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Is anyone still active in the Metafilter LinkedIn group? I certainly forgot that I myself was a member and then bumbled into it today and found that all conversations are at least two years old. Had it been a useful board in the past? Anyone interested in getting more active there again?
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I had never heard of it. Will check it out - have requested access.
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I'm a member, but I don't really know what I want from a LinkedIn group- I don't do much socializing there. In the time I've been a member this group hasn't been very active. But if someone wants to make a go of starting up some conversation there at some point, I'll try to remember to participate!
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Seconding everything Secretariat said. I'm a member, but I am not sure what it should do.
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I believe I am a member.

I didn't join for the conversations, because that's what The Blue & The Green is for.

I joined because if someone wants to know about my area (Providence, RI), or my field (IT), or my industry (higher education), then I am happy to talk about it!

We don't have any jobs to fill in my department, but if I did I would happily hire a qualified MeFite -- as I did in 2015!
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I'm a member, happy to help/converse if anybody thinks it might be helpful.
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I didn't know there was one. I've also requested access.
Also if anyone wants to hire me (preferably for very well paid exciting jobs which I'm almost certainly unqualified for) then please feel free to do so.
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I just requested to join -- I like seeing what people do for a living, and would definitely be happy to hire or be hired by Mefites, should the opportunities present themselves.
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The past 3 months would have been interesting with MefiLiIn ( know - pronounced Me Fillin' In) conversations. My department was laid off mid-May and I start with a new firm next Monday.

Side Proposal: Rename Jobs to that Cortex and have a stronger link with LinkedIn)
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I'd like to add you to my unprofessional notwork on MetaFilter.
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Deleted my LinkedIn account... and get more email than ever. Fuck LinkedIn.
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So you got my LinkedIn Invite, terrapin? Would you endorse me?

(runs for cover)
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Infinite Window has been endorsed for skills in GETTIN PAID, GETTIN LAID, and GETTIN WASTED by College Buddy

This is just my personal struggle, but I try to keep my MeFi identity and my legal and professional identity obscured from each other. My friends know my politics, and my employers don’t need to know my politics (and likely will only do bad things for me upon gaining that knowledge).

I don’t mind shilling for the site when we need fresh blood and cash or sending like-minded friends to it, but I think I draw the line at setting up something quite likely to produce the question “what’s your userid on Metafilter?”

Again, this is just my personal neurosis.
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well, good news infinitewindow - The group is a private group that others can't see unless they are in the group - just like the cabal!

Wait... I think I let something slip there...
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LinkedIn: I'm a member, but I am not sure what it should do
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Are any of the group managers still active? I sent a request to join when this went up a couple days ago and it looks like it hasn't been accepted yet. (Alternatively, do I need to do something to verify my Mefite standing? Maybe send a 10-page analysis of a plate of beans?)
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If this becomes I will absolutely join and also probably not mention my MeFi user ID except in private messages as needed. Still, I would love to connect with MeFites in a work-related way because MeFites tend to be smart and that is often useful work-wise.
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Well... I just accosted the owner of the group to tell him this thread exists. You guys seem to be in the know about the whole 'freshman' pledge thing... well at least firechicago seems to be prepared for the in-depth analysis of legumes...

I'll have to assume firechicago is in an analytics field, because an analysis is the requirement for that part.
For psychologists, they have to prove that they are NOT actually a plate of beans.
Geologists need to map locations of bean reserves.
Engineers are generally responsible for improving the efficiency of all bean plating techniques
Last I knew, the law branch in the US was still building the case for improving the rights of Legume-Americans... but I've never been totally sure of what those in other parts of the world are working towards.
Sales is responsible for 5% comp growth YoY in beanplating... I think they are being bonused though based on their ability to upsell to the premium tin plates.
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I didn't know it existed! Requesting access.
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I also did not know it existed, and have requested access. As a data professional I can provide analysis services regarding leguminous metadata and and an optimised schema for reporting.
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LinkedIn groups were partly deprecated by LinkedIn over the past few years, but I just read that they're planning a relaunch of groups, so that may help with activity.
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