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I am pretty sure this was an AskMe -- or in a comment responding to an AskMe -- and less than two years ago. Someone, or a few someones, went deep on telling us where to find highest quality Levi's pants and / or jackets. (Up until that day I thought all Levi's were created equal -- seem not.) Slowed, over-heated Sunday Google-Fu not providing me with any help. Anyone else remember this thread?
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That was me! I’m happy to take any questions offline.
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That was me! I’m happy to take any questions offline.
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Thank you politikitty, for the comment originally and also for bringing us a link to the comment. I'm looking to buy a few pair of Levi's and now I know where to go, and, as importantly, where not to go.
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Oh man that's a quality comment there. Kudos for dancestoblue for pointing out for those of us who didn't see it, and kudos to politikitty for writing it.
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I must have misread the question or the comment. Where does it say where /where not to go? In my personal experience, Levi's at (e.g.) Kohl's are far worse than at Macy's, but it would be great to see that verified beyond my subjective feelings.
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Yay this Meta inspired me to try on some 541s at the Levi's store where it was the last day of a 25% off sale so I bought 2 pairs and can mark my recent AskMe question as "resolved." Thanks politikity!
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AFABulous: towards the end I discuss the cost segmentation of our product into Value/Good/Better/Best. In the US, our wholesale partners have a strong preference towards Value/Good. You can pretty much guess which stores carry which product by their own personal brand and price points. If you want to get the Best quality, go to our owned and operated non-outlet stores.

Sometimes you can 'bargain hunt' and get inventory overages. But for the most part, retailers are simply sourcing against your price point.
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The one thing I was a little confused about regarding the segmentation is:

Does the segmentation occur by product line? I.e. Kohls wants to sell a $40 jean, so they sell 501s, whereas 541s are more expensive/higher quality and sold at Levi's stores?

Or is it that the 501s sold at Kohl's for $40 are of lower quality than the 501s sold at Levi's stores for a higher price?
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It’s the second. The 501 is a iconic cut, and the company prides itself on being a democratic brand. Part of that ‘democracy’ is making the product lines available to lots of different budgets.

It’s not a universal concept, since they produce their value lines under a different brand (Signature and Denizen). But they want the 501 to be able to be both premium and affordable, so providing different fabrics/finishes is an attempt to do both. It’s an ongoing philosophical discussion of how to present this in a way that doesn’t confuse customers. But it’s easier to justify the sales you make than pretend there are imaginary sales you’re not making by diluting the perception of quality.

And to be clear, the company believes they’re all quality jeans. But they also justify charging premium by adding value to our more expensive jeans. I am trying to be careful with my wording because I don’t want google to memorialize me talking down certain jeans.

I realize corporate speak is limiting in this way, so if you’d like more candor, please reach me somewhere google isn’t indexing. I like being employed.
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