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It's the end of another long week. Let's talk about something nice again. Tell me about your travels. Maybe it's a place right in your home town/city, maybe you're planning a long over due summer vacation, maybe it's the beach, maybe it's a hike through the woods, maybe you're visiting your family/friends a few states/provinces over, maybe you're going to Europe or Asia for the very first time, no matter the place or the distance, tell us about your travels.
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I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario and we have a really beautiful nature reserve near by, a gorge that lets you hike down some trails/cliffs to the Niagara River, just a few kilometers away from the actual Falls, there are some whirlpools near by too. I plan on going for a hike/run after work. I've been looking forward to this all week.
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I am looking forward to taking a trip to Niagara Falls here in a couple of months. Gonna have to come see your side of the Falls.

I haven't traveled outside about two hours reach for most of the year, and my wanderlust is making me itch. Got a weekend planned with the lady friend next weekend in Nashville Indiana, that should be nice.
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deezil, hit me up in a DM if you're up for a coffee/beer/beverage of your choice hangout. I realize I'm some rando from the web, but the offer is there for you and anyone who is ever in my region. :)
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My little family took a last minute, much needed trip last weekend to Hocking Hills, Ohio. Despite living only 2-ish hours away for the past 22 years, we had never been. What a mistake that was (not going before) and we've already started planning our next trip. We stayed in a lovely "fancy" cabin (with a hot tub!), went horseback riding (not just your boring old trail ride; we went in the woods and up and down hollers), went to the drive-in movie theater, ate lots of amazing food, and hiked SO MUCH.

It was glorious.
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We've been planning a December trip to Disney World for a while now (shh, don't tell lilozzy yet), but then I realized last week that there's a production music conference in LA at the end of September, so I'm going to do that and we're all going to visit my wife's great aunt who is full-on plotzing over having us.

I'm dreading, so far: flying six-plus hours with my four-year-old; having to be "on" for 2 solid days of networking; the never-ending feedbag my wife's aunt is going to put on. Looking forward to: my kid hopefully finding flying as delightful as I do; signing some music; the feedbag. Also probably a little THC, let's be honest.

I'd still really like to take a long weekend sometime before that, but ugh, August is just so hot.
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I went to Iceland earlier this summer and it was amazing. A cool, misty world of roaring waterfalls, towering glaciers, and boiling rivers. And hot dogs. And fluffy little lambs. I took some pictures which are here!
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I'm going to London next month, and although I've travelled through it repeatedly, I haven't spend much time there since last summer. Really looking forward to catching up with friends, visiting Kew Gardens for the first time, and so much shopping! Waiting for some plans to be confirmed then will post on IRL :)
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Next week I'm visiting family and friends* in and around Toronto, and I, too, am gonna go see Niagara Falls!

I wanna go to Holland in the fall if I can find an excuse to do so, so I'm applying to art festivals and stuff and crossing my fingers.

* Well, mostly family because they can't decide on a schedule for family stuff so I can't coordinate with friends grumble grumble
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The evening of Wednesday past I went to Old John. This is a building on top of a hill in Bradgate Park. I was there to acknowledge Lammas, the first harvest festival of the year, with the local Druids who are a very positive and good crowd of people.

I packed, and this is what I took (plus, the obligatory water). Food for the picnic, my Druid pendant, suntan lotion because even Druids burn, a leaf, and my velvet pentagram pouch. People sometimes ask what is inside the pouch and, depending on how I feel, the reply is "To see inside is to acknowledge your place in the universe", "The truth of the end of times", "One particular journey of the many you may travel", or something like that*.

And, as the sun fell, the evening was enjoyable; my first time in a while at a Druid rite and I'd forgotten how informal they were. And food centric. And also fun. For this event - in midweek, in a difficult to access location, not during an equinox, and during the summer holidays - it was a small gathering compared to some of our usual circles (a previous wider shot).

Though the rite itself is taken with due respect - it's mainly about acknowledging your ancestors and the earth - if you hold the stereotypical image that participants are deadly serious in all of their workings, then you weren't there this evening laughing at the extended (oo-err) group riffings on erections (it started with putting up a tent and then ... well, Carry On Druids, perhaps)(translation for Americans: imagine the dialogue to an outdoor episode of "Are you being served?" and that's close enough).

But before the rite came the picnic, where an extremely wide variety of food, ranging from some home made falafel-flapjacks, cakes, cheeses, salads, more cakes, quiches, vegetables and vegetarian and vegan foods, some really nice Turkish pastries, more cakes, right through to a lazy tin of chocolate bisuits from Tesco (raises hand shamefully as provider) appeared and were consumed in the evening sunlight. I recognised a few people there, though not others; a jack russell terrier wandered in; several walkers and families looked curiously on as they passed by.

Jos (pictured with partner) was the inspired leader of ceremonies (Head Druid? Chief writer-of-scripts-printed-off-in-the-library? I'm rusty on Druid titles) and led the rite in her inimitable style. Jay (previously, holding fire but not allowed this time because of fire advisory), having wandered through several nearby counties, found and joined us. Words were spoken, and the odd bit of chanting, over the background sound of almost physically broken runners staggering to the top of the hill and gasping for breath. We quietly hoped none of these extremely sweaty people would expire and require a very messy kiss of life. Random visitors to the circle included the jack russell terrier again, and the escaped child of a passing family who found us (or our picnic food) more interesting. At one point, a group of fourteen deer (previously, same herd and park) ran across the grounds below us to the south while a crow circled high above us on an evening thermal. The weather was pretty much perfect, but I've noticed at past rites (and have plenty of photographic evidence to back this up) that this nearly always, uncannily, happens when the Druids are doing their thing.

People added items, with a few words, to the ... what is the name for the things in the middle of the circle? Whatever it is. While someone upwind smoked something distinctly stronger than standard tobacco, I put in a leaf from the giant London Plane tree which stands in the church grounds close to where I live and mumbled/rambled something about trees and pictures and Internet archiving. Other people made more coherent contributions. We discussed the varied and various communities we belonged to. The jack russell terrier wandered in again.

The mead was offered by Peter and the bread by Gordon. This Lammas loaf was, as ever, superb. It's made by Caroline (the one in the camo hat, smiling), who also made the slate pendant I wear and - belatedly - gave thanks for. That pendant has had a few rather extreme adventures since aquired (possibly in a Druid fundraising auction though am not sure), but that's something for another, and very different, day.

It was also the first time in quite a while I'd stood overlooking Bradgate Park, and I'd forgotten that it's a surprising good view at any time of the year. True, Leicestershire perhaps doesn't have the tourist cache of the Grand Canyon, the fjords of beloved Norway, or the highlands of Scotland, but you can still see pretty far and take in a lot of villages, trees, woods and rolling hills. While listening to what was being said, I spend a lot of time scanning the horizon, my eyes enjoying being able to focus on points far away.

The rite wrapped up, and we went our separate ways as dusk fell. Well, not quite at first as most people left the park through the same hill descent, path and gate. The jack russell terrier did not, for once, follow us.

After all that, a lift back partway (thanks, Jos) and a really pleasant stroll for the remainder. This has been a bad year for walking, with the first few months being relentlessly wet, and the most recent weeks being simply too hot to comfortably do much distance. I've missed times like this one for just strolling for a few hours, down lanes, round woods at dusk, by cornfields and across brooks and streams. As reminders of winter to come start to appear in local village pubs and restaurants, more, please, as well as good food, company and more food, like this evening past.

*In reality, it contains just one small, rigid case into which can usually fit one muffin, just for me, as I often travel with a comfort/emergency muffin - for this particular trip, it was one of these. Have carbs, will journey onwards through the mystery of life's great adventure.
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I'm going to an amusement park today with my family. My daughter kept reminding us that she wanted to go, so I watched the forecast for a day under 80°F (I am a delicate flower). Today is supposed to be 71°and cloudy. So happy.

I'm also excited because when I called my mom up to invite her, she was really excited too. She had some plans for the day already (she's always been crazy busy) but by the end of the phone call was convinced that she wanted to play hooky and go on rides with us. I predict there will be a point in the day when my spouse and I are totally tired, all stretched out on the lawn and done with rides, and my mom will be all, who wants to go on another roller coaster!
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I'm still on a bike tour, I swear.
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rednikki and I are spending the year as digital nomads. We lived in Los Angeles CA USA until the end of 2017. We spent Jan-mid March in Bangkok with visa runs to Singapore and Siem Reap Cambodia, then a couple weeks traveling through Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Phuket and Ko Lanta in southern Thailand, then up north for a week in Chiang Mai.

I returned to LA for April and May for some on-site work and a cabaret musical I was in while rednikki spent the time on Cape Cod helping her mom recover from knee surgery. I caught up with her there for a couple weeks in Boston, then we headed to the UK for the summer.

We started in Nether Broughton near Melton Mowbray, ancestral home of Stilton cheese and pork pies, between Leicester and Nottingham. We visited the museum in Leicester at the site where they discovered Richard III's remains and spent some time at Nottingham Castle. We then headed to London for a few days where we were power-tourists, followed by a week in York (where we had a delightful MeFi meet-up and saw Macbeth at a pop-up Rose theatre). We took the train up to Scotland for three weeks in Aberdeen where we took care of the most delightful cat Jamie and visited many interesting sites including New Slains Castle. After that was three days in Glasgow (which was not nearly enough time - if you get there be sure to check out Sharmanka), and now we're back in England for three weeks, staying in Southampton. We'll end this phase of our travels with a few days in Dublin and a few TBA days which we are likely to spend in Bath.

We'll spend most of September in Los Angeles again as my cabaret company remounts our campy and delightful production of Beaches: The Musical, then we'll be in Rennes, France for 5 weeks, a couple weeks somewhere TBA outside the Schengen zone, then off to Luxembourg for 5 or 6 weeks with side-trips to Germany and Belgium.

After that, who knows? We'd like to spend some time in Oceania, with some significant time in New Zealand and Australia. We'll eventually settle down and set up house again somewhere but for now we're content to tour the world (and visit places that might be less accessible depending on world events).
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Portland! Quick weekend visit to hang out with my brother and his partner. I’m ridiculously stressed from work and trying to turn off that part of my brain and just be in the moment but it’s hard. Portland is lovely, though! And I got to meet my cat-niece for the first time.
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I just booked a 4 day wilderness camping trip for Cumberland Island, Georgia (and the associated ferry tickets for the same) in early November.

Am pumped. Any who have been, please memail me.
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We took the kids on a two week trip to Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden). This was a) our first time going somewhere for more than a week, and b) the kids' first time in non-English speaking countries (I mean, yes, English is everywhere there, but still). It was a lot of fun, they enjoyed it. I think we tried to see a little too much, and less hustling around would be nice next time.

Heading off to the beach in a week, to the the same house in Bethany Beach, DE we've been going to for years. That will be nice, too.
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My partner and I spent a week in Lyon earlier this summer, staying in a 10th-floor flat in Croix Rousse overlooking the Rhône and the Parc de la Tête d'Or. We spent mornings exploring paths through buildings called traboules that were used to transport silk back when that was the main economic driver, evenings eating local cheese and fresh bread. We watched the England-Colombia World Cup match at a British pub and made it awkward by rooting for Colombia, but the Brits were pretty forgiving since they won. We visited the "last farm in Lyon" (source of most of the aforementioned cheese). We ate lunch at two different one-star Michelin restaurants. (Le Passe-Temps was fantastic, but Prairial was even better.)

And after that VERY French vacation, we are next doing one of the most American things possible and going to Cedar Point for my birthday.
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I've totally fallen for Niagara Falls (gah sorry) having visited a lot over the last few years. Not just the touristy parts but the real people who live there parts.

I wish I were going to Chicago this weekend but it just isn't in the instead I am caring for my friend's elderly cat two blocks away. I am in need of New York visit as well. And San Francisco. And London. Feeling the need to see longtime friends.
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We both turn 50 this year (oof) and it's our 25th anniversary. We did a little trip to NYC for my wife's back in January, but we wanted to do something for our anniversary/my birthday that wasn't a party. My wife managed to find some cheap flights, arriving Dublin August 18 and leaving Edinburgh 10 days later. It's all very spontaneous and crazy, the first big trip without the kids since before we had them, and we leave in exactly 2 weeks so I'm madly trying to come up with a travel itinerary, one that includes amazing things and food and drinks and music and driving on the other side of the road. And wondering if it's insane or feasible in any way to try and squeeze Liverpool into the adventure on August 20th, just to infuse my birthday with Beatle.
Anyway if you've got any tips for 2 Canadians who are renting a car in Dublin and need to be in Glasgow about 4 days later, I'd love to hear them. Currently perusing every Scotland and Ireland AskMe post.
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Once again, my health problems have ruined family vacation. But over Labor Day weekend, we’re taking a road trip to a tiny village in the Catskills to see an obscure French play that was adapted by John Cleese (and got horrible reviews the only other time it was produced!) simply because it stars Sean Astin. He was once very kind to me, so I thought I’d return the favor. I think it will be an adventure.
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My kid and I are doing a road trip to Memphis soon and I've got an entire list of junk/comfort food places we're going to try. He's also stoked to see some live bluegrass and blues.
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We went to Dublin a couple of weeks ago and had a very fun time (also first big international trip without the child in tow). The highlight for us was a food tour of the city with a French food blogger who lives there. We spent several hours wandering around the city center visiting a slew of places, working our way from coffee and scones, through lunch, a cheese, shop, ice cream, and a whiskey tasting. We also saw an adaptation of "Ulysses" at the Abbey Theater, hit a couple of excellent restaurants, ate some amazing donuts, and eschewed renting a car in favor of taking a couple of bus tours to see the countryside (having driven in the Irish countryside once, I have vowed never to do it again).
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We have a small, rocky, sometimes stinky lake beach about 15 minutes from our home in Southern Alberta, and I swear it is just the best place to go with small kids. The water is shallow for a very long time, and then gets seaweedy, which discourages the kids from going in any further. It’s always packed with young families, there is a playground, and parking is close to the beach, so you don’t have to haul your stuff very far. 5 minutes down the road is a petting zoo and corn maze (which just opened for the season today!).

So anyway, that’s going to be my August long weekend in a nutshell. Maybe we’ll rent a blow-up paddle board and row it around like a kayak.
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My girlfriend and I are going to Crater Lake tomorrow! She's never been (despite living in Oregon most of her life), and I've only been once. Fingers crossed that it's not too smoky....
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I'm getting ready for a conference in Nairobi in a few weeks! I haven't been back to Kenya since 2009 and I'm sure things have changed pretty dramatically in the past 9 years. Anyways, I'm giving a few monkey talks and going to a lot of monkey talks, but also spending a few days on the coast in Mombasa and going to Nairobi National Park and the Giraffe Center and eating so much nyama choma and chapati...
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We went to the Canaan Valley area of WV last week. We did a 12-mile hike in Dolly Sod National Recreation Area on Saturday and on Sunday took the ski lift up to the top of the mountain. I do not like heights. I did not enjoy the 15-minute ride up and back down the mountain, but I survived it. We've got an Outer Banks weekend planned later in August, camping at Devil's Backbone brewery over Labor Day, and homecoming at the Alma Mater later in September. This is a busy and very fun couple of months for us. The joys of having both kids out of college...
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I have just returned from a two week trip to the family beach house on a bay in Alabama. This house was built by my great-grandfather in 1930, as a place to seek refuge from the city in the summer, as polio was a significant problem. The house has 100 feet of 12 foot wide cypress porch, four bedrooms with high ceilings, and a nice kitchen, dining, living room area.

But the best this about the beach house is the bay. Almost every day we saw dolphins out in the water. Sometimes as close as 100 feet from the beach. There are kayaks and a canoe, so paddling out in the bay and up the nearby creeks meant that sometimes you could paddle near feeding dolphins.

There were also many pelicans, great blue herons, green herons, osprey, and seagulls. Lots of crabs and hermit crabs, too. Often, schools of fish would leap from the water. Why? We could never tell.

There were thunderstorms. At night the distant lightning displays were great to watch from the porch.

We went on nature walks, garden tours, and explored an old fort. Fresh seafood was available nearby, and we had lots of it.

I let the stress and care of work drain away, while lying in the swinging bed on the porch. At night we had our adult beverages, and told family tales.

I have been going there for 50 years. I hope to be able to do so for many more years to come. The fact is, though, that some day that category 4 or 5 hurricane may come though the area. If so, there is every chance that little will remain of this big old beach house. So, every year I say "goodbye", and feel lucky to return.
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A thousand-dollar dental bill, plus the insurance company dragging its feet settling my claim, put the kibosh on any big travelling for me this year; that is, it stopped me from traveling without having to break my promise to myself that I would stick to a very strict self-imposed travel budget and travel savings account (I had to dip into that budget to pay for the dentist, and it didn't have enough time to build back up again before I would have needed to start reserving things). And....I'm actually okay with that, this year. It will let me get a big chunk of my debt down and will help me generally get my finances under control.

Next year, though, I hope to go back to Paris for the third time, and have my eye on a return to G. Detou for restocking, a visit to Paris' film museum, and other wandering.
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I was in Berlin & Köln with my family a couple weeks ago and what great cities. Berlin has so much going on. It was hot as heck on the edge of being a genuine heatwave and somehow 30 C there seemed twice as hot as 30 C here. But just fantastic. Thanks Berlin!
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I was going to go downtown this weekend; but then I realized that my Spanish would be useless; and although I have a nice summer bronze tan going on; it still might be a rough trip. Oh well; no tourism for me. Sadness ensues.
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I am about to walk to the store to get me some cold beer.

It is hot and humid. When I get back from the walk, I am going to crack me open one or four of them. Then, nap to the impending thunderstorms.
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I am about to walk to the store to get me some cold beer.

That's a trip worth taking.
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CatastropheWaitress and I are getting ready for our annual August trip to see my folks in Seattle. The whole fam damily will be renting a house out on the ocean for about a week (my parents, their 4 kids, and their kids' spouses and children). I'll be staying on for another week in Seattle with my kiddo, while the wife heads back home to DC. Should be fun!
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First I trekked to London for work (where it was hot and mostly without a/c or ice cubes); then I trekked to Southern California to visit my parents (where it is also still hot, albeit with a/c and ice cubes). In between, a friend and I did some in-NYS trekking to the Ithaca area to buy books. Now I'm about to go back to NYS, as the semester will begin at the end of the month...
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I am counting down the remaining few hours before traveling to a favourite campground with some friends for the long weekend. It's only a couple of hours away but the change of scenery is always relaxing. It's going to be HOT but there is a nice pool and the cooler will be well-stocked with frosty beverages. I am hoping that the little farm stand nearby that sells heirloom garlic will be open so I can stock up on the way home.

One of my friends also just sent me a link for a new low-cost Canadian airline (Swoop) and has suggested that we look into taking a trip to Vegas, which sounds pretty damn good to me even though I have had extremely bad luck with money recently.
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I made a spur of the moment decision to book a trip to wherever had the cheapest flights from my little local airport, so I'll be spending ten days in Malaga later in the year. The flight was so much cheaper for ten days than seven that it covered the cost of the extra nights in a hostel. Looking forward to some out of season Mediterranean bimbling!
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I'm still on the DL until Wednesday, when hopefully at my post-op I'll be cleared for duty. I'm hoping before classes start to go to Sausalito again, which always makes me feel better. It's sunny and cool, filled with locals walking friendly dogs, has a wonderful wine bar/tasting room, and multiple good restaurants. And its only a ferry ride away! That's about as far as I go from my home now-a-days- I wish I could go farther sometimes, all these places people talk about look so nice.
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In case anyone is wondering, there is now a Tater tot restaurant walk in Boston.
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In a few weeks, my sister and I are taking my annual birthday road trip to the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama at the Riverside Drive-In Theatre in Vandergrift, PA. We camp right at the drive-in, and it's a blast. All classic Hammer Horror movies this year.

We may stop for a day at Kennywood on the way home.
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Midnight Skulker, that sounds like paradise. My grandmother had a lakeside cottage where we'd spend a week every summer growing up, and it's one of the few things in my childhood I'm insanely nostalgic for.
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We may stop for a day at Kennywood on the way home.

I'm not wild about a lot of the changes made since the Kenny family sold it, but it's still a pretty special place.
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I haven't traveled much lately as my life is a little complicated just now. On Monday and Tuesday, though, I went backpacking with three girlfriends who range in age from 25 - 63. We went to Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, which straddles the Tennessee/North Carolina border in the Great Smoky Mountains. I brought my adventure dog, Kenda, who had a bit of fun.
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This is making me realize I haven't actually traveled outside of my peninsula since, oh, like February. And I don't really care. When I took my "vacation" recently everyone was asking where I was going to go and my response was just "What do you mean go somewhere? I live in paradise, it's summer, and I'm going to stay right here and do nothing and sit on the beach and eat berries and nap in the sun."

And I did that, and it was glorious. People pay giant piles of money to be able to get to do what I get to do just about whenever I want. This is not lost on me and is deeply appreciated and cherished.

So on that note, my travels and adventures lately have been finding and exploring new trails to bike, especially cool, twisty downhill trails. Almost all of the green belts, parks, land trusts and undeveloped or logging/tree farm lands have trails threading through them, and the entrances are often hidden at the edges of these stands of trees in undergrowth. So you poke your head through a likely looking dent in a wall of greenery and you often find a trail leading out into the thinner undergrowth of the forest.

And related to this, one of my huge life lessons I've been learning and trying to accept and integrate is that as awesome and as nice as my serendipity filled adventures are, it's almost impossible to share them or bring someone along to experience the same things.

It... just doesn't work the same way. My ability to wander and be content in it and self contained just don't translate well. Whenever I've tried to wander like this with other friends whether it's on bike or foot, it just doesn't ever happen with the same ease and general everyday magic that seems to find me when I'm alone.

This is a major lesson for me right now because I've been finding myself wishing I had a life partner to share these things with, and the reality is it has yet to translate well with anyone else, even some of my closest friends.
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In October, we're going to Chicago to see "The Walls of Harrow House", by the Rough House puppet theater. Last year we figured out that the best way to travel to Chicago from Omaha is to fly out one way, and take the train back. We discovered a great hotel during that same trip, and haven't even put a dent in the list of restaurants we'd like to try out there. I'm really looking forward to it.
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My wife and daughters and I are headed to the Adirondacks for a week of hiking and lake swimming and feasting with our dear friends from college and their respective kids and dogs. I cannot wait. Florida is a treat but come August it is VERY nice to head up to the cool green hills for a while.
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As I mentioned somewhere before, I'm heading for San Jose CA to attend WorldCon 76. I leave in about 10 days! I have to pack! I have to get gifts to take along! Etc! I'm a fretter so I'm constantly going over lists in my head. I saw a picture of San Jose Airport and it's huge! Ah well. All will be well, I expect. I haven't done any flying in oh 20 years or so but have treated myself to first class this time. It's going to be melting hot, I'm afraid, and my hotel is three blocks from the Convention Center (sigh). And I'm really looking forward to seeing friends from Florida Colorado California and England (Indiana can't make it because of surgery).

And next year my housemate and I are planning a train trip to central New York state to visit friends, which will be great fun.
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Flew to see my sister in Portland last weekend. She surprised me and brother in law with a night in Astoria. Really nice town. Consumed loads of beer at Ft George and hit the cannery for salmon fish and chips at Rogue. Beautiful.
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The Underpants Monster: "In a few weeks, my sister and I are taking my annual birthday road trip to the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama at the Riverside Drive-In Theatre in Vandergrift, PA. We camp right at the drive-in, and it's a blast. All classic Hammer Horror movies this year.

We may stop for a day at Kennywood on the way home.

Huh. I had no idea that there was a drive-in in Vandergrift. Or anything in Vandergrift for that matter.
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I saw a picture of San Jose Airport and it's huge!

I have good news! It's not that huge! It's actually a lot smaller than SFO and honestly even than Oakland. You'll be out pretty quickly and back in pretty fast depending on the security lines. It's really a very pleasant airport to fly through.
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One of the in-laws will be in town this weekend, so we're playing guide rather than going somewhere new ourselves. I am, however, super excited to go see Thailand in November, as I've never been to Asia at all and have heard it's a delightful place. We're going to amble through Bangkok while we're getting over the jet lag, see Ayutthaya, go dive in Koh Lanta, and then wrap up in Chiang Mai. (If I can, I'll try and hit a muay thai gym while I'm there, but I'm endeavoring to resist my tendency to overschedule.) I am valiantly trying to do Pimsleur Thai lessons in between researching all the things on TripAdvisor - I don't really expect to have it come in handy, but I figure I have to walk between the gym and my apartment anyway, so I can at least master polite greetings and that sort of thing.
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My daughter Adora & I just came back from a month long vacation in Israel, which was wonderful on so many levels.
She had many great experiences all over the country, but when asked at the end what was her most favorite part, she immediately said, Being with the family.
Here in the US it's just the 2 of us, and there she could feel that she is actually part of a real family with real ties. It meant a lot to me to hear that.
She was also very happy when my family surprised her with an early 9th Birthday Party, where they lifted her in a chair, as is their custom.
The falafels and rest of the food were fantastic (but Israel is existing in a 1984 state of mind, and it was really hot the whole time).
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I recently purchased the (recent model version of a) car that I've been dreaming about for almost 25 years. Suffice to say that driving a few blocks, for any reason, is currently delighting the living heck out of me and I may either start laughing like an evil scientist OR weeping from sheer joy whilst doing it. I know it'll wear off, eventually, but right now EVERY single place I go feels like an adventure.
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I am insane.
There was 1 spot left on my birthday for the National Trust tour of John & Paul's homes and I couldn't stop myself and I booked it even though we weren't planning (at all) on going there so now I'm going to be in LIVERPOOL on my 50th birthday. I'm going to be in fucking John Lennon's house (and Paul's!) on my birthday. On my birthday I'm going to be at Mendips, in that little front foyer that Mimi made them practice in but it turns out it had a great echo.
I loathe tours and touristy shit and when a town is known for something I usually avoid that thing at all costs but this is my weakness; Beatles are in my DNA and I'll never be back in this area of the world in my lifetime, so I've thrown a wrench in the form of a sharp right-hand turn into our Ireland travel plans. I'm going to be that middle-aged dude on a Beatles tour and I'm so excited I can't stand it.
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VioletU let's see a pic of the car!!
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Last weekend I went with 3 friends for an extra-long weekend to Nova Scotia and PEI. The weather was high 20s and sunny the whole time and we had a blast. We're all turning 40 this year and this was our trip to leave the wives and kids behind and just hang out. I had fresh lobster in one form or the other every single day. The drivers were way too friendly, it was unnerving. Our trip unintentionally coincided with Pride in Halifax so every time someone asked us what brought us into town it felt like something out of Seinfeld ("Not that there's anything wrong with that") but we never said anything about that one way or the other.

I've got in-laws coming in a week and we'll probably go to Niagara Falls because of course. My kids love Niagara Falls but I think that may have more to do with us always getting ice cream and other snacks than anything else. If we do go I'll try to take the kids to Rock Point Provincial Park to look for fossils because we haven't done that before.
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We've already had our hols, and it was lovely. A long weekend in Anglesey, Wales, followed by 2 weeks in Northern Italy. Lush. Happily, some career ups rather than downs means I will be having a very busy September, a trip to Belgium in the first week (not so exciting but potentially very useful) followed by a week in Northern Brazil (hopefully starting some project development that will lead to overall negative carbon impacts) then a couple of days in Oxford. Maybe back to Belgium after that. Then I need to confirm Utah in November. Very exciting. I may well AskMefi about the easiest way to get form Salt Lake to Monument Valley at some point.
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Earlier this week the consort and I took the dog to Franconia Sculpture Park, about an hour north of St. Paul. 43 acres of amazing outdoor sculptures and artists at work! Also 43 acres of no shade whatsoever, so after an hour we agreed to go back sometime in October, but it is an incredible place and I highly recommend it. If you want a nice day trip from the east metro, you can either drive up Hwy 95 through Stillwater and the other cute little river towns, or bike the Gateway Trail to Pine Point Park and take Olinda/Hwy 8 the rest of the way.

(We had intended to take a real vacation but the universe laughed when I tried to find someplace up north that was available, affordable, and allowed dogs on short notice, so staycation it is. Other highlights: hanging out in the shark tunnel at our local aquarium; turning the AC down to "icebox", watching the Arctic/Antarctic episode of Planet Earth in the basement with the lights off, and pretending it isn't 95 outside)
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Just got off the road. Had to be at a conference about two hours away. Shittiest part of that was this week was supposed to be a vacation. Well, more of a staycation really. This is the second time since I got this job that a week of vacation was interrupted by a conference.

But I did make a good decision before I went to the conference. I decided not to take the highway. Instead, deciding to add an hour to my trip according to Google Maps, and to take back roads. That was a good decision. I stopped a couple of times because I saw things I didn't expect, so adding that time it was about a four hour trip, but I don't regret it. What I regret was I didn't stop at everything I saw that seemed to require further investigation. But if I had done that, I would have been really late.

Even the early part of the week was exhausting but a good thing. My trans son asked me to help him repaint and rearrange his room. He painted it blue with the front windowed wall painted yellow. We did that together Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It made him very happy. And in between work we went for ramen, and curry, and Chinese together and told jokes, caught up, talked about art and books, mom and his sister. It helped him and me and us. It was an unusual vacation, but I think it was one of my favorites.
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In a week we're going to Europe, which will be the second time I've been out of the country (the last time was 11 years ago). We'll be gone for two weeks. I'm very excited. I'm amazed we can do this, but it's partly thanks to the generosity of some family friends, so I also feel extraordinarily lucky.

We'll be in Ireland and France. I've never been to Ireland, and we'll be staying with aforementioned family friends, so that should be a blast. We'll only have a few days in France, but I'm hoping we can somehow get to see Guedelon Castle, because I've been hearing about it for years.

We may never be able to take another trip like this again, but for once I'm not going to worry too much about missing out on anything, and just try to enjoy being somewhere new.
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My kid and I are doing a road trip to Memphis soon and I've got an entire list of junk/comfort food places we're going to try.

If you don't get the lemongrass tofu, you've wasted your trip. Totally serious.
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I am spoiled with good friends across the globe and I managed to see a few of them on my latest trip through Europe. (But never enough of them!) I will see a few more on my second trip this summer (a conference + a vacation), but for now I think I'll just enjoy the ten or so days I have at home.

I made a stop in America and I finally met an American without a passport (it's rather hard to meet them when you live in Canada, you see....) which struck me as very odd, but if this post is to be believed, a majority of Americans do not hold a passport. I suppose it doesn't make sense to go through the process of applying for one if you have no plans to leave the country. After all, I only applied for mine when I figured I might go on exchange, but then I caught the travel bug, as so many young people do, and there hasn't been a year since then when I haven't needed to use it. I hope that continues for years to come!
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My partner recently bicycled down from Portland to the San Francisco Bay Area to pick me up with a tandem bicycle. We rode around visiting friends and family, then back up to Portland.

Spent about a week missing biking all day, but now we're housesitting about 2 hours by bike from work, so it's 4 hours on the bike every day, which is sort of like getting a mini bike trip in every day!
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In a week I'm headed off to hike the rural pieces of the Great Wall for a week. This November I'm turning 50, so I'm meeting my sister in Madrid (she's in Wisconsin, I'm in Hong Kong so that counts as the middle) and we're going to eat and drink for a week. Got some work travel coming up to Taiwan, Indonesia and Sweden as well so I'm going to paying for a lot of carbon offset this year.
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Two years ago, while I was in Japan, I spent a day wandering around the northern part of Awaji Island [Google Photos album].

At first, I just picked a name on the map that looked interesting and got off the bus there, only to find that I was in the middle of nowhere. I wandered along the river for a bit, grabbed lunch at a convenience store, and rode another bus to the foot of the bridge to the mainland where I could find a map and actually plan what I was going to do.

I decided to ride the bus to the Awaji Hanasajiki, a flower garden, and then walk back the rest of the way. When I was almost in town, I took a detour to the Honpuku-ji Buddhist temple. There's a tall concrete wall surrounding a lotus pond, and a staircase leading below the pond to the votive chamber. I paid the donation to the nun, set down my bag, took off my shoes, and entered this marvelous, silent, and serene space. My memories of how it looked are mostly obliterated, but the peace I felt there is still fresh to me.

And then I went to the Minoru Nakahama Cat Art Museum.
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In 2002 I went to Finland for a buddies wedding. My date and I had to change planes in Rekjavik, Iceland, or however it is spelled, and as we moved to the gate to board the gate agent got on the PA and informed us all that this flight was over booked. Anyone willing to wait a couple hours would get vouchers for food in the airport, and 150 euro, in cash. We opted to get bumped.

Couple hours later we line up to board and what do you know, over booked again! Same deal. We were in no hurry, we had at least two days before the actual wedding, so we got bumped again. Cha-ching!

Two hours later, we line up to board, and lo and behold this flight is also over booked! Same deal. We decided to get bumped a third time. We both made about 700 bucks by waiting around the airport in Iceland for six hours. My round trip ticket was a bit over 700 bucks, so I pretty much got free airfare to Finland and back by being patient. I have never had such airplane or airport luck since.

The tail end of that trip included three days in St. Petersburg, Russia, but that is a whole other bunch of stories.
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I'm currently travelling around northwestern British Columbia, and it is jaw droppingly beautiful. Every day I see scenes that truly look like this, without a filter.
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There is a small, lovely group of MeFites in Stockholm so next time any of you (such as Chrysostom) pass through or make plans (such as frumiousb) to visit, give me a shout. Happy to set up a gathering of the local MF clan or suggest a few local wonders. I am heading back to the US next month to visit my ailing father and get rid of the remaining stuff I have in storage. Not glamorous but will be good to see family and friends again and go to my fav Bay Area Al-Anon meetings. And hummingbirds. Damn do I miss hummingbirds. Thanks for the lovely thread, Fizz. Happy travels, all!
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I won a little teaching award last year that comes with a weird trip from its sponsor to headquarters so: I traveled north of the Arctic Circle for the first time yesterday. They gave us a Very Official Certificate to commemorate our crossing when we deplaned in Prudhoe Bay so it’s extra, for sure, legit. I was not one of the teachers brave enough to swim in the Arctic Ocean on a 35 degree day but I dipped a toe in and saw the start of the Alyeska Pipline along with a bunch of associated infrastructure and overall it was pretty neat (with a thin veneer of oil company propaganda).

Today a hike up a pretty glacial valley with some family and of course my best hiking buddy, who found a really nice stick.
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My family moved from NY to Texas this month. Mid-month, my brother-in-law and I drove a U-Haul almost 1600 miles in 56 hours. I'm currently driving our car solo along a similar, ever-so-slightly longer and less rushed route. Left Tuesday morning and should arrive later today. Will have travelled around 1700 miles this time.

It's been a wonderful trip. I haven't been making that many stops but I've never driven so far or so much at one time before. Quite an experience. The country is gorgeous, with so many wide open spaces. I tended to forget that living in New York.

Between the two trips i've now driven through New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. But I am looking forward to finishing today.
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Minimal travel this year, after last year's 2+ week jaunt in Budapest and Krakow.

We are springing a surprise trip on Kid theBRKP over upcoming holidays, so my energies have been focused on planning that and not giving away the plan.

We did an overnight trip to the Akron (OH) area in June to look at vehicles for Mr. theBRKP. Why a new vehicle? Six months after Mr. theBRKP purchased his dream two seater sports car, we discovered I was pregnant and he ultimately gave up the car for something more family-friendly. As Kid theBRKP is now grown up enough to sit safely in sports-type car or similar, so I gave my blessing for him to start looking again.

Why Akron? Because Mr. theBRKP had a desire to test drive a certain make of high-performance type car that is not so easy to find in the Pittsburgh area and there were several scattered around and about the Akron area.

We drove several vehicles, including one of the make mentioned above (they were very disappointing and tinted so heavily that they would not have passed inspection in PA).

Then we found a unicorn. A used, high-performance, all-wheel drive manual transmission SUV in the same make as the sports car Mr. theBRKP gave up years before.

I knew the second he put the car into gear and stepped on the gas that he was going to buy it. He has a certain way of driving cars that he loves and he drove this beauty the same way.

It took him an hour longer to figure it out.

We stayed overnight so the dealer could get the paperwork in order. We had dinner at Crave, which was seriously good. Picked up the new car and drove home.
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We both made about 700 bucks by waiting around the airport in Iceland for six hours.

I once made $1500 that way, which felt like winning the lottery at the time.

I've had to do a lot of work travel this summer so am very much enjoying any time at home. Once the summer field season is over I will start dreaming of vacations, though.
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No big holiday trips this year, having relocated from Australia to Canada, but we did head to Lewiston, NY last weekend to see Ween play at Artpark. Its a fantastic venue. I wish we had longer in Lewiston, but unfortunately we needed to get some stuff we had shipped cleared by customs, so headed back early and spent the afternoon sorting that out. If I ever need to do that again, I'm hiring a car.

Our next trip is a weekend in Portland in early September to catch up with a friend from Australia who will be there for a conference.
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charmedimsure that is a really good dog!
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Saladin, well, okay! Me, a fully-grown-adult, test-driving her - this photo was specifically for my coworkers, because we greet each other with the middle finger. Here's a pic on the day we picked her up. A shot of the interior. Her name is Louise, so I decorated her accordingly. I haven't taken too many pics because, well, I'm usually driving (and laugh/crying) - but this one my coworker took (you might have to click to the 2nd pic) and I love the light glowing off of her. I am completely and utterly incapable of playing it cool about this car.
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I'm actually planning a trip in a few weeks to North Americas longest painting, having learned about it on a certain website. Its really just giving me an excuse to take a motorcycle trip and visit with some friends in various places. And I could just do that, but I feel like I need a mission, so, painting. And then I'm taking the long way home to Toronto via Baltimore.
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I'm off hiking for a few days in Norway's Hardangervidda soon and I can't put into words how much I'm looking forward to it. Work has been a tremendous pain in the arse recently and I need a damn break from it, people and London.
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This Thursday afternoon, I head to Assateague Island National Seashore for a 5-night beach-side camping trip that includes (hopefully) some fun meteor watching during the Perseids. I think it's my 5th straight year to escape to the beach in early August. I always need a vacation, but this year I neeeeed a vacation. I can NOT wait. Sleep, swim, sunbathe, read - it's going to be good to recharge the battery a little.

Earlier this year, I traveled to Taiwan for the first time in 20 years, for work, and it was wonderful. I only had two days off to myself, but I took the chance to visit my neighborhood where I lived for a year, meeting up with old friends for several meals, and doing some sightseeing of places like Taipei 101 that did not exist when I lived there. It was really nice.

For Christmas, I'm going back home to Sweden for almost three weeks, the first Christmas with my whole family in forever. I try not to think about it, so as not to get my expectations up, but I am super psyched.

Traveling is fun. I'm well aware that I'm privileged, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do some fun stuff.
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My wife and I are currently en route to Iceland for our 10th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Trump was campaigning in Columbus and caused our flight to be delayed. We were about to push back when his motorcade got to the airport and caused everything to grind to a hault. The delay, along with some serious incompetence from Air Canada means we’re stuck overnight in the Toronto airport, and will be spending most of tomorrow (today I guess?) in the Montreal airport to try to catch another flight to KEF.

Capricorn’s pictures posted above are keeping hope alive that once we finally make it, all will be good.
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I just got back from Japan, visiting Hokkaido and Tohoku with some time in Tokyo, and I had the distinct pleasure of driving around rural east Hokkaido for about a week along some very empty rural roads in glorious weather. I had originally planned to go to Kyushu and Shikoku but the recent rains really damaged some of the sites I had wanted to see so thanks to this community I was able to replace those places with Tohoku at the last minute.

Altogether I racked up about 1500 km/930 miles, which if you'd told me in advance would have sounded exhausting, but actually seemed fine after the fact - I'd never been on a solo road trip and loved it. I had two main bases: this splendid little biker lodge in Shari Town, from which I explored Shiretoko, and this mediocre hostel near Lake Mashu, from which I visited Akan National Park and the Kushiro marshes.

Everywhere was reasonably priced, the seafood was incredible, and there was a very good level of English for places so far from big cities, with many places also offering brochures or information in Chinese, Korean, and even Thai!

Amusingly, because I haven't actually driven any significant distance in over a decade, and Japan drives on the left, I found myself chanting LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT to myself for the first few hours. I also did not know that cars have back-up cameras now, or that you can play your own tunes through an aux port cable in the glovebox!

If you're not willing to drive, the western bits of Hokkaido have better railway service and a denser network of buses. The Japan Guide website was very helpful in planning my itinerary, and to get around Tohoku I used the excellent-value JR East (Tohoku region) rail pass, which also covers the area around Tokyo - I saw Aomori, Hirosaki, Kakunodate, Lake Tazawa, Nyuto Onsen (using a rented car from the convenient and reasonable Ekiren at Kauknodate station), Hiraizumi and Nikko. I also used my British Airways Avios to do a few free flights around Japan, getting to Okinawa and up to/back from Hokkaido for basically nothing.

Like in many places this summer, though, the insane heat really did affect things in a negative way - it was simply too hot to do much outside in Tokyo, for example, making me abandon the relatively easy walk up to Mount Takao, and leading to some very sweaty meals in restaurants in Hokkaido, where no one seemed to have air conditioning. I brought two pairs of light trousers and simply didn't need them, even at high elevations, but was doing much more laundry in hotel sinks than I expected. The heat did push me to visit some very interesting museums I would have skipped and I saw some very interesting art from the Ryukyu Kingdom at the Suntory Museum in Roppongi.

Overall, it was a wonderful visit and after half a dozen visits in the last few years I feel I can take a little break from Japan. I'm also looking at New Zealand for next summer - now that I'm a more confident driver on the left I think I'm ready!
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I have been dealing with some personal-life shit, and it's made me realize just how much of a rut I've managed to sink myself into. Most of my actual vacations in the last few years have either revolved around family or my 'secret' life as a LARPer, and I kinda don't feel like I've ever taken time specifically for me. And, really, right now, me time is the healthiest thing I could do.

So, I'm doing a little bit of "adventure" (well, for me, at least) traveling in the next couple of months to break out of that. Just some small weekends away to hang out with distant friends and also explore places that I've never been or whose surfaces I've barely scratched - Colorado Springs, CO; Portland, OR; Tucson, AZ. Somewhere in there will also be a trip back to where I grew up to attend a family reunion, but I'm going to include a side trip to the Maryland Renaissance Faire for myself.
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Guys! Guys! Guys! There is a HALLOWEEN MUSEUM on my road trip route! In an old mansion!!
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We just got back from a visit with family in Portland. The timing of our trip to meet my wife's sister's new baby coincided with all the protests going on, but as I explained to concerned family, friends and coworkers upon my return, Portland is a big place and there was no indication where we were in SE that anything was going on in SW.

Aside from the much-needed break and the cute baby, the highlight of the trip for me was finding an entire establishment devoted to ginger beer. I recommend the blackberry mule.
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