just robbing the US with dairy tariffs.
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One expects more lobster posts.
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I've made two posts, both to single-link concert photo sites, both well over ten years ago.
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I’m all over the place. 110 posts but only a couple with similar tags: journalism (5) obit (5) books (5) reading (3) privacy (3) chess (3) women (3) robots (3) media (3) history (3)
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Having been here for a very long time, my single biggest tag now is "brokenlink" from long-dead URLs.
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After that, my next biggest is obit posts. Back in the fightier days of MeFi, an obit post was about the only thing you could put up that wouldn't be flamed to ashes.
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I don't make many FPPs. "Mental Health" is the only tag I've used more than once, and that's also my career field, so I guess I have a pretty established wheelhouse.
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Like, lazuli, I don't make many FPPs. As a result, "punk," with two tags under AskMeFi, is the clear winner. LOL.
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Art, youtube, and Canada.
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history, groovy, loud.
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Math, baseball, and Wisconsin, which makes sense.
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Not that I've been posting FPPs, but my comments are strongly biased towards what I work on professionally (the human side of vehicular automation, or "yelling at engineers").
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Someday I will linktothedamnpaper on the food art of war in the USA, and will be complete.
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I post about dogs sometimes.
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Johnny Wallflower, 13/10
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Is there a way to see the tags on the posts in which we've commented the most?
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I've only done a few FPPs, but race and parenting came up twice. (Er, not necessarily in the same post.) Also, women's March, which apparently encouraged me to make a third of my posts (but is also confusing me what with the women's march). I don't know that any of that is my wheelhouse, but it's definitely stuff I'm interested in and talk about.

I would also love to see if there's a commonality of tags of posts that I comment in or favorite. Doesn't seem like the easiest to code though.
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Infodumpster might be helpful.
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Lgbtq and fashion. My asks are pretty much all books or cooking. I am not shocked.
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My most common tag, with 175 posts, is “literature”, which is indeed my wheelhouse as writing it is what I do for a living. I’m not surprised that “history” is second, with 134 posts, as that fits with what I read about online. After literature, current affairs and football, history’s what I seek out online. Then “music” has 99 posts, and it’s nice that I’m soon getting into triple figures in that. And then “poetry” and “art” have 56 posts each, which is nice. I always feel like I don’t do enough posts on those two subjects, dear to my heart, but I have made more than I thought.
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MeFi tags: tumblr (5) brokenlink (5) youtube (4) video (3) art (3) newyorker (3) feminism (3) coilhouse (3) television (2) hilobrow (2)
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There's this trick (with a name I've forgotten) where you take items with some kind of value associated with them (e.g. for comments, you could use favorites; for tags, you could use the count of your posts with that tag), sort by value, and take items until the position in the list first exceeds the value.

Taking my own meager 57 posts as an example,
1. programming: 5 posts
2. neural networks: 3 posts
3. wtf incels?!?, reproducibility crises, wikipedia, clocks, etc: 2 posts

For "programming" and "neural networks", the number of posts exceeds their rank, so I could count them as "in my wheelhouse", whereas all the wikipedia and clocks are not.
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I'm not at all a prolific poster, but I do like to post about something going on in my country now and then. Otherwise all y'all would probably forget that it exists.
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And I post more about art than I knew I did. Honestly, I don't even like art. Not really, in general at least.
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MeFi tags: football (5) soccer (5) gay (4) germany (3) marriage (2) france (2) berlin (2) undertaker (1) callcenter (1) xenophobia (1)

I haven't made an FPP in several years, but my wheelhouse is totally homosexuality in football, which is borne out by the tags. Kind of.
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history (139) music (42) art (35) culture (30) museum (29) food (26) folklore (22) media (21) web (15) politics (14)

That's about right.
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I have made very few FPPs, but “cat,” “parenting,” and “women” are my top three tags. That sounds right.
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Food and aviation, in that order. But never in the same post - I still can't quite wrap my head around the intersection of those two topics.

So if anyone could tell me what the deal is with airline food, that would be great.
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Obituaries for me.
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Art, music, dogs. I take this as a challenge to come up with a post about art music dogs. the lieder of the pack
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Cultural trivia, twee irony, and low-key self-loathing is my bullshit.

(Also I like collecting records and exploring The Cave of the Unknown!)
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My tops are: music (22) pop (9) ireland (8) art (7), which it occurs to me is basically this song. If I make three more "ireland" related posts, I will have tied the current leader.
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Beekeeping, HIV and Los Angeles. My life in a nutshell.
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Humor, followed by a tie between Judaism and Star Wars. Sounds about right.
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history (10) tumblr (9) art (8) map (7)

Yep, pretty much.
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Thank your diety of choice for browsers and variable width fonts.
more rhyme and rhythm please
less verbose is just a tease
type what you know is just a
throw which never the target
hits context is key at least
to me just a little bit twee
too late to change the plate
offered maybe even delicious
is still goddamn annoying as
most of these words even yet
have clue none to speak sans
fret because your lexigraphy
of the obvious is incomplete
or inconsistant so yet still
i do not understand a point.
Oh gawd did that just happen for no reason in 80x24 fixed width usenet talk.bizarre days.

My thing these days is trying to stay out of trouble. I have a wild past that consists of really random things that amount to "I haven't done that yet" being the reason. And a piss poor filter mechanism for public consumption.

I was going to be a cosmologist or a nuclear engineer. Because nobody ever told me there was anything else. blah blah ended at CompSci, dropped out and started working for the Uni instead. Up/Down mostly based on haven't done that yet.

So.. mostly a little bit of everything.... an approximate knowledge of many things. Mostly sciencey. It's things like that scandalous skank racist bitch with a knife to my throat because I just knocked her bf senseless because he/me had to because I called her scandalous. Shit like that don't go well on MeXX or at least I have a problem there.

My thing is mostly trying not to piss people off.
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the lieder of the pack

That's…that's brilliant
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Hey moonmilk, New Guinea singing dogs are a real thing (previously).
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So if anyone could tell me what the deal is with airline food, that would be great.

Altitude + low humidity messes with tastebuds, foods are designed around low odor and spiciness for confined spaces and minimal weight / packaging, potentiall long time from reheat to serve - all these push food to bland and unappetizing.
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I don't post as much as I thought I did. I wonder if I make posts in my head and never put them on the screen?

MeFi tags: art (1) bunnies (1) guineapigs (1) rawsewage (1) extremepoverty (1) racism (1) awesomedog (1) maga (1) fashionindustry (1) tropicaldiseasesintheusa (1)

Ask MeFi tags: kids (4) food (3) travel (3) england (2) itunes (2) kitchen (2) construction (1) computers (1) coast (1) christmas (1)

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Art and photography on mefi, cars and dogs on askme. So either mefi is aspirational and askme is real life or vice versa or something like that.
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Wrestling, racism, military. Which... yeah.
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music (307) history (89) art (65) hiphop (63) Film (61) animation (59) Photography (55) streamingmusic (49) mefiprojects (40) megapost (39)

I think I need to go back and re-check my tags, because that music tally seems a bit low ;)

I should also spend more time on/with photography, to better justify my handle.
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Essays, hiphop, and politics.

Sounds about right.
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Cat poop and pee. Not wrong.
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I haven't made that many posts but it's usually music and Australia that are featured. Also, I've recommended 'The Shipping News' (the book) about eleventy jillion times in Askme.
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Happily, my wheelhouse is a book fort. I posted my 25th FPP today; 11 are tagged with "books" and 7 with "literature."
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My tags from all two of my posts: transgender, genderidentity, legal, lawsuit, hellokitty, childhoodruined. I have no idea what this says about me.
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Never made an FFP :(

But my Ask MeFi tags: name (1) MacOSX (1) mac (1) legal (1) insurance (1) food (1) computers (1) chat (1) car (1) artist (1)

Macs 'n' car wrecks (not at fault)
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In keeping with the title my most common askme tag is boat.
Which is, to a degree, ironic, given that my boat doesn't yet have a wheelhouse. I will be very happy indeed when I get to ask questions directly relating to wheelhouses, because it will mean I've built the other things and saved up enough money to construct a new wheelhouse.

From then on I plan to turn it into an office most of the time, so all of my posts will be in my wheelhouse.
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I finally made an FPP for the first time yesterday! I figured I should bite the bullet before my ten year anniversary this year. I plan to populate the archaeology tag with (hopefully!) neat discoveries :)
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Well, I've not made that many FPPs, but comedy and tech are the go-tos for me. I hang out more on the green, where if my answer isn't "buy a thinkpad", it's something to do with travel in Japan. And trying not to sound too pedantic about it.
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MetaFilter: trying not to sound too pedantic about it.
posted by Fizz at 11:35 AM on June 12, 2018

Obits. Bummer, man.
posted by infinitewindow at 4:08 PM on June 12, 2018

This is an interesting question. Thanks for asking it.

Out of a total of 963 posts (including deletions) I've made 168 posts tagged with history and 131 tagged with culture. They're usually intermixed: many of my posts are about the history of a person, phenomenon or event that either influenced or is currently influencing a given culture or society. Predominantly Western culture.

My next most frequent tags are life (112 posts), science (104 posts) and television (93 posts). There's a lot of cross-over.

This is my favorite tag on any of my own posts, though. Have only gotten to use it once.
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I miss your big TV posts, zarq.
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I really wish I had more time to do them. They're fun to put together!
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I haven't fipped much, but I'm developing a train theme. I'm don't know much about trains, but apparently I have a dormant interest! Restaurants with model trains serving up food, the flip-flip-flap departures board at Philly's 30th Street Station, today's Slip Coach post, an Ask about "train friends" on commuter rail, and as a bonus, communal jigsaw puzzles on Washington State Ferries (the trains of the sea!)
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Well I love the split flap display a mile from my house, and have made train friends on Caltrain, so I guess I have to say, I like your wheelhouse!
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