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I'd like a button or pin I can buy, where the profit goes to help fund metafilter, that has the metafilter logo on it, or whatever. Something about an inch in size that I can put on my backpack would be perfect.

I know we discussed adding merchandise a bit when we were talking funding sources a few months ago, but I was reminded by the recent Would you like a button post that I would also like a metafilter button. There stickers on the merch page but this isn't quite the same thing.
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This is possible! We've talked about it in previous threads, and wym did such a nice job with those other buttons. So, if people want to brainstorm about button makers/preferences, or designs, this is a good place to do it.
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So by way of suggestions for what a good design could be, this was my Secret Quonsar gift last year: a button with just a Metafilter-branded "MF" on it, but also one with the MF plus my username.

Pretty awesome.
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I also like this from the old shirt http://images.metafilter.com/MeFi_Shirt_2_1.jpg
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I'd love some enamel pins - blue background with mefi-yellow MF, and same colors but [+] - those two would be my preferences.

I don't have a specific vendor recommendation, though it does look like TopatoCo sells some enamel pins, maybe that's a venue? (since mefi stickers and shirts already go through them).
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I'd kinda prefer MeFi to just MF, which I think is ambiguous. Also the image I linked to works if you go to http, but the link for some reason the link takes you to https.
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Maybe it's just my dirty mind, but MF alone says Mother Fucker to me.
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Maybe it's just my dirty mind, but MF alone says Mother Fucker to me.

My friend is convinced that is what the MF on my mug stands for.
We have mugs.
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Also want some enamel MeFi pins, plus maybe pronoun pins (the round ones, in house colors, maybe?)!
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Another vote for MeFi rather than MF. And, yes, stickers too.
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In the last merch thread, limeonaire posted this link on making enamel pins.

If the design is basically just the MetaFilter favicon, I would hope that the pin would be square and not round. I'd also prefer a butterfly clutch (or other non-safety pin-like) pin-back (another page on the same site linked above suggests two pin-backs).
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I still want an embroidered patch.
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And I still want a keychain. I will lobby this in every merch thread until it's a keychain thread. #teamkeychain
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Because I suck I can't remember the name of the user who did buttons before but they did cool B/W [+] ones that were pretty slick, and I used to wear it around everywhere.

I for one would love a classy enamel/metal pin that was more durable in either the favicon or [+]. My original [+] eventually rusted out thanks to constant PNW rain on my hat from above and a hot head below. I would also be into a fabric patch to sew on a bag.
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"mattdidthat" was the user that made the [+] buttons! They had a BND tho and I can't remember the newer one?
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There is No cabal - Would You Like a Button?
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Yup, I'll also always recommend Signature Pins, linked from my note in the last merch thread, for hard enamel pins at a good price. I'm happy to help if it's useful! I would not buy a button, and I'd be less thrilled with soft enamel pins than hard enamel pins. But I would definitely buy hard enamel pins with subsite logos, [!] and [+], etc. They've gotta look classy and quality and official! (Buttons are cool, just not what I collect!)
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I would like a fabric badge.
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I have made and sold literally tens of thousands of enamel pins using Awesome Merchandise in the UK, so if y'all need any help or tips, you know where to find me! They're really quite easy to make, and most good suppliers will help you with picking the right design and options.
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Maybe it's just my dirty mind, but MF alone says Mother Fucker to me.

I'd buy a Sexy MF badge.

Maybe purple background, like FanFare?
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I want a little engraved lapel pin with a mysterious “MF” or [+][!] on it. It would be super secret, like the Masons, and people at stuffy events where I’m in a suit would think I’m a member of a freaky weird secret society.

who am I kidding? I am a member of a freaky weird secret society. Now I want the accoutrements.
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