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I've gotten enough recipes to make this doc worth sharing. It can be found directly on Google Docs as well as through the wiki. Please let me know if any changes, additions, or corrections need to be made!
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You are truly the hero we need in this trying time. *heart eyes*
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YAY! You used my joke cover. I'm stupid proud of that.
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oh shit if i knew you were going to use the entirety of my post I would have said way less and spared you some space eeek
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That cookbook is like a warm, bean-scented, overthinking, my-home-on-the-Internet hug, and just what I needed today. :D
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This is great. Thank you SO MUCH for putting it together. I totally spaced on the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe I was going to submit, but I'll try to get it to you in some fashion in the next little bit. If you are inclined to share editing privileges, I have a weird thing where formatting documents is a soothing practice for me, so I'd love to standardize the headers, etc. My email is in my profile.
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This is awesome, thank you so much for putting it together!
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This is delightful.
Might want to add cookbook as a tag on this so people can find it in the future.
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Wowza! Awesome!
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Yay, this is awesome! I can’t wait to try some of these! Thank you for including my two recipes*. My 40-year high school reunion is this weekend, so now I can say I have recipes published in a cookbook! Well, I could if I was going, anyway, but fuck those people, I didn’t like their narrow minded asses in the 70’s, and judging by the Facebook group comments, they’re even worse now. But still.

Thank you for doing this - so much work!

*Neither one is listed in the table of contents, btw, and on my turkey recipe, the link isn’t active.
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Upon further review:

Several of the recipes have links that are not functional.

It’s the personal asides that make these so awesome. I wish all church group/PTA/etc., cookbooks were done just like this. This is a cookbook with personality!
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Thank you so much. Great cook I am not. I am still trying to figure out how to warm up the microwave before I use it. Following these recipes will allow me to pass myself off as a competent cook of tasty delights.

They all look great.
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Brilliant, brilliantine!
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This is a wonderful thing! Well done!
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MetaFilter: *It's probably all the butter

Great work, everyone!
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Wow, this is super chill. I can't wait to try out some of these recipes.
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If it's not in a ring binder with a red plaid cover a la Betty Crocker or America's Test Kitchen, I am not sure I can even consider it a real cookbook!
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I am not sure I can even consider it a real cookbook!

It's CC licensed. Get printing!
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I don't know if it's CC licensed, but good job everyone!
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Aw shucks you guys :)

I think I fixed the links issue and I updated the table of contents. Also gave Rock Steady editing rights so that it can be all polished and nice!

I also love the personal stories so they were definitely not getting cut out.
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Thank you for including some of my recipes; however, they are mine and turtlegirl's. Can the credits be updated to reflect that, please?
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Well, I've tidied it up a bit, but by the old gods and the new, Google Docs is terrible for formatting, huh? I though Word was bad. Anywho, the table of contents should now auto-adjust for any new recipes added, but we will have to see about that, I suppose.
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I just added turtlegirl's name to your entries, terrapin (mainly to see if the ToC would update, and it does, if you click the little refresh button).
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many thanks!
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This is cool! I'll have to tell my mom about Tessie's recipe being shared like this.

When my older brother and later I went to college my mom did a wonderful thing. She sat down and typed up a lot of the go-to recipes she'd made over the years, making sure to include our favorites and the important holiday ones. We named it "Mom's Down-Home Cooking, Mm-mm Good" and she, having been an office admin for years at that point, very nicely printed them out and put each recipe into a page protector and into a binder. She made two, one for each of us.

Years later when google docs became a thing and I'd become a pretty good and annoyingly creative home cook, I came to Thanksgiving and talked about wanting to add a bunch of my new go-to recipes to the cookbook. Mom sat down at their desktop computer and it turns out that she still had the pile of word documents from like, ten editions of Word ago, shuffled forward onto machine after machine. So they got uploaded to a shared folder. We're not really up on the whole thing but one of these days I'm going to go through and format it properly and invite our extended family to view it. Maybe when/if there's a better but still universally accessible thing than the clusterfuck of gdocs. But maybe this MeFi cookbook will be an inspiration to my mom and she'll get it started.
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This is awesome. You have bought joy into my home tonight.
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This is a lovely gift. Thank you to all who contributed and to brilliantine for making it so.
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I’m famous!
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This is delightful, thank you for putting it together and sharing!
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I made the MetaFilter chicken this weekend for friends and HOT DAMN, it is delicious. Thanks for putting this together!
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