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Very quickly: somewhere back in the megathreads, I remember a bunch of y'all mentioning a group mobilizing to preserve women's access to reproductive healthcare services, including abortion, no matter what happens with the law of the land.

My partner and I have come into some funds we can earmark for any US 501(c)3, and it'd be our intention to contribute it all to that organization, if their overhead is reasonable and they seem able to make effective use of the sum. Onliest trouble is, inevitably, now I can't manage to turn up the name of the organization in question, using any combination of search terms that comes to mind.

Hook me up? I know at least one of you will have the name I'm thinking of ready to hand. All my thanks.
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The Jane collective.
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Nope, this was a group currently active. Thanks anyway.
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The Jane Collective is currently active.
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Wow. Literally everything in the first two pages I'm able to Google here says, simply, "was an underground collective active in Chicago between 1968 and 1973." Though I suppose the whole point of an underground organization is that it won't turn up in a casual Google search.

I don't think that was it, though, regardless. Dang.
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You should check out other resources too - here's a cool one:
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If there is a currently-active group operating under the name "The Jane Collective," it is not a US 501(c)(3) according to online directories. The Chicago Abortion Fund is a 501(c)(3) and shares some history and founders with the Chicago-based Jane Collective which disbanded in 1973. By all accounts it does excellent work.
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I just set up a recurring donation to, as noted above: they support a wide range of reproductive health organizations around the country.
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This is possibly the thing you're referring to. The organization is underground. There was an FPP about it. If I'm wrong, try not to jump down my throat.
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Not it either, duffell, but awesome nonetheless, cheers.
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Was it Women on Waves and/or Women on Web?
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There's also A Womb of One's Own
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The National Network of Abortion Funds was mentioned in the current Supreme Court thread.
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Yes, thank you floam. I'm tempted to say that the organization specifically namechecked in the thread was regional or state-based, possibly in Texas (?), and that it was indeed a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Based on the links here, I'd think it was the local affiliate of the NNAF, but unless I'm very badly mistaken it had a simpler, more narrative name than that, two or three words maybe? I'm kicking myself because I remember thinking that I wanted to write it down for a couple of days running, as it came up first in a comment and then in responses to that comment, and then the megathread respawned and I lost it.
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(In any event, I think we're going to go ahead and make our donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds, with thanks to melissasaurus for posting it originally, and agregoli, suelac and treepour for mentioning it here.)
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Are you thinking about Jane's Right to Choose? I remember reading about them somewhere (or maybe hearing) but I also can't find them on the web.
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What I recall hearing about it was that it was an org either in Texas or at least with a branch in Texas that specifically (?) focused on funds for abortions for young women, including maybe minors.
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There are 6 funds in texas associated with NNAF that provide funding for abortions:

Texas Equal Access Fund
Clinic Access Support Network
Fund Texas Choice
Lilith Fund
Stigma Relief Fund
West Fund
They are all listed here.
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LILITH FUND. YES. OMG thank you. I now see that I couldn't find it in the POTUS45 megathreads because it was in the Harvey thread.
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