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In this post on the Blue a bunch of us ordered free "Zozosuits", spotted body-scan jumpsuits for ordering tailored clothing. The previous MetaTalk post on the subject expired before we got the clothes in. I just got mine, has anyone else?
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I ordered one a couple of days ago. I am intrigued.
posted by ArbitraryAndCapricious at 1:11 PM on October 29, 2018

So, the other day I finally received the free T-shirt and jeans I ordered.

The T-shirt fit quite well. It seems like a decent quality shirt, but I don't like it quite as much as the typical American Apparel T's I usually wear. It's soft but not AS soft as I'm used to. It has a GIANT tag on the inside of the shirt that feels pretty annoying. I plan to cut it off, but hopefully that won't leave an irritating stub.

I was really in this for the jeans, because I'm a very small dude and I don't currently have a brand of jeans I know will always fit me. Unfortunately, these jeans were wildly off the mark. The legs were the right length, but the waist was far too wide. The jeans seem like great quality, but they don't even come close to fitting me.

I wonder if the Zozosuit has a hard time measuring waists, or if perhaps you have to get the top and the pants of the Zozosuit perfectly aligned in order for it to read correctly.

I was pretty disappointed! At least I didn't have to pay for it. I believe you can manually add or remove inches from your zozo body scan. I'm tempted to measure myself the old fashioned way and then adjust the Zozo scan, just so I can get some dang pants that fit me on demand. Does anyone know of any companies that do custom-tailored clothes without the gimmicky and broken body scan?
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I got my suit and measured a couple of times. It worked pretty well once I got setup. I wasn't super confident in the measurements and the resulting clothing size as compared to what usually fits me (the waist size it gives seems really big, even choosing the smaller option at ordering time), but I went for it and ordered a pair of jeans.

4-5 weeks is kind of a long time for pants, so we'll see what happens.
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My jeans fit gloriously well right out of the bag, even at the back waist, even when I'm stooping, which no jeans I can try on in town do. I immediately ordered another pair, and to my delight they now have a 100% cotton no-stretch option, so I'm trying that. (Not so secretly, what I actually want are Carhartts cut to fit a big waist-hip difference, and cheap enough to get grubby.)

One Second Before Awakening, heck, you can get jeans custom-made by many tailors -- it's just expensive for work clothes. And how annoying that the stretchy suit didn't work! Or actually -- have you checked whether it's the jeans that don't match the app-model, or the app-model that doesn't match you?

So, anyone still interested, check at least the easier measurements in the app against a tape measurement of yourself.
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Yeah, so I got mine last week, but I've been travelling. I actually wore the jeans to work today.

They fit well, but not like a glove or anything. The calves are a bit snug, even for tapered jeans, and they are weirdly roomy in the crotch. I think the fit is good, but it's just not a cut that I particularly like.

The shirt is great! Fits perfectly and very good quality. I'll definitely order more shirts, and I'll consider getting more pants.
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Oh, and the hip pockets are comically small. My 6" smartphone barely fits halfway.
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I love this saga.
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Interesting to hear people's experiences. I signed up back in the day, but had pretty much written it off as a bizarre scam (to get my contact info?), since I hadn't heard anything in so long. But I just got a notification that my polkadot suit is on it's way, and it sounds like people are actually getting their free custom outfits. I'll take what people have seen into mind, and double-check some measurements with a tape measure.
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I ordered a suit for free last week, just to see, bit I am skeptical about the whole notion: I mean, how does it know where I like my waistline to fall?

I guess we’ll see...

Thanks to the Earlier Adopters for sharing your experiences!
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Rock Steady: "they are weirdly roomy in the crotch."

Very much this! And the pockets are tiny. I ordered the slim fit, and the rest of the jeans fit well, right length, waist, etc. But lotsa crotch space, and tiny pockets. I decided to keep them because they're pretty comfortable, and I like the color a lot. I even ordered two button down shirts and a t-shirt yesterday, so I'll report back in when those arrive.
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Got mine a couple weeks ago -- T-shirt fits well, a little longer than I would typically wear. The jeans seem like sturdy fabric with good stitching, but like One Second, the waist is several inches too big for me. Fits great below the waist, but I won't be reordering.
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Pants diagnostics (not zozojeans specific) (there are so many ways for them to be wrong)
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Interesting. I just signed up and ordered my suit.
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I am still waiting for my clothes, I would have thought they would be here by now. I am on pins and needles to see if they are perfect or awful, the suspense is killing me. I am also, already, super-curious about ordering a dress shirt. Thanks for the new thread!
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Does anyone know what happens if you order an F spotty-suit, use it to measure your AFAB shaped self and then use the resulting measurements to order M shirts and pants?
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quacks like a duck, as I recall I specified gender while doing the measuring (independently of what the dotty-suit was marked), and also I can apparently order other-gender-marked clothes. So the short answer seems to be yes, and you have two places to do it.
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Pants diagnostics (not zozojeans specific) (there are so many ways for them to be wrong)

This taught me the word "crotch-length-omometer" and they now have my complete trust.
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I've had similar questions about how to handle Zozo as someone a good ways into transition, since my body shape is no longer either AMAB- or AFAB-standard. If I could use it to get women's-style clothes that fit my AMAB-skeleton-but-also-tits-and-ass situation, I would be stoked, but it hasn't been clear to me how best to make that happen.
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Related AskMe: Zozo suit Halloween ideas
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I suspect that you want women’s fit and then let it scan your bod. This is also a good way of helping machines get a range of body types that are women. I’ll be training it on presentation by identifying as female, scanning an afab bod and happily trying to force it to give me men’s shirts.
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> and they are weirdly roomy in the crotch.

LBJ would approve.
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I'm thinking about the problem in terms of wearing ease and design ease -- the first depends on the physical shape of the body being clothed, and the second on all the style and semiotics of the garment, as well as on how we plan to move in it.

Our control over how zozo adds wearing ease is entirely in getting a good scan, so, getting a dotty suit that fits as closely as possible and sanity-checking the scan afterwards. The dotty suit isn't supposed to fit like your clothes, but like your skin. I am guessing that the difference between an M and an F dotty suit is whether it goes in at the waist or not.

And then the M and F semiotics are in design ease, as well as things like which way the buttons go. None of the clothes up on zozo right now have enough structure to make differences obvious, but they probably make some design choices in most of them.

tl;dr agree with Iteki plus technical jargon
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My zozosuit arrived today. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to try to get my measurements, because everyone seems to agree it works best with natural light. Am excited to get zozo-ed.
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My measurements came out crazy wrong - like 3-4" larger in the hips and inseam. There's no way I'm gambling on that working out. I went as mo-cap guy for halloween and my lady friend went as a green screen. It worked out pretty well
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Got my t-shirt this week. It fits just ok. I'm hoping it shrinks a bit in the wash? Not too confident about how the button downs will go now, but we'll see!
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STILL waiting on the button downs. Sheesh!
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I am in tears laughing, my clothes finally appeared. Even for being free I am dissapointed, I can't really wear the jeans, not even as casual round-the-house kinda thing because they really don't fit. Apart from the lunatic rise giving a drop-crotch that Bieber would be proud of, they are really big in the waist and so tight in the calf that that I can't even pull them up to make the crotch, well, touch mine. They are at the least-possible acceptable length too, so if I could pull them up they would be highwaters. The t-shirt is fine, it fits like it's a grown up ladies short sleeve top in my size. But yeh, that's not quite a style I do. I'm actually sufficiently disappointed enough in the trousers that I am going to mail them and as them to give me a credit for a button-up as a last ditch attempt with them. Fingers crossed!
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I ordered a Zozo suit after the last thread and it arrived pretty quickly. Just got notification that my jeans and t-shirt have shipped and will take 1-3 weeks to arrive.

In the meantime I used the measurements to order pants and a jacket off eShakti (custom sized) and they didn't turn out ridiculous so here's hoping the Zozo clothes are sized ok.
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I am dying of curiosity as to where the customization is failing. Has anyone with dumb zozo-clothes written them to say so?
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Mine gave me some really weird measurements. I know that everyone is a little asymmetric, but mine were really asymmetric. It said that my left inseam was an inch shorter than my right inseam, which I strongly suspect is not right. I'm wondering if I aimed the camera slightly weirdly. I'm going to try again and see if I get different measurements.
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Commercial 3D scanners never expect the scannee to move, AFAICT; either the cameras move or the scanee is on a turntable. I guess the aniso-dots are supposed to fix that but don't.
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What if you wore your zozosuit through the airport scanner, would that give better results?
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I contacted them about my ludicrous jeans. They’ve given me instructions on how to do a return. Return shipping isn’t usually free they say but for the 100K people it is. I’m awaiting confirmation that I could get a different item of clothing in which case I will try a button down shirt or a merino top.
posted by Iteki at 11:49 AM on November 29, 2018

Are they trying to figure out where the ludicrosity arose?
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('Where' isn't right. 'When'? 'Whence'?)
posted by clew at 12:29 PM on November 29, 2018

They let you return the free jeans for an exchange? Their website said that free stuff wasn't eligible for returns, but if they actually are honoring returns on them then I gotta get on this.
posted by One Second Before Awakening at 12:39 PM on November 29, 2018

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