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We did icecream meetups in July a couple years ago. It was great fun. Let's do it again!!!

perhaps with fresh fruit, too!
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Oooooh, this dovetails perfectly with the meetup I keep meaning to host, so now I'm gonna! Chicago-area mefites, one weekend in July I'm going to host a meetup in the Village Green Park in Northbrook for hot dogs & ice cream and running around the playground for your assorted small people! It's one block from the Metra station (MD-N) for transit-riders, free parking for drivers, and the park is town-square-style and lining two sides are a ton of places to eat -- sushi, Malnati's, a local hot dog joint (Little Louie's), two ice cream places (B&R and Graeter's gourmet), a local pizza place, a hipster place called Jar Bar (all the food is in jars -- it's tasty but it's still hilarious). The grown-ups (with and without spawnlings) can lounge on picnic blankets and eat and chat and the tiny people can go run off their sugar highs!
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What a great idea, aniola!!

I'd (hopefully co-)host and go somewhere in Victoria, B.C., and so would my partner, if anyone else is interested!
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I did this once. I would do this again.
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What a good idea! We have a deck, a fenced backyard, and an ice cream maker and are walking distance from the best playground in St. Paul, so as long as your dog is (like mine) sufficiently lazy not to jump a low-ish chain link fence, I would be happy to host kids and dogs as well as adult MeFites of the Twin Cities area.
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Here in DC, we did an ice cream social potluck. The flavors were varied and delightful, as was the company of course!

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
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Yes I really want to do it in DC again! I loved Crispus Attucks Park! I will make another side dish or topping to pair with the ice creams!
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In NYC this is happening, and it's free
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I will happily eat ice cream with any MeFites near Syracuse NY. Also, I'll be in Ottawa July 3-5 for Canadian ice cream eating.
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I just proposed an ice cream meetup for Ithaca, NY. Is that near enough, maurice?
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Where are my Lancaster, Pa. folks? Let's go eat ice cream!
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Philly in the (ice) house!
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Any chance of an SF ice cream meet up? Mitchell’s beckons...
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Would love a Bay Area one. I’m sorry I don’t have the digs for one, myself.
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Are milkshakes "ice cream"? If so, I have two locations if anyone is interested in a central VA meetup in Charlottesville!
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I'm down for another DC social.
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If there's one in Cambridge, I make quite a bit of ice cream.
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It's been years since we had a Cincinnati meetup, I think we need to do one!

The only question is:
Graeters vs.
Aglamesis vs.
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I would love to do this. Loads of people leave Arizona in the summer, though (for obvious reasons), so I wonder if anyone would show up...
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Sure it's freezing cold, but it's always time for ice cream in Melbourne.
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Boston Area - I'm on it!
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Yes to another DC social for sure!

Suggestion for other meetup groups, if you aren't doing it already, post the recipes in the comments afterwards. I can't tell you how many times I've made duffell's banoffee ice cream pie since first getting a taste of its glory at that meetup.

Well, I can, I've made it 5 times, and it's come out perfect every time.
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I am not a good organizer or hoster, but if someone organized and hosted somewhere in Jersey, I would be interested.
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Made a Chicago north suburbs one! At a park! Bring the kids!
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Anyone in Berlin want to grab ice cream (or gelato)?! I know a couple good places with vegan options!
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Are milkshakes "ice cream"?

I am of the opinion that arguing good-naturedly about the position of any given dessert within the taxonomy of Ice Creams is pretty much the ideal conversation piece for a MeFi ice cream meetup, so I'm standing here at a distance shouting "yes" and then also, in a disguised voice, "no", just to get things started.

I am also of the opinion that this is a real good idea in general and everybody should go for it.
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If anyone in Seattle wants to bring ice-cream to the Shakespeare trifle meetup, that would be nice. Wouldn't forestall an ice-cream-centric event, either.
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You heard cortex. The Cabal has ordered everyone to attend an ice cream social. Line up.
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I want to do this! Anyone else in the Fort Lauderdale/South Florida area? I think the local Reddit meetup group (I only went to their global meetup last year and they seemed like a great group) is actually doing an ice cream parlor for their July meetup; perhaps there could be some coordination/collaboration?
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Hi, in addition to a meetup in honor of this MeTa, would Boston area folks be interested in starting a series of these? Probably including some roadtrips? There are a lot of good ice cream places around here.
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Philly area here!
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MonkeyToes, I'm about 2 hours from Lancaster and it probably doesn't show up in my IRL radius but if there are other MeFites that way it'd be a good excuse for a daytrip.
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We're trying to organize a DC-area event, and need feedback on availability.
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Two events for ice cream in Portland, OR: Ice Cream Social, and Mefi 19th Birthday celebration!
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The Ithaca Ice Cream social today was a big success. Thanks, aniola!
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Boosting the signal: we're having an ice cream social in Phoenix on July 20!
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Those of you in the greater Boston area can come get ice cream in Boston Proper on Tuesday the 17, and/or join a Cambridge ice cream crawl on the 21! And you can physically prepare yourself with a hike the previous weekend!
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for inspiration:

previously (2016) & see also (2018)
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