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Do you draw and/or not draw? Great, time to draw some stuff! (Or sketch, or paint, or whatever the hell your jam is or you would like your jam to be.) That's right, it's Inktober, and I reckon we should congregate in this thread with our various stuff-you're-drawin' feeds and such.

What is Inktober? Just a thing somebody came up with, I don't really know. It has rules, there aren't very many of them, and you can totally ignore them. It has official daily prompts, and you can totally ignore them; there's also a bevy of alternate daily prompts folks have come up with, which you can also totally ignore. Basically it's an excuse to just make a dang thing every day (or to hastily catch up a couple few days at a time sometimes, or to write off a few days because you'd rather draw something today than feel guilty about not drawing things last week).

Doesn't have to be good! Doesn't have to be bad! Pros do it, enthusiastic amateurs do it, people who always wanted to try to learn to draw but never have and are gonna do a super rough job of trying do it. Mostly it's an excuse and nudge to just do the dang thing in a supportive "we're all doing this together" context.

Main thing is: draw or paint or draft or whatever a something every day, and post it somewhere (social media, your blog, on a nearby utility pole ) and share it with each other. People usually tag stuff with #inktober on the social media platforms.

So! If you're already doing it, toss a link to your feed or whatnot in here! If you're thinking you want to jump in, it's never too late, so get on it! And if you want to chatter about art ideas or processes, or ask questions about same, or look for help getting started on this or that, that's cool too. I'd love to see MeFites getting their art-thing on in here.

Let's art it up!
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I'm not calling it Inktober specifically, but I draw or paint birds a lot, just about every day, and I'm probably going to be doing it through October. A couple of days ago I started drawing new bird species (the blue-bellied rain-hater, the North American coffee guzzler), and I'll be doing that for a while. Threading them on Twitter, also posting them to instagram.

Oh and
Let's art it up!

If you art me up I'll never stop never stop never never never stop
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I have NO ARTISTIC TALENT. None. And I'm going to do this anyway just because not having any talent never stopped people like Paris Hilton or Fred Schneider.
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I'm probably doing drawtober more than inktober because these days I've been sketching mostly in pencil. But I'll be trying.
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It's good to draw. It's good to draw. It's good to draw.

I am participating in #Inktober2018 and enjoying it immensely, not only requiring myself to keep up, but also seeing all the lovely things being submitted.
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I am drawing very amateuristically every day and posting to the tweeter (open) via my instagram (locked), links to both in my profile.

I am just drawing with a free pen I got last week at a conference, on bound notebook paper, and not even drawing in pencil first! Perfection is the enemy of the good, and even good, in my case, is the enemy of Doing The Thing.
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Totally okay to link in thread, fwiw; I'm posting my daily stuff in a few place, but instagram's probably gonna be the most focused, uncluttered stream: @josh_cortex_millard.

I'm using the month as an excuse to finally try and have a serious go at watercolors, which I've had one-day-long flirtations with three or four times in my life but never really given serious attention. It's feeling very very different from oil painting so far, in both bad and good ways, and I'm enjoying the experimentation even though I had to learn the hard way that my cat Boaty McBoatface will sit right the fuck down on wet lumps of watercolor tube paint and then walk around the house sitting on things and turning them as colorful as her ass newly is.
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I have been working on a serialized cartoon version of a 13th century astrological treatise entitled the 146 Considerations for a year and a half now. Separately, I also made some linocut talismans of old magical glyphs, printed at an astrologically auspicious time, naturally.
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I should clarify that for Inktober, I have been preparing new pieces, but not one new piece a day!
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I had to learn the hard way that my cat Boaty McBoatface will sit right the fuck down on wet lumps of watercolor tube paint and then walk around the house sitting on things and turning them as colorful as her ass newly is.

Instagram that stuff! Kitties get to participate in Inktober too you know.
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Where can I host photos? I avoid social media. I would like to post bad drawings. I am newly-unemployed and have free time again.
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> Where can I host photos? is a nice hang. It's not free, but it's cheap and it's a small, friendly community with a lot of mefites.
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I'm trying Inktober again this year, though I won't be posting every day. I decided to work on faces because they're freakin' hard, and I just avoided drawing anything with a face so I wouldn't have to deal with them. I'm posting to Instagram here.
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I've been participating in Inktober, which so far has done a good job motivating me to draw something every day, as well as practice my inking. I'd like to develop my skill beyond "pictures of my OCs awkwardly posing on a blank page" but so far that's about all I have time to do during my work breaks each day. I've been posting them to Twitter, here's everything so far if you're interested.
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Mltshp is great and you may know one of the owners; her name is jessamyn. :)

I created an Inktober mltshp "shake" (i.e. a custom group feed) to feature all the Inktober-related posts there; feel free to follow along and/or join as an editor.

I'm doing an easier-mode version of Inktober and trying to create/share (on mltshp) at least one drawing a week, of a subject I like, and -- maybe the most challenging part for me -- trying not to overthink it. I am not an artist and have never taken any formal classes, but I do like to doodle and I used to sketch things badly when I was in school. It's been so long where I've actually tried to draw anything (besides flowcharts and diagrams for work) that this has been a really nice, engaging way to escape the stress of the world for a bit. Thanks to cortex for the nudge.
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I'm posting stuff to my Insta (@coreypress) if I have something that meets the prompt - my turn around time is measured in weeks, so keeping up with daily items is tricky.

Still, here's Day #4 - Spell.
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Am I the only one with Ella Fitzgerald singing a Cole Porter tune in his head after reading that post?

Pros do it
Enthusiastic amateurs do it
People who always wanted to try to learn to draw but never have and are gonna do a super rough job of trying do it
Let's do it
Let's art it up

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I've been doing lots of doodles recently. Instagram! And Facebook. I've got a Patreon too, if you want to sponsor me for a new pen or have me doodle aimlessly on something that you send me :)
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For anyone who doubted my assertion about having no talent, I give you this.
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h00py, are you doing Inktober on your canvas SHOES?!? That is AWESOME! I hadn't even thought of THAT as a possibility! I used to love to doodle in ink on the back of my notebooks and I feel like canvas shoes might be a similar texture/feeling.
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Mr.Encyclopedia, I dig your cartoon style! Very cool.
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Yay for all the stuff!
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You just need good pens with nice little fine nibs and ink that doesn't bleed too much, jillithd. I'm loving it and will happily tag along (arr arr) with #inktober. The hard part for me is not just drawing knobs and flaps all over the place.
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This is my third year running in doing Inktober. I don't generally work off a prompt list, but we have a chicken so today's sketch was an exception. This time around I am practicing sketching with brush and ink. My sketches are posted on my Mastodon account.
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MetaFilter: knobs and flaps all over the place

(sorry! sorry!)
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I'm making custom stamps! I consider this to be ink-adjacent at least, so it still counts. I sold stamp slots for each day in October and asked buyers to send me pet/animal photos. I'm carving one or two stamps a day. Proceeds from sales go to a local youth shelter.

I like to use Inktober to teach myself a new skill (last year it was watercolours) so this year it's stamps!

I don't have insta, so I'm just putting my stuff on twitter every day:

My stamps on twitter!
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Those stamps are so cool! Holy cow! I'm loving all the art and positivity in this thread.
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I feel wildly self-conscious putting this out there since I mostly lurk, which...probably means I should do it anyway. (The scary things are usually worth doing. )
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(Spectacularly uncouth! Beer, you lead me into cliche and vulgarity once more.)

I’m loving everyone’s work!
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Two months ago I had surgery for an endocrine disorder. The result is that my life is both dramatically improved and informed by a new sense of urgency born by how terrible I felt before, when I was exhausted all the time and thought I was heading for a memory unit. That, along with the ongoing Trump shitshow, means I'm all out of fucks to give and just want to do things I want to do. And it turns out that one of them is "painting" by manipulating acrylics as they flow across the canvas. Like this. I don't know if it's art, but I like making them and intend to continue until I'm done.
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I can’t keep up with one a day (plus I’m doing a fanfic challenge!) but the ones I have are on twitter (maybe at some point I’ll even remember to thread them!) and instagram. <3
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I’ve just posted my first one! @panda.suit

Am loving seeing everyone’s work!
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> I don't know if it's art

Heck yeah it is. It's lovely.

Applause for everyone sharing their work! Inspiring and impressive.
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My sketches of pain before and after total hip replacement without opioids two years ago this month. I am not an artist but some might find this interesting. I used color to help get through it all.

PS so fun to see everyone’s artwork!
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The beginning of this month is crazy for me so I'm giving myself a pass on treating Inktober as an event, but I do keep an Instagram account for doodling, often in ink, some of which will be properly Inktober-themed in the coming weeks, I'm sure.

It's so awesome to find some MeFites to follow on there! I love it. Inktober's great.
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I decided to follow along with the prompt list this year - you can find drawings on Instagram and Twitter (@mikepop at both)

I decided to draw them all in a blue Field Notes book I had on hand, and use only black markers along with a few shades of gray I have. The result being it looks like I'm drawing in shades of blue I guess. The process has been interesting so far in that is has shown me how much I "think" in color when drawing.

(You will also find the regular drawings I do for my kid's lunchbag and some autumnal pictures, but the blue notebook pics are easy to spot!)
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Does painting and resin count? Cause pouring is my latest fascination.
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I myself am not participating but my favorite account that is made her own set of slightly southern a little gothic prompts. Give her a follow at churchgoinmule to see the results.
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I’m posting inktober haphazardly (and other art regularly) on instagram here and twitter here if you would like to see drawings of plants and animals and mystery houses and an innovative qwerty ouija board for recent ghosts
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I’ve only managed to finish one drawing for Inktober so far, and drawing is really not my favorite (or best) creative talent, but if you like following an irregularly updated Instagram with a variety of arty and crafty expression, please join me at plus one craft.
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It's turned into make all the things to keep busy month, so I'm Inktobering too, despite not drawing good. I need to take photos and put them up on the flickr. I'll post a link when I get that done.
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