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Author, actor, avatar of the PC, sometime Daily Show guest, former This American Life contributor, and current internet/podcast/New York Times judge John Hodgman has mentioned (called out?) a particular blue website on his Twitter account. We are a convenient tool to be used in mocking Mitt Romney’s stern disapproval of the political situation:
Whoa. Powerful tweets continue to stack up in opposition to the president! If Trump isn't careful, I bet these portraits of unwavering courage might post something to metafilter next! As the coup de grace, Ben Sasse will whisper his deep concerns into an empty coffee can.
It’s always nice to get mentioned by a famous person, even if only to acknowledge that posts, like all works of art, are useless.
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The scamp! I felt obliged to reply.
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Pepsi Blue Wave
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MeFi's Own™ hodgman
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I just said in the replies but... what's funny to me is I imagine very few people in politics can post anything.

Once you start to know a few people, posting news from your city becomes difficult. There's always some friend quoted or relevant. Maybe it'd be easier for Republicans though, they're dealing with different media sometimes.

Also, I love when something like this happens, because I'm yet to meet anyone IRL who's heard of MetaFilter. Although I did convince an Honi Soit editor to check us out the other day.
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I particularly enjoyed the snipe at Sen. Collins, so it's win-win.
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Matt and his wife were guests on the Judge John Hodgman podcast a while back and Hodgman mentioned he knew Matt, and I believe they discussed Metafilter briefly.
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There is no cabal.
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I always imagined that if MetaFilter ever went Skynet and started releasing human body clones of itself out into the world, those clones would look and talk exactly like John Hodgman.
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Why does ColdChef have a picture with a 13-year-old John Hodgman cosplayer?
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It was actually two six year olds in an over sized Daily Show jacket.
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This is cool. Also, I don't think it'll ever happen but I'd love to someday be referred to as "MeFi's own...." I know it's a purely vanity thing but I love it when I see that pop up on the blue. It always makes me proud that someone from our community is doing something awesome outside of this place.
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I remember he initialized each comment.

Like a memo.
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all works of art [...] are useless

That is not true.
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Years ago, at one of his wonderfully enchanting readings which you must one day attend if you have not yet already, I asked John Hodgman to sign a book as "Mefi's Own" and he happily obliged because he is in actuality the majestic stand-up human being he continually works to be.
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Hey, this is fun! I interviewed MeFi's own hodgman once. Nice fellow! Hi, hodgman!
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all works of art [...] are useless

That is not true.

I mean it’s a nearly exact quote of a famous Oscar Wilde line, and I came here to tell Going To Maine that I saw that and appreciated it.

I don’t think I’m alone in seeing a certain kinship in (some of) the schticks used by both Hodgman and Wilde.

So I don’t have a strong point to make here, other than maybe everyone who loves Hodgman and hasn’t read Wilde (and the preface to Dorian Gray) should consider doing so.
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Hodgman isn't all that. He mugged me once, you know. I was down on the lower east side, back in the late 80's, heading over to Max Fish and he popped out from between two cars, "Do you know the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" and I (at least two and a half sheets to the wind) was like, "...wha?" and then he pulled out this switchblade a fucking shanked me! I spent the night in St.Vincents and the whole thing cost me like a thousand bucks. Fucking Hodgman! Don't let the nice-guy act fool you! Guy's a cold-blooded killer!
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You, too? He killed me twice!
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SEE?! that bastard
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