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This is a userscript I've been working on that adds the appearance of pages to threads. It's a visual change only, so you still have to wait for the full thread to load, but it might help a little with responsiveness and navigation.

I've been using it on my machine for a little while now, but it really needs testing and feedback from other people to find out a) if it does actually help, especially with the megathreads, and b) what breaks on other systems, as well as ideas for improvements. I'll submit it to the mefiscripts repository once I'm more confident it's useful and solid.

By default, it splits threads into pages of 100 comments each, and adds controls to the top and bottom of the page that look like this. You can change the number of comments shown per page, as well as other display options including the CSS at the top of the script. For example "font-size: 11px; width: 40%; margin: 0 auto 2em; border-radius: 20px; border-bottom: 4px solid #333;" makes the controls look like this.

Loading new comments, linking between comments, and navigating back or forward should work as usual, so please let me know if anything seems strange there. It also tries to keep the comment count on the post updated.

It does mean you can no longer search for text throughout the whole thread, only the page you're currently on, and it messes up GraphFi's display and likely some other userscripts. All of the comments stay where they are in the HTML though, just hidden, so I believe it should play nice with most of them.

It'd be great to hear any ideas about changes or extra features, and aside from the functionality, I'd really appreciate any thoughts on whether there needs to be a warning of some form on the comment box, to reduce the chance of missing comments when you're not on the last page.

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Can you remind me what I need to do to install/use this?
posted by bendy at 9:27 PM on August 14, 2018

You'll need to add a script manager to your browser - I've been using Tampermonkey, and there's also Greasemonkey for Firefox.

I think both of them should pick up this raw link automatically, but Tampermonkey also has a "Create a new script..." option that lets you copy and paste code in. (I'll ask the mods to change the link in the main post too.)
posted by lucidium at 5:35 AM on August 15, 2018

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