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Until midnight tonight Pacific time, bandcamp is donating their share of all purchases to the Voting Rights Project. Everyone I know is using this as an excuse to buy all those albums that were on their wishlist, and to recommend all their favorite bandcamp music for everyone else to buy. Can we do that here? I wish I'd thought of this earlier, but there's still almost seven hours left in the sale...
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It's been around for a few years, but I'm still a big fan of THEESatisfaction's album, awE naturalE: funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps that evoke equal parts Elaine Brown, Ursula Rucker and Q-Tip.

Metafilter user jake made something delightful a couple years ago and posted it to Projects. Big Bad Bosses!
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A couple recent buys:

Tommy and the Commies Undertones/Buzzcocks mod-punk power pop (disclosure: I know these guys, they're good guys).

You Drive Synthwave dream pop. Collab of Jasmin Kaset and Makeup and Vanity Set.
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Zeal and Ardor, which I found out about thanks to this post by Johnny Wallflower. Also here and here (about the newest album).
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I recommend supporting our fellow MeFite musicians! Here are the MeFites who have Bandcamp artist pages listed in their profiles, via the Social Explorer. Not on the list but a personal favorite: bgm (a.k.a. chococat); his full digital discography is a steal.

And MeFites who have Bandcamp fan pages.

And thank you for posting this. This is a nice way to support indie music and civil rights at the same time.
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Some of my favorites:

Everything from Nawa Recordings, but especially Ahwar. Experimental music from the Arab world.

Anna Meredith - experimental classical chamber pop something something? I first discovered her music through somebody else's ask.metafilter question!

Deerful's new album Tell Me I Can Fix This on My Own - live coding and live vocals! I can't even talk and code at the same time, let alone sing and code.

All of People Like Us's albums - a couple of my favorites are Music for the Fire and Rhapsody in Glue

Edoheart's wild experimental vocals
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Anna Meredith iz teh awesum and winz all teh awesome pointz. That is all.

Oh, and buy stuff for cause, yes.
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I will unequivocally reccomend everything on my bandcamp fan page with the exception of that Nightvale thing which I never actually got around to listening to, and the Howling Void album, which is a sort of ambient doom metal thing that's a little more outside the norm than most of what's on there. Unless ambient doom metal is your thing, in which case I definitely recommend, but you've probably already encountered them if that's your thing.

In particular:

-My favorite band is Murder by Death (named after the 1976 movie of the same name). I recommend everything by them, not just what's on my fan page; I've gotten most of their albums through Kickstarters. They're dark Americana folk rock with a cello. They're brilliant. Someday I'm going to find the time to do a comprehensive post about them.

-Tanner Cundy is a local musician in the Portland area, and I think his stuff is great.

-PRISONERS and Steve Golderberg and the Arch Enemies were/are MeFites. I love the music of both so much.
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Two words: Lobster Theremin. So much good electronic music.

Maimouna Youssef's solo and group releases, for hip-hop, soul, jazz, and even some traditional Native American music.

Tons of awesome female rawk on Bandcamp in this post and the comments.

More Bandcamp mentions on MetaFilter via a search of the site.
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Miles Okazaki - Work

The complete compositions of Thelonious Monk on solo guitar, in six volumes. This is the first time the complete Monk songbook has been recorded on a single solo instrument.
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I assume the worst about most companies, especially tech, but it's hard to be mad at Bandcamp.
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This is me!
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Aww crap, never mind. I just realized the time split. I was still waking up.
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I know I’m too late to the thread to do the donation thing, but I’m pretty darn excited that Carbon 7 sold 12 albums yesterday while this was ongoing. We’ve only sold a total of maybe 25 copies & 5 or 6 individual songs all told, so 12 in a day was eye-popping.

I’ve got several more albums I want to put up on Bandcamp, but lack cover art for. Need to get cracking on that.

As far as stuff I’ve bought on the site lately, this Nobot EP is pretty fun - I think Thor Harris linked to them on twitter & Thor is a cool guy who would punch a nazi, so I check out what he posts.
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I totally recommend Tomboi, for one—a queer band that sounds a lot like early Le Tigre.
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SF's 20 Minute Loop
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As a reminder, MeFites can add Bandcamp Fan and Artist tags to their profiles, in case they want other MeFites to find them via the Social Explorer.
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Shit, basically all the music I buy is on Bandcamp.

City Mouse — Get Right classic girl-fronted hard rock/melodic punk.

Black Milk — If There's a Hell Below If you liked D'Angelo's "Black Messiah," this has a similar vibe. Big step forward for Black Milk as an MC (his jazz-inflected beats have always been on point), this also supports the thesis that all the best hip hop is about specific place.

My Brightest Diamond — This Is My Hand RIYL Portishead, Everything But The Girl. Former arranger for Sufjan Stevens moves more into electronic dance; great instrumentation and strong, cutting voice.

Big Mouth — Sound Hissing, barking female-fronted anger/angular post-punk.

People's Temple — More for the Masses Nuggets-style garage psych with solid hooks drenched in delay and reverb.

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Wow, Fupped Duck - 20 Minute Loop! I only know about them because I grabbed a single song of theirs from some random music collection back in the Napster days. I'd probably done a search for "dog". I like that one song a lot but it never even occurred to me to see what else they'd done.
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If you like post-rock, I can recommend L.A.'s Red Sparowes.
Sample track.
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