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The 2018 World Cup begins in just two days! Some MeFites are going to VERY excited to talk about the games at length, and some MeFites are going to be VERY eager to not see every second FPP be soccer-related.

We've already got one (now two, I guess) recent soccer posts on the grey, as well as one on the blue, but none of them seem especially well-suited for general wide ranging discussion.

Four years ago, I made a sort of mega post to profiles and analysis of every team just as the tournament started and that became the sort of de facto world cup chat thread, although there was some splintering of conversation as other more-or-less world cup related posts popped up as the tournament progressed.

Is something like that the plan again? How many soccer posts would be too many? If we do have a World Cup megathread, what sorts of subsequent soccer-related news or developments would be sufficient to warrant a new thread? Has there been any further thought towards sports in FanFare?

Oh, and you only have two days left if you want to take part in the MetaFilter prediction bracket or fantasy league.
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I would love to see another megapost style roundup before the tournament starts! As for other chatter, why not FanFare?
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It's fine to make a wide-ranging FPP on the blue for general discussion, and then we're also going to have livewatch posts on Fanfare for people who want to have a play-by-play thread. There was some discussion of this in the World Cup on Fanfare MeTa.

How many is too many depends on how much interest there is, basically - if we've got a bunch of people commenting avidly, then more threads will be fine; if we have a smaller group, then sticking to fewer threads will help to keep the conversation livelier.
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Ah, that's great news about FanFare. I missed that conversation, and livewatch posts sound lovely.

As for the blue, I did a brief assay of soccer related posts during the last World Cup and at a few periods of time when major soccer tournaments weren't happening.

I count 24 soccer-related posts on the blue during June and July of 2014, whereas the average non-world-cup rate of soccer posts seems to be about one or two a month. I seem to remember that that rate struck a pretty reasonable balance between not flooding the front page and not ignoring a major event, but then I love to talk about the World Cup, so I am biased.
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Yeah, I think it's fine to just kick things off and we can worry about "too much for the front page" later if it starts to be a problem.
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This is probably obvious, but the posts on the blue should cross-link to relevant FanFare posts, and vice versa. (Those of us who truly care will want to comment in all of them!)
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Not only is it not obvious, it's also not obvious what tags to use, like: Football soccer worldcup worldcup2018 fifaworldcup wc2018 fifaworldcup2018
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I assume SportsFilter will be chatting on the topic of the WC.
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I posted this in Fanfare, so folks can head over there if they want.
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Scratch that, tmotat posted to the front page so folks can head over there for today and I'll repost on Fanfare once the games actually start.
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Perhaps this would be worth putting up an info banner for on the main page, if people should go to Fanfare.
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When can we expect the RUS v KSA fanfare thread to go live? The game starts in two hours, and it might be nice to have a place for some pre-kickoff chatter.

Or is this the sort of thing where we should just be bold and make the thread ourselves? I'm not sure if livewatch threads are done differently from regular fanfare threads.
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Ok - I posted the first livewatch thread to Fanfare. I'm sorry to be late with it!
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We are talking soccer in the Fanfare Livewatch thread!
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