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I think I may have read about this here on Metafilter? I believe it had begun in either Seattle or NYC, and is a dance class, by and for women only. And I remember you had to abide by the rules to even join in on the class - and the rules were something like the following: no judgments allowed, no body shaming, no ability shaming, no clothing shaming, no dance shaming, etc.

It was cheap to sign up for the class, as it only aimed to cover the costs of the facilitator's time. And people wore extremely awesome throwback clothes and crazy outfits. The lights were turned lower and everyone danced freeform the entire class. Like crazy wild no-holds-barred-let-it-all-loose dancing. If I'm not mistaken, it was mainly geared to dancing to well known songs, maybe? Like 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s classic dance tunes? I might be remembering that part incorrectly.

There have been offshoots of this women's empowerment dance class that have sprung up all over the nation. And I remember reading that if you wanted to start one in your city you would have to contact the national chapter and abide by their charter.

Can anyone point me in the direction of this class or the national organization? My google-fu is weak on this one, apparently.

Thanks in advance!
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They're not "classes" but fit your description otherwise: could it have been Dance Dance Party Party? (Mentions on Metafilter here.)
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That sounds like Fat Kid Dance Party which seems like I thing I'd hear about here.
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Yes, duffell! That's exactly it! Thank you so very much!
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http://nolightsnolycra.com/ is another version of this- looks to be more Australia focused.
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Thank you for this excellent question and also boooo to finding out Dance Dance Party Party doesn't exist in Portland, OR, which is often ground zero for body positive movement!

Note this also made me think it might be about Dance Church, which is "an all abilities movement class that offers a fun, nonexclusive approach to dancing. Designed for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and identities, Dance Church is a communal space for everyone who wants to move their body" held in Seattle, PDX, and DC. I thought it was only in Seattle so that's neat, guess I can't be too put out if I have another non-bodyshaming dance class to attend here!

Also: Fat Kid Dance Party is awesome, and I've been to Bevin's class both times when she's taken it to Portland and recommend it for anyone who is in LA or in a city it travels to! It's not strictly for women and femme-identified folks but the crowd is excellent and Bevin is a really great leader.
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Yep, it's Dance Dance Party Party! I went to the Minneapolis one for quite awhile and it was fantastic, no idea if it's still around. Women took turns DJing each week and the rules were simply, if I remember correctly, "No boys, no booze, no judgement."
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